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1. Made plans to hang out with [personal profile] gaudior and also hopefully remediate the current state of litterbox doom.

2. Sent a personal comment to the FCC about the cable company merger. (Surprising no one: having worked in telecom, I am agin it.)

3. Preordered Ancillary Sword! Tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow!
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The previous post linked at the beginning of this one isn't bad, but this one's great. On what men think women want from women.

Exciting results from collaborators at work! Going to have to send them a lot more samples.


Among other wonders, SailorPtah has made "fetch" happen. (Crossover between Night Vale and His Dark Materials.) I couldn't get the smile off my face.

Emma Watson did okay. Yeah, men in general need to step up and be better feminist allies, but it's not actually about them, and I don't think they've failed to realize that their moms are generally women. I think it's hard for men to see how fucked things still are because they don't experience it. That's what we need to fix, but it's a catch-22 in multiple ways.
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Accomplished some things at work!
- Found out what food my food-ignoring fish had been eating before I got him, so hopefully he will condescend to eat the same kind again
- Ran a gel (confusing result and not sure what to do, but I saw it)
- Talked to facilities about installing a necessary cabinet for my work
- Researched and ordered a new analytical balance
- Enhanced my mind by reading papers
- Initiated minor interaction to support reportedly lonely new student

Praised for my hard work on grantwriting!
I had a bonus assignment over the weekend (which annoyingly coincided with J's visit, but I kinda need the money and it only took about three hours), and my boss praised me a bunch for it and wants me to co-write some other papers for co-authorships. Woot! He tends to praise high, but "brilliant" is always nice to hear. :) And I'm smug about my making the grant subtly more progressive in its phrasing -- you wouldn't think you could get a lot of politics into a grant, but between referring to Tibet vs. "the Tibetan region" and pointing out that North American plants had been newly discovered by Western botany during the historical period, not (as implied) by all humans, I am pleased with myself.

I got a loooooot of books unpacked.

Such good vids that I finally made time to watch! Pacific Rim ones but also very well done Katniss.
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1. SRS BZNS fellowship writing today: tea, hanten, office. Writing experiments on slips of paper and shuffling them to get alternative structures was a smart idea too. Screw you, House Republicans, I am getting this thing done on time even if I can't submit it because the NSF had to take their web site and go home.

2. The Yay genderform! is always so cheering to look at. Today's favorite: chapstick lesbian.

3. Coming out of my underground office to find sunshine and intense autumnal blue skies, a bookstore full of Japanese schoolgirls, and Ancillary Justice.

4. I felt terrible and depressed, so I did useful self-care things (like eating vegetables) and virtuous housecleaning chores (like laundry and dishes and taking out trash). And those things made me feel better. And then I ate cookies.

5. Hyperventilated until I almost died over Night Vale 32. Twice. And then [personal profile] thingswithwings was excessively brilliant about its queerness and nearly killed me again.
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2. I haven't slept right for weeks and weeks, and today I look approximately as tired as I feel.

3. Super annoying clerk interaction at the U Bookstore thanks to misleading email about customer rebates being available. (Spoiler: they are not, and yes the email said that if I had read the fine print, thanks, be sure to lecture me instead of sympathizing in any way.)

4. When people ask me about preparing for grad school, I tend strongly to be No Help Whatsoever. "How do I study for the GRE?" Uh, I have no clue, it was easy? I feel like such a jerk.

5. Have to go to lab every day this weekend, boo.


1. Moveon.org actually asked me whether they should support our state's current anti-GMO initiative! I mean, probably they will, most people have a knee-jerk reaction, but I got to tell them this:

As a molecular biologist, I believe that this initiative misses the point completely. Genetic engineering is not all the same, and labeling a crop which is more drought-tolerant or contains additional nutrients with the same information as a food that promotes the overuse of pesticides or poisons the environment itself is inappropriate and counterproductive. We need a more nuanced approach to make people aware of environmental issues, not an overreaction to the use of an advanced breeding method.

2. Sent necessary email for two-weeks-out Harvard visit! Go me! SO NERVOUS. But I got a quick, casual, positive response from the person I hadn't talked to before, so that is excellent.

3. Finally talked to colleague about his wedding and apologized for acting weird about it.

4. Finished my to-do list again! Working like a boss competent administrator!

5. Good things came in the mail: Heiresses of Russ 2013 that I won, and Live at KEXP v9 that I deserve for my contributions to public radio. (KEXP's inexplicable fondness for Macklemore is in evidence, but I have a FF button.)
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Now that it's over and I am tremendously relieved and happy, here are two nifty graphical presentations regarding the recent American election.

The Guardian's "America: Elect!" is a comic that animates as you scroll down. Interesting effect, worked okay in the latest Firefox, but doesn't seem to have much provision for screen size.

NPR presents maps by state scaled with ad spending. Poor shrunken Alaska! I wonder how they scaled the states while still maintaining important features of shape; it seems like there must be some intriguing algorithm behind it. Wonder if I have that in FIJI somewhere.

[ETA: Also? Patty Murray fucking rules.]
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My student organization at home sent me email yesterday saying they had information about "differential tuition" -- but it was entirely in video form. The Youtube page had a link to a web page, which had about two additional sentences on it... and then the same video. So I responded:

You guys really need to include full transcripts of all videos. This is an accessibility issue.

The magic buzzword was received, and today I got email back from the communications guy.

... I just wanted to reach out and say thank you for bringing this to our attention. We were unaware of the issue and in the future we will include full transcripts of our videos through YouTube.

We strive to make information accessible to all students and we really apologize for not providing this right away. If there is anything else we can do, please let us know.

We'll see if it actually happens, and really? it never occurred to them that this might be a problem? But I am feeling like a pretty good ally right now.
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The Washington State Senate has voted 28-21 to pass SB 6239, our marriage equality bill, and I am crying a little. The legislature is the easy part (though the Senate was thought to be the harder half of that), and it's likely to get pretty awful next election. Just the same, this means respect for our human rights, which is a big deal.
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Because (1) House republicans are ten years old: "Repealing the Job-Killing Health Care Law Act" is really your idea of an appropriate name for an official government action?

And (2) Rick Santorum is an evil, disgusting man. (Not a surprise at all, sadly, though his sheer brazenness is.)
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Headline today: Dicks suddenly in line to lead powerful panel

I had two main interpretations:

(1) An unintentionally hilarious visual. Really, the paper needs to keep a twelve-year-old on staff to determine whether at least the front-page above-fold headlines pass the snicker test. (It had been hastily changed by the time I looked at their web site.)

And (2), a little more figuratively, an illustration of patriarchy as usual. In actuality, of course, it referred to local politician Norm Dicks.

It reminded me of another recent instance of patriarchy as usual that also involved Dick's. I hesitated to post about this one, because I wasn't sure I could convey the menace through the funny, and it's definitely funny. But I'll give it a try.

Street harassment )
So here's what I was not: Young. Dressed in sexualized, or even really gendered, clothing. In any kind of social situation. And it still happened, and it was still threatening even through the humor. FYI.
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(Hi! I disappeared halfway through IBARW! I am still alive, and here are the links I've been squirrelling away.)

1. On being literal, which I am (sometimes to the point of problems):
(from supergee, I think)

2. On government-organized health care:
from ?

3. Katamari goodness at Boingboing
(needs more cowbear)

4. The stereotype of the fat woman speaks:

5. Privilege quiz result:
Y .................................................................................. (+35)
N ...............................................
Some interesting comments at link.

6. Dear NSF,
Learn to do a mail merge already. (m_pig can help!) I do not need to apply for the GRFP again this year because I AM ALREADY AWESOME KTHX.

7. http://justinelarbalestier.com/blog/2009/08/06/the-new-cover/

8. http://contexts.org/socimages/2008/05/21/human-interaction-as-chemistry/
Wonderful science-promotion video from the EU.

9. http://notesfromthegeekshow.blogspot.com/2009/08/open-letter-to-john-c-wright.html
A little overwritten, perhaps, which is what I thought of Vellum, but it picks up partway through, which is not.

10. New favorite nonsensical/menacing web command (from Picasa): Sign in to like this photo.

yay Iowa!

Apr. 3rd, 2009 03:54 pm
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Iowa Supreme Court holds gay marriage ban unconstitutional. The article mentions other ways in which Iowa has led the way in human rights issues, which I didn't know about. Go Iowa go!
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[livejournal.com profile] reannon has a great roundup of Obama's first 100 hours. People kept coming into classes and labs just grinning, for the whole week. (And it's not all because of the hilarious Fox clip.)
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Sure, I already disagree with some of what he said, but YAY for successfully inaugurated President Obama. Now let's all keep kicking ass.
Gotta love Photo Booth;

I think we got their attention. This was the biggest march I've ever been in. We couldn't all fit outside Westlake Center -- I have no idea how many other people went indoors to get lunch and bathroom breaks like we did, but it was lots. I talked to one of my students, and we kept meeting other people [livejournal.com profile] marzipan_pig knew, who had been at the rally at Volunteer Park, too, and we hadn't run into them at all. By the time we reached Westlake, I could barely see the end of the march up on the hill -- maybe six blocks away -- and we were maybe a third of the way back from the front. Couldn't hear a bit of the speeches, but it was tremendous. The cops estimate 3000 people marched, and there were a whole lot of sympathizers on the sidelines too. (Well, we did go through Capitol Hill for the most part.) So great!


Nov. 4th, 2008 06:32 pm
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(like a baby stoat)

No wait, even in the busy 5:30 time slot, but so many people are mailing them in now that's not surprising, and it was nearly full. They still had stickers, one of which now lives on my computer -- "farewell to polls I voted 2008".

Now I am home resisting the OBSESSIVE REFRESHING urge. I am so hopeful yet still anxious!

weekend yay

Oct. 4th, 2008 01:54 pm
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A hectic week has been survived. I got my research proposal draft in to my co-workshoppers on time, and my lab meeting went very well (except that I forgot one thing I shouldn't have). Teaching is going well so far -- one student got really snippy about taking her own sample of some limited material, but I had enough else to do that I was able to just leave her alone the rest of the section.

The U Bookstore finally called me to say Half a Crown was in last night. Acquired at 6pm, finished by 11, made of awesome. I've also now read McKinley's new Chalice, perhaps even more wonderful, and I have the new Gaiman and Cecil Castellucci's Beige as well as the 2008 Best American Science and Nature Writing. Orgy of reading, your time is here!

There's stuff I need to do in the lab this weekend, but I don't feel terribly compelled to do it right this minute. Time emough to sit around with cats and heating pad, and enjoy the high winds sweeping by outside. It's true that our curtains ought not to move when the winds are on the other side of the glass, but I've got blankets.

Recommended reading: "Hey There, Joe Six-Pack" by [livejournal.com profile] copperwise.


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