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1. Super fun conversation about the pronunciation of "gif" -- this conversation, which occurs near me periodically, is not normally so great, but we had the right combo of linguistics knowledge, history, pickiness, and just messing with people to make it highly entertaining.

2. My sinus-throat doom got worse! That feeling of burning pain represents vindication and rightness in my going to the doctor Monday. Also that I need to drink lots of tea with honey. (Yes okay this as positive is a stretch, but I really did feel all justified and correct for a sec there.)

3. Revised NSF deadlines came out! Friday for me. I am all excited to turn it in, but I have a bunch to do before that.

4. I cleaned off my entire dining-room table. This is huge and totally counts for Tuesday chores. Even if I just moved part of the load to a chair.


1. PI is back and was really happy to see my printed thesis copy on her desk! She wants me to sign it. And write something. And draw a picture maybe. (So adorable.)

2. This proposal is going to be really good when we're done whaling on it, because I am a badass and so are my sponsors. This collaboration is great right now.

3. My experiment today, for which I had planned five hours, took only two and provided a really interesting result.

4. I had a good dinner with M-pig despite eventually getting v. antsy about not working.

5. Lovely sunshiny day, lovely foggy night.
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1. http://mentalfloss.com/article/52332/12-animal-adjectives-bolster-your-vocabulary and it is possible that "anguish" could be related to snakes via narrowness, which would be AWESOME. I mean, I like snakes, but how cool is that.

2. Reading my diploma to my dad over the phone, with all its blackest letter and silly formality. And explaining again that Doctor of Philosophy means natural sciences too.

3. Well, I guess it is good to have the sort of job where I can generally spend extra morning time in bed with a heating pad when that's needed.

4. My Rock Band library now reflects my dorky 80s heart even more than it did before.
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"Exine" redirects here. It is not to be confused with Exene.
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[Worn-away part of a pedestrian logo in the roadway has been stenciled with a leaping fish]

I think this has more in common with "Grey Cell Green" than with "lily-livered" -- are there organ-character idioms I'm missing?
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Work continues intense and not very successful. 12-hour day yesterday, going in again today for hopefully not too long. Here are some good things, though.

Amazing snack: basically homemade Pocky? Like a 6 inch x 1cm stick of hard cookie-bread, which seemed to have cocoa in it. Then it had been dipped twice, first in a white substance and then in a delicious purplish-red raspberry-flavored substance.

Russian researcher in another lab telling funny stories about the birth of his daughter two weeks ago. Also he told us her age would be two weeks in an hour and a half, which I think is the funniest elapsed-time specificity I've heard yet.

I got to proofread something for someone I like! Very hard to explain why English does certain things, but I like that, too.

The lab I'm working in at the moment uses methyl salicylate in their experiments, so it smells charmingly (once I found out it was normal) of wintergreen at irregular intervals.

All cultures surveyed thus far (me, Japan, Russia) have an equivalent expression to "third time's the charm."
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Loud is love.

(It makes me so sad that so many people have qwerty keyboards on their phones now! They're missing out.)
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Since the growth room has aphids anyway, I'm not being quite so extremely careful not to get any pests on me, which means I've actually entered the greenhouse a couple of times recently and this morning I chose to walk through the Medicinal Herb Garden on the way back from the library.

Many fine things are in bloom, including scented peonies and golden horned poppies. I learned that Nigella sativa, presumably the one people use for a spice, looks rather different from Nigella damascena, which I grow in the traffic circle. (Less finely feathery, more glaucous, and with fewer, pale-green petals.)

My favorite thing today was the henbane. Similar to Salpiglossis, which is in the same family, henbane has sumptuously reticulated flowers.

oops, photo is really quite large )

Wikipedia asserts that the "hen" likely refers to death rather than chickens (!), though I would have thought that was covered under "bane". Like so many other Solanaceae, it is a deathdeath plant.
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I'm sorry, but I'm really having trouble with this. I am quite certain that Twilight Sparkle would use the subjunctive correctly. I'm only five minutes into this series and would like to know whether my suspension of disbelief will undergo any other dreadful assaults before I invest further effort.
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Telesia, corundum (ruby or sapphire). Originally télésie, from τελέσια, plural neuter of τελέσιος finishing, completing, perfecting; meaning "a perfect body" (Haüy, 1796), according to Victoria Finlay at least. Haüy seems to have distinguished sapphire from ruby at the time, but later usage made this a blanket term for corundum stones.

So télésie is a perfect body? James H. Schmitz, I am looking at you with suspicion...
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It turns out that, with predictive text, "enzyme" is a palindrome.


Apr. 14th, 2010 10:59 pm
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Tomorrow: Work. Then at 7pm, EMP Pop Conference opening panel with OMG JANELLE MONÁE.

Friday: Already signed up for the day off because we were planning to go camping for Wim's sister's birthday, but unfortunately she can't make it due to grad school doom.* Hence, I will likely go to at least a few bits of the Pop Conference. "Engendering Technology" (gender) sounds especially good, as do "TMI" (massive storage) and "Bent" (queer content incl. Lady Gaga). Probably lunch with Wim and his mom. Maybe Friday night dance class, since I'm missing Thursday for OMG JANELLE MONÁE.

Saturday: Plant sales with Mom?

Sunday: Hiking Washington's Geology! Wim has had this book for ages, but my knees were screwed up and then I was scared of screwing them up again. I seem to be lots better on both counts now, so he and I are thinking to do a lot more hiking. The book turns out to be amusingly snarky. I'm thinking maybe the Deception Falls hike. It's easy and short, only 0.7 miles, and I kind of want something more challenging, but it seems like a lot of places are still pretty snowy or filled with spring floods. Any other ideas? (Maybe some of the other waterfalls that are very nearby?) All within reach of this post are welcome to come with! [livejournal.com profile] rubricity?

* A-whole-nother post hangs therein about how academia has lately screwed up people I know. And infixes are an abso-fucking-lutely fine way to make well-formed words, thank you; we just happen to use them very infrequently in English.
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It occurred to me tonight that book titles can be classified according to what part of speech they represent. The vast majority seem to be noun phrases of various types and complexities:

(Evolution's Darling, Labyrinths, Why People Do Weird Things)

but many are also prepositional phrases:

(From the Notebooks of Dr. Brain, Until the Celebration, Through the Looking-Glass)

complete sentences:

(Set This House In Order, The Stars Compel)

adjective phrases:

(Marooned in Realtime)

or ambiguous:

(Slant, Second Nature)

So what I'm wondering is:

1. What part of speech do you think Bully for Brontosaurus is? Wim and I cannot agree.

2. Other stuff, like whether genres have significant differences in title-part-of-speech proportions. I am sure we'd see a difference of some kind looking at title styles over time, but can we quantify it? Number of words/complexity of construction? Can we get a computer program to mine Amazon or the Library of Congress for titles and first-pass categorize them, or does it make more sense to go directly to a Galaxy Zoo model in which they are scored by multiple humans? Is there any way in the world to get a grant for this kind of work? (Probably one should not also be doing a Ph.D. in molecular biology, ha ha.)
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Disclaimer: Obviously not all couples consist of a woman and a man. If you have never referred to a couple that does, or one that is legally married, or one that shares a last name, just don't check those boxes. I am not getting into higher-order relationships, as the combinatorics are prohibitive.

The stuff I'm really interested in here is the scansion and phonology. I think we all do this name arrangement subconsciously most of the time, and that is cool, so if you can figure out what your brain is doing I want to know about it.

[Poll #1017585]
The story begins with moral ