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1. Bat is still a tired cat but not obviously worse today, and [livejournal.com profile] sovay sent me a recommendation for a house-call vet for when we need one.

2. I did a couple hours' worth of quality work in the herbarium and found the best botanist name I have yet encountered (1934, Brazil): D. Bento Pickel.

3. My community on my dragon game appreciates and is sweet to me in particular, and also is creative and fun and motivated to challenge ourselves. (Some people are dickwagons but this is inevitable in any group.)

4. M-pig sent me a truly amazing customized stuffed animal: an elk with a wind-up key that plays "You Are My Sunshine" as a black-and-white bird sits on its back, wobbling gracefully with the music. It also has bat wings and a nest formed from a particular obnoxious Halloween cat toy we found at Val Vill one time. Nothing is more incredible than this item.
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Lunch at Charlie's with [profile] marzipan_pig. Black bean burger and hot fudge sundae were used to optimize the Charlie's-ness of the experience.

Hair re-pinked at Scream.


Nov. 25th, 2013 10:33 pm
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Misery headache gah crash.

But. I did work things usefully and sensibly. I got tickets to Night Vale Live. I made a list of errands that needed doing (yes, on the back of the Allie Brosh flyer) and did them. I fortunately ran into M-pig and dragged her with for latter errands, which meant trying on dresses together, which is fun.

After getting extremely crashy and coming home, I ate food, some of which was healthy. And I made progress on the baby square of doom. So I am awesome, just afflicted with mood and head badness. (This does not make me feel a lot better right now, but it is true.)
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(It's just that I am exhausted 100% of the time. Dear friends, next time I yell at you for doing too much while convalescing, you may give me the beady eye and a link to this.)


1. Crosshatched shadows on the trail.

2. Lab meeting went very well for feeling like I am getting fuck-all done lately. A little good discussion happened, and I seemed on top of the material.

3. Oh, right. Workplace bonding is also letting my coworkers comfort me. Really good conversation with new tech C.

4. Afternoon outing to find a great dress and hang briefly with a capygirl.

5. Bring It On has the typical problem of musicals, i.e., not enough music, but won my heart by closing on outtakes and Toni Basil. (Also Isis is HOT.)


1. People in costume! One person had very nice tall, wavy, rainbowed horns that I'm sure are associated with no particular fandom whatsoever.

2. My hair is PINK. REAL PINK. And the hairdresser was happy to get to do it.

3. Halloween decorations! Skeleton cutout in someone's window is holding forth on a topic of interest to it, possibly while stoned. (Also good: taking a photo made the bus move in traffic, hence the blur.) Also, a lighted inflatable trailer from which Death periodically peeks out.

Who comes up with these? )

3. Janelle Monáe is the best performer working today. She is my Michael Jackson and my Elvis Presley.

4. We wore outfits.

Black and white outfits. )


1. More outfits at the lab Halloween party.

I dressed as a cherry tree. )


3. People are being Janelle Monáe for Halloween and she's retweeting them all, it's so great.

4. When you believe in science and magic at the same time, the world is amazing.

5. Last day of antibiotics!
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1. Super fun conversation about the pronunciation of "gif" -- this conversation, which occurs near me periodically, is not normally so great, but we had the right combo of linguistics knowledge, history, pickiness, and just messing with people to make it highly entertaining.

2. My sinus-throat doom got worse! That feeling of burning pain represents vindication and rightness in my going to the doctor Monday. Also that I need to drink lots of tea with honey. (Yes okay this as positive is a stretch, but I really did feel all justified and correct for a sec there.)

3. Revised NSF deadlines came out! Friday for me. I am all excited to turn it in, but I have a bunch to do before that.

4. I cleaned off my entire dining-room table. This is huge and totally counts for Tuesday chores. Even if I just moved part of the load to a chair.


1. PI is back and was really happy to see my printed thesis copy on her desk! She wants me to sign it. And write something. And draw a picture maybe. (So adorable.)

2. This proposal is going to be really good when we're done whaling on it, because I am a badass and so are my sponsors. This collaboration is great right now.

3. My experiment today, for which I had planned five hours, took only two and provided a really interesting result.

4. I had a good dinner with M-pig despite eventually getting v. antsy about not working.

5. Lovely sunshiny day, lovely foggy night.
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1. Still laughing at everything about this Autostraddle article, study shows.

2. Had a great conversation about our outfits with grad friend G in the morning. He is assembling a retro-style hiking outfit, which includes amazing laced-up shins on the trousers.

3. Frustrating therapist visit did lead me to figure out what was wrong with me on my own! Not so much to solve it though.

4. Experiment that was the devil turned out to have quite an interesting result.

5. Made M-pig (1) dinner, (2) laugh a whole lot.


1. Inner Rarity has been writhing on the fainting couch for some time now. Luckily I also have an inner Twilight Sparkle, today invoked and supported by an excellent t-shirt and nail polish. I made very good progress on the proposal.

2. Akebia fruit! The flowers were so tiny, and the fruit are so big. I didn't try eating them. (also they are totally vulvas, but the only other person who thought so appears to have written a remarkably skeevy poem with which I do not wish to associate myself, so I never said that)

3. The skinny isosceles triangles on the roof of Meany Hall, shining in the pale cyan light.

4. Soup and walking and sex and Rock Band.
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1. I had a good idea for a nice, fundamental, exploratory experiment using a novel method, which is kind of my strength. Pretty good strength to have, I think.

2. Practical solution for feeling like LJ/DW is deserted: add more people. I've controlled my lists very strictly by the numbers for a very long time, but I am feeling lonely and did in fact manage to finish the Ph.D., so I will try something else now.

3. Breathing. It is better when I remember to do this!

4. Errand and dinner and movie with sweetie. Also smooching.


1. I am a real reviewer of journal manuscripts who gets addressed as Dr., and my initial review was very thorough and helpful now that I look at it again.

2. Today's best text: I'm not sure what you think is lacking in your relationship if she's telling you about vagina songs.

3. Grad friend M invited me to the Q Center lunch, which I would not have gone to and where there were some really sweet talks, and, unexpectedly, the organization I helped start was named as a good thing that happened. (M-pig, the center head seemed to think it was especially good that the grad org was no longer called Bohgof; sorry, I know you will disagree!) Recognition for my activism is good, even if the context implied that they were taking credit for us a little; I think the head knows better than that.

4. I was pretty awesome at conquering software, even if it turned out my data weren't ready for it.

5. Crashed as soon as I got home and slept over 8 hours for the first time in months! If I'm really lucky, I can even sleep some more before it's time to get up. Completely fine with missing a party for this.
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1. Chill time with cats and music and puzzles.

2. Matte top coat for nails! Expect the renaissance of the highway manicure, now with fog lines that don't wash off with water.

3. FAIR. Five-day-old piglets! Pygmy goats! Collections! Quilts! (There was this one quilt based on Just the Ticket pattern that really looked like razor blades. I think I can resist my tasteless parodic impulse. Maybe.)

4. Someone at the fair had a Super Calvinball shirt that made me really happy.



Sep. 20th, 2013 10:43 pm
Friday grumping:

1. Dear damn awful gut problems, I would like to be able to eat a small cupcake without going from zero to TERRIBLE CRAMPING within about four steps. (That was Sunday, but I am still mad. 'Cannot safely go out in public' is a level of disability I'm not willing to just roll with.)

2. How is it that I am in a position where having to pull together a complete fellowship application in two weeks is the course I prefer?!

3. Can I please just not be low-grade sick ALL the time? I would like a break.

4. I have to go to a wedding tomorrow, with humans, some of whom have opinions about my relationship with Wim. I have to wear clothes, and shoes, and that doesn't even sound like fun. And I got mail this morning saying I was sitting at a table with no one I know.

5. I want someone to tell me what to do. I won't accept someone telling me what to do.

Friday happiness:

1. M-pig is there for me in text.

2. Awesomely sent emails I needed to send although they took WORK and were SCARY. Really, this is terrifying in almost every aspect: large investment of effort at a time I feel well below my best, entirely likely that the grant wouldn't be awarded, would have to move far away with cats, PI will almost certainly be upset (but if we can work through it at least it might be good), I am asking people to do inconvenient things for me (actually to our mutual benefit though?), WHAT ARGH DECISIONS generally. But I did it.

3. I escaped a meeting with relatively little additional work assigned to me! Still some, but I successfully shunted some away.

4. Book store re bate. The specific books I was after weren't in, but I got new Eleanor Arnason!

5. Brain fog is definitely clearing: yay competence! And my mood is enough improved that swanning around with my goldfish umbrella and flirting with the Babeland clerk made me downright bouncy.
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1. Escaped being smacked with a Clow Card, because I am good.

2. Invented/kludged an imaging protocol while listening to The Electric Lady.

3. Got the best text from [personal profile] gaudior, and didn't tell the missionary who tried to talk to me just afterward why I was so happy, because I am nice a little misanthropic and intensely private. Being a worldview bomb is fun even when I remain unexploded.

4. I called the GI specialist and made an appointment! Praise me please. :)

5. Dinner with M-pig! Laid waste to her composure with what was basically a dick joke. Ate tasty food in a comforting location. Bought adorable cat-sugar-skull hoodie.

cut for background and dick joke )
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1. Unreasonably excited about scratching off the silver stuff on the back of a gift card.

2. Janelle Monáe tickeeeet!

3. Useful things to help myself feel less terrible: made definite plans with M-pig for tomorrow, and organized the seeds from my most recent publication to put away.

4. The arch of passionflowers at the greenhouse has really grown in over the past couple of weeks, smelling all fruity and wonderful, and the crape myrtle in the Medicinal Herb Garden is blooming now too.

5. I found a really big stick and gleefully hit some English ivy with it.
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Some happy stuff from yesterday and today, though!


1. Got to see M-pig and Wim both! Admittedly my meal with Wim was more successful, because dinner has been working lately in a way that other eating has not.

2. Fabric poster was picked up early and folded into luggage (with its proof, for dewrinkling experiments at destination).

3. New person at work still seems good, didn't immediately quit or anything!

4. Planned an easy day at work, had an easy day at work. Some stuff had to be put off due to equipment problems, which I feel bad about, but I cover for people when they need it too.

5. Wim hung out with me while I packed and cleaned, which was comforting and helpful. I think I got everything done!


1. Airport taxi driver had cherries hanging from his rear view mirror like me at age seventeen. Makes a person wonder.

2. The airplane had a Tina Fey "Behind the Actors Studio" on, yay.

3. Salmon onigiri for airplane food!

4. No outdoor sun today, but I got some sunset at least. I unerringly found a low wall to isolate myself from everyone, laid down on the grass, and watched mother-of-pearl shaded clouds go from yellow to peach to pink and blue. Cicada-sound everywhere, hot but cooling, and so humid that droplets were falling on my arms out of the clear blue sky. Banana moon today, especially after sunset when it went buttery, gold, brass.

5. In a quiet room all by myself.


Sep. 5th, 2013 12:23 am
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1. Found groceries from Wim on my porch this morning! Aww! Too bad I was drugged up and sleeping when he came by.

2. Adorable tiny queers walking on the trail! The plaid one was so clearly enthralled by the bleached-forelock one! Neither of them was over 5'nothing! omg omg omg.

3. Good news on multiple personal fronts.

4. Really fun interaction at the department office for t-shirt day.

Me: I am wearing a t-shirt!
K: you are. and you're showing it to me!
Me: can I have a treat?
K: you can have a treat.
Me: I've never done this before.
K: really? do you require guidance?
Me: yes. I waited until I had graduated TWICE to participate in biology t-shirt day.

5. The sunset was so great that I backtracked and gained elevation to look at it better. Then M-pig joined me. Then a new undergrad from northern China came panting up with her camera to photograph it, and we advised her on what to expect from Seattle weather.
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1. Clean white anemones, skippers mating, two squirrels falling out of a tree together.

2. I love how you can see bands named after other bands' lyrics popping up a few years after the songs come out. (Like Stars of Track and Field, Head Like a Kite; apparently Arab Strap is more complex.) One place it is possible to see this is in voting for the top bands of the century-so-far at http://kexp.org/polls/fall2013countdown -- and they have left plenty of good albums off the list, they need more help.

3. Shopping and dinner with [livejournal.com profile] marzipan_pig!

4. Put a little dilute purple into my hair. To the lurking specter of professionalism, I say: whatever.
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1. Slept almost all night, woke to DJ silliness and "Nightswimming". Mouthed off to the radio.

