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Antidote to yesterday? Antidote to yesterday.

So for my dragon game, one of the things we do is compete for dominance. One of the best ways to win is to offer prizes so that people who aren't on your team will help you out. (There are 11 teams, so, plenty of people you're not competing against directly at any given time.) The prizes need to be posted on the site's forums, which run on BBCode, and the tradition is to use code that calls the image of the item.

This is a pain in the butt to hand-write.

Tonight I noticed that, actually, we have a Google sheet with all the names of the items already organized, and it's really tedious to copypaste tags onto things, and you know this is a thing that computers are awfully good at... I stuck another tab onto the spreadsheet and played around a bit, and it was not that hard at all to make the sheet generate the BBCode for us. One of the most annoying and time-consuming jobs we have just got about 95% easier.

I think my teammates just elected me spreadsheet wizard for life. So very smug.

(it is here if you want to see but DON'T SHOW THE NATURE TEAM)


Jul. 26th, 2015 12:00 am
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Roommate left. I left her a note and cleared out, since she had pretty obviously wanted the room to herself for packing up.

Chilled out before dinner, then went and ate a lobster. I sustained only one minor injury and got lots of food out of it. I remain fine with lobster in a way where you can have most of it and I will eat this clam chowder. (The chowder was great, the corn on the cob was terrible.)

Talked to several live humans and sang the Amphioxus song. One of the pictures on the wall is Gertrude Stein! The description of which person in that photo she is is ambiguous. Met a person who is my research cousin -- Ph.D. advisor's former postdoc's student, but we're both doing completely different things now. She is going to an Edward Gorey museum tomorrow and will tell me the results. (I have no plans with any humans tomorrow and am EXTREMELY PLEASED about that.) Another person told me where the bioluminescence is supposed to be best observed, and exhibited the scrapes he had gotten failing to see it.

I am better at clambering than he is. I saw the ctenophores! I was expecting more of a gentle glow, but they flash like tiny lightnings in the water between the blocks of the jetty. I splashed at them a few times and got them to blink, but then some waves arrived and they developed a whole storm, shallow and deeper and semi-periodic, very beautiful.

(Also thank god for privacy and Mad Max poly femmeslash.)

What with the lobster party, I did not manage to get any food from the dining hall to squirrel away in case I need to eat before brunch at ten, but I can find something if I have to. Maybe I will be able to sleep late! Unlikely but possible!
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Did taxes (in spite of MA wanting some weird form from my health insurance even when I didn't live here). Big refund on the way!

Had an epic meeting with my advisor, who is pretty much on board with my proposed transition to a staff job when we run out of funding for the fellowship. I have been doing work, and I had smart ideas, and we will make cool science happen!

Got through sending welcome messages to many many new Flight Rising users. Still managing the part where we send them gift packages when they post in the forums, but it was really exciting to finish phase 1! Making a pretty badge for people to put in their signatures if they helped.
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Squeak cat went to the vet on Wednesday, where they found that she seems basically fine except this pesky sniffle. They can't be sure about the funny bump on her chin, but when she gets a dental cleaning we can look into it more. She's very healthy for her age, which is 17 now, but I got her on the "wellness plan" (which is less insurance and more a payment plan, but I need a payment plan, so) and they took some blood to check out.

I got a call Wednesday night saying one of her liver enzymes was off-the-chart high, and she had a few other mild tendencies that might be related to that. She could need an ultrasound to determine whether it's pancreatitis, gall bladder, other nasty stuff, $$$. The doctor said herself that it seemed weird considering how healthy she otherwise appeared, though, so I suggested in as nice a way as I could that sometimes things just get mixed up in the lab, and they agreed to retest.

Today they called. Her blood work is normal. They were all apologetic and said they'd look into why it happened, but I said I understood. And then I felt AWESOME. They didn't offer to retest until I asked, but because I know from labs and am smart I asked, and they did it at their own expense, and it was exactly the right thing to do. (And I have protected my excellent cat and taken good care of her.)
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This usually helps when I'm feeling down. Also it turns out there are loads of good things!

1. Wrote to several interesting women on OKCupid. (There are not enough women in my life socially; also I am a mostly-frustrated Kinsey 4+.)

2. This morning one of my roommates had put the toilet brush into the trash can instead of its holder. I cracked up laughing, and he allowed as how he would've laughed too if he'd been the one seeing it instead of the one asleep enough to do it.

3. Having multiple moments of really liking my body. It's not actively trying to kill me at this point, and my waist-hip area is so pretty.

4. Changed insole and lacing configuration on my Docs for greatly improved stompling power!

5. Glitter snow tonight!

6. I don't really understand TMI, but this is it probably )

Also the other day I saw a bike with GIANT TIRES, so that was pretty fantastic.
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Context: Super crampy, like, for days, but especially terrible last night and this sweat-soaked morning. Made it to the pre-existing gynecologist appointment on time... at the wrong location. Fuuuuuck. Did not cry or yell at anyone, even the receptionist who was being kind of a jerk. Walked to the other location that would have been closer had I but known and got seen after jumping some more frustrating hoops. Luckily the NP was very nice, respectful and helpful, generally awesome, and obviously distressed at my pain and determined to get me seen by helpful further doctors. (We are still planning to try Mirena for now, but she thinks endometriosis could explain at least some of my too-damn-many pain issues and wants me to consult about exploratory laparoscopy, which, I've been on the fence anyway, fuck it let's do this.)

So here is some cheerful shit from the last week or so!

(what, sometimes my blanket NSFW warning becomes more relevant)

Parked near here sometimes is a polka dot motorbike! It has lots of exposed black mechanical parts, but the plastic panels are white with green dots of various sizes.

My poster design for the symposium Saturday was good. That'll teach people to assume I need help designing! And the symposium went well: I put an entitled dude in his place and had nice conversations with several people.

Saw a guy coasting down the street standing on his little buzzing dirt bike, with one hand ON HIS HIP like a fashion shoot. He had a little blond pompadour too. AMAZE.

Wow, all of these people belong in Paradise Kiss, especially the one with the orange headwrap.

Adorable comic about women, love, and magic.

My Buffy knowledge level (gained chiefly via fannish osmosis) was sufficient for me to recognize these as adorbs: http://kateordie.tumblr.com/post/100005371607/i-was-showing-off-my-christmas-elves-from-last

I saw saffron crocuses blooming today! Expect a drawing when my hands are less shaky.
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YES THANK YOU. Why I Lose My Mind Every Time We Have the Name Conversation

I are competent adult. I navigates annoying health care system. Slowly, but it happen. (Finally decided to try Mirena, but it turns out not to be as easy as just saying so. I have to enroll in some different program to see a gyno at all, and of course I have to go chat with them before they'll even make an appointment to actually do the thing, never mind that I already talked it over thoroughly with my GP.)

Anne Ursu is amazing. (We knew this.) The Great YA Debate

So I saw this giant isopod iphone case on Twitter, and I sent it to Wim of course, and he responded with... the MOST AMAZING giant isopod iphone case. I just. WOW. [N.B.: If you think you may not want to see this, you are really, really right.]
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Tumblr being delightful:

Funnel webs on top of the yew hedge.

More nerdy taxonomy lookups. Too much computer-staring, but the reasons were still fun.

Walking a labyrinth at the Divinity School.

Relaxing dinner out.

Read a comic with the President of the United States in it, and was like, whoa, it's a white guy. (Strong Female Protagonist: it's the point of AU divergence, so the President is specifically GWB, but that wasn't clear in the first frame where he appeared.) Yay for whiteness as a marked condition.

good day

Sep. 20th, 2014 10:26 pm
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1. All my transit timing today went unusually well, including a side trip to refill my card.

2. I ran into people who helpfully registered me to vote! I needed that!

3. My dresser is not only assembled but a really beautiful deep teal color, due to my awesomeness. (Researched a good colored wood stain online, found and retrieved it locally, applied it, sprayed two topcoats, finished assembly.)