2. Saw The Fork Lift of Boats. Actually, that article is incorrect, because part of the greatness is that it's merely *A* Fork Lift of Boats, other shipyards have them too.

3. Today's bad interview was HILARIOUSLY bad, like, you will be reading about my part of it on Mansplained.

4. And we hired the good one! She starts very soon... after she gets back from Burning Man. :) So you see the good one is also hilarious! (She clearly felt awkward that I figured it out, which, M-pig is the one who figured it out really, so I made sure to come out as queer to make her feel more comfortable.)

5. Emoting got me onto a bus! The bus was early, I was frustrated, I stopped and pulled out my cell phone and made annoyed wtf shrugging motions... and she stopped at the crosswalk, motioned me to come get in, and said, "quick, before anyone sees me!" I thanked her and she said, "I saw that expression, I thought, I bet she wanted this bus!" So, you know, I didn't hassle her for being three crucial minutes early.
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1. I've never met any dress quite like you before. (I am counting on you to cap that misused quotation, flist.)

It shrank slightly in the wash and now fits better in the bodice, though it's really too cleavage-baring for the lab. I wore closed shoes instead of sandals in some misguided effort to compensate.

2. I'm still able to find a great deal of humor in our job interview situation, and I think we found one good person.

3. The board in the study area that lists the names of the day's tutors now reads, "YOU'RE ON YOUR OWN, NERDS!"

4. Hanging out with M-pig: great as ever, even if my rants had lost some impact overnight.

5. My comic is DONE and POSTED and people liked it.
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1. Slept well!

2. Good meeting with visiting professor.

3. Somehow there were a ton of eShakti dresses at Value Village tonight. Found two for me and two for [livejournal.com profile] marzipan_pig.

4. Cute queer staff at Panera (two out of two).

5. Dinner and conversation.
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1. M-pig texted me about a handholding f/f/m group of kids complete with TOTORO CAPE like mine.

2. Pink sunset clouds behind the Space Needle.

3. Avengers outdoor movie! Despite the forecast and my ambivalent hopes, there wasn't any actual thunderstorm, but we got some raindrops. Not enough to bust out my cute Kyoto-bought umbrella and watch the movie from underneath as I had imagined, though I did get to put up my hood.

4. Saw Wim briefly after the movie, got distracted from the shawarma bit.

5. The prof I wanted to meet with in September does still exist as I had hypothesized! Woo hoo! and will see me when I planned to be nearby! No mention was made of whether he will put A FRICKIN' AWAY MSG on his email next time he goes on vacation.
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This morning I went to the Reptile Expo with Wim! Lots of great herps, including beautiful snakes with intriguing recessive genes. I loved that so many of them were sold with zygosity information, too. Aaaaand, ultimate cuteness again resides in my home: I got another baby axolotl. Hachiko! Number word beginning with H (Japanese 8 is hachi), to go with Hex, and the Shibuya Station Hachiko was a dog while axolotls are called "water dogs" sometimes. She has wild-type coloration and also GFP, green fluorescent protein; it's hard to see in her body without applying black or 405-nm light, but her pupils shine green instead of black. Pics soon. She's only about three inches long and has beautiful fluffy gills. Still too small to sex really, so her gender is merely grammatical.

Then we met up with rysmiel (and very briefly elynne), and got lunch at Hana then dessert at Dilettante. A wild m-pig appeared, and we all went to the lab real quick, then the Taiwanese Student Association's yearly Night Market. This year's available grass jelly was neither a hot drink nor a cold drink, but just the jelly itself in a cup. We also had tasty popcorn chicken, beautiful tea eggs, delicious watermelon juice, and some pork-mushroom rice in a leaf that I didn't try, but we were too full from before to do justice to the early short lines. Then there was sitting on the grass talking, which on my part involved being really tired, and I took people home.

Now: Hachi into her tank, cats on me, gin + Limonata, maybe Azumanga Daioh.
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Well, I can see that it'll take me a while to convince my body that I would like to sleep more than six hours a night. Having my digestion settle down will help with that too.

One of the nice things about being awake Too Fucking Early*, though, is that Hex is all cutely active. He also seems more energetic in the bigger tank, so yay me for finally getting that set up.

So what actually happened yesterday?

Lots, as it turns out )


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