4. Also, I put up giant stickers of magnolia blossoms.

Now I just need to find a smallish mirror and saw off the dresser legs to a better height. Well, and unpack all the rest of the things. Progress is so satisfying!
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It took the movers 40 whole minutes to bring my stuff into the new place. The trick was getting it to them. I will discuss that later, though. Right now I am busy lounging on MY BED.
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I am alive, just withdrawn! Feeling crummy much of the time due to digestive badness and icky soupy weather. However, recent highlights include:

- Weekend in Manhattan (racing friend, giant rocks in Central Park, HTTYD2 3D, "Seattle-style" teriyaki, the Jane Hotel, the High Line, boat tour: all A+ would trip again; bus AC going out for part of the ride: D-)

- Trip to UConn greenhouse to collect plant material for research (for which I awesomely sourced liquid nitrogen from a welding supply place when my university hookup was somehow completely out, and from which I brought home a new living plant friend as well as all the tissue samples I needed)

- Fine fireworks show and stunning lightning-and-rain storm as ably described by [personal profile] sovay

- Finished a quilt top, found and assembled a suitably interesting backing

- Reading All The Georgette Heyer with occasional dashes of Tamora Pierce
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1. Upsetting email turning into cheering texts and really great email and chat. It's all very confusing emotionally, but things are going to be fine.

2. Fiddly joys of messing about with botanical samples, and satisfaction of getting things looking much better!

3. Going to the store like a boss.

good things

May. 4th, 2014 11:21 pm
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1. Walking outside in the dramatic pouring rain!

2. In the rain's sunshiny aftermath, a sodden and bedraggled black fuzzy moustache stuck to a rock in someone's front yard.

3. Packing books led to squealing in delight over my paper copy of Maka-Maka v2, as ever. Such the best adorable queer girl porn. (Except there is MORE now, like in Smut Peddler! We live in a wonderful world.)

4. Sold furniture! Accomplished other important moving-related tasks!
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1. Found a quarter and a dollar on my way to school this morning, totally separate incidents!

2. The first story in Fight Like a Girl is about a Deaf lesbian magical-archivist finishing grad school. I read it last night and was totally delighted, then I read it again today. It was even more awesome the second time.

3. Scheduled myself a bunch of work today and got through all of it, most with good results.

4. Pizza and movie (Paranorman: charming) with sweetie.
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1. NPR's How To Do Everything podcast continues to be delightful.

2. THIS POSTER, YOU GUYS. We have a paper copy in the lab and I had to call over another postdoc to marvel at it with him.

3. I made baked beans by accident?! Crock pot magic: cook them for-freakin'-ever and, even with no added sugar, starch breaks down into sweetness. I don't really like baked beans, but: science!

job got

Feb. 24th, 2014 01:32 pm
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No formal offer letter yet, but an agreement has been made on my Harvard postdoc job.

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I just got home from seeing the very first show of the Welcome to Night Vale West Coast tour, in which the cast puts on an episode of their wonderful eldritch podcast live on stage. I had very little idea what to expect. We all know that librarians are terrifying nonhumans who represent a clear danger to library patrons and Summer Reading Program students, of course, so the peril was represented in the title, but beyond that, no idea. The podcast is usually just over twenty minutes, and I honestly had no idea if I might have paid fairly steep ticket prices for my sweetie and myself to be in the theater for about half an hour.

If that had been true, it would have been worth it just to be there with that audience. It had not occurred to me to perform Night Vale cosplay, but the 8pm sold-out audience was composed of the people who'd been waiting with bated breath for ticket sales: the big fans. We stood in line behind a small female Carlos, who did indeed have beautiful hair to go with her goggles and hand-painted NV lab coat. The first Cecil appeared only moments later -- Tumblr-fanon to the life -- and that girl did not have a light-up leaf umbrella, she was the Glow Cloud. There was a hooded figure with glowing red eyes and a Night Vale Dog Park sign, who was hanging around with the Faceless Old Woman. Librarians in pencil skirts and torn, bloodied blouses were jossed only a few minutes into the show, but that's probably the way I'd have gone if I'd thought of it sooner, despite my own completely legitimate lab coat ownership. And afterward Wim helped me find [personal profile] were_duck's friend M, who had homebrewed LED Glow Cloud on their t-shirt; they nabbed the umbrella girl and her elaborate microcontroller for a photo; and I pulled in the third Glow Cloud, who had an old-school glamour about her puffy lighted wrap. Such the best audience. (The 10pm latecomers seemed much more ordinary as we walked past the two blocks of lineup on our way out.)

I had the wrong idea about the weather, as it turns out. I knew that in Seattle the weather would be performed by Jason Webley, a local accordionist and hipster hero, and assumed that it would be a local artist in each location. Not so: Webley is integrated into the show and will be touring with them. He also opened with a short set, which unfortunately began with the exact same three songs I had heard him play most recently, since they're the ones he did at the Neil Gaiman reading. Sheesh. The giraffe bit is hilarious, but could we mix things up a little more? We can't be the only people who went to both events. Anyway, he stomped and yelled in his usual fashion, then settled down into the parts of his performances that I actually like, here adding a violinist to fine effect. Overall enjoyable, just getting tired of having him pop up suddenly at things I'm going to for other reasons.

The staging was minimal, no props or elaborate costumes, but Cecil Baldwin is a stage actor and does a marvelous job of reading with appropriate gestures as well as intonation. As in the podcast, you don't see much, but the show as written is longer than usual and does a frankly brilliant job at pulling the audience in for participation and effective creepiness. All the musical accompaniment was right on cue*, as in the final show. We got out right around 9:30, and I will tell you nothing else about the story, since they're going to edit it for broadcast later.

If you're lucky enough to have tickets, you are going to be extremely happy with this show! It exceeded my expectations completely, and they weren't low. I kept bumping up against Wim's shoulder on the way home and gleaming at him. He was properly appreciative of his present.

Upcoming shows for which there are still tickets:
- Vegas and Phoenix
- Another just-announced tour in March from Boston down the coast and around through Texas, then the Midwest
- Emerald City Comic-con back here in Seattle (a reason to go to a giant con?)

* There was one hilarious moment during the end of a dramatic Webley song when someone's Mac made a loud "my volume has been adjusted" blip, though. Webley carried on admirably, but I admit that my area of the audience was giggling a bit, and when someone stage-whispered disgustedly, "APPLE," it didn't help us control ourselves.

[ETA: Also, I sat next to an ax for the entire show. And there was a man in a tan jacket with the BEST felt deer-skull mask, we only saw him on the way out. AUDIENCE LOVE.]
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Seattle Art Museum, June 27–September 8, 2013 and moving to a few other places in future

Overall, this was a very interesting collection with beautiful and interesting garments, most of which were displayed very well. The exhibit started us out easy with evening gowns in dark colors -- the "In Praise of Shadows" room -- but I can't speak to the rest of the intended presentation because we pretty clearly went through it backwards. They definitely made an excellent move by having a small area showing videos of European and American designers' work around the same time to let viewers understand the historical context of the Japanese folks' groundbreaking work. There was a good, broad selection of materials and shapes, and an appropriate focus on earlier works by the major designers in the 1980s, since that's when Japanese fashion seems to have had a big pushback against and influence on haute couture.

One major disappointment was the exhibit's booklet, which has exactly ONE page about anything in the show. I also think it was a big mistake to project videos of fashion shows in the same room with the displayed garments: I understand space limitations and the logical impulse, but what it led to was people standing immobile in rooms, not in the middle because they would block the projection, therefore directly in front of where you'd need to stand to see the clothes. They needed to at least alter the display method.

Lots of commentary on designers and pieces below, not nearly exhaustive but not at all short, so cut for your convenience. )
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Well, I can see that it'll take me a while to convince my body that I would like to sleep more than six hours a night. Having my digestion settle down will help with that too.

One of the nice things about being awake Too Fucking Early*, though, is that Hex is all cutely active. He also seems more energetic in the bigger tank, so yay me for finally getting that set up.

So what actually happened yesterday?

Lots, as it turns out )
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I'm having a frustrating time with experiments lately, and yet, I think my life might actually be complete, because I have today correctly and usefully labeled a plant tray with:



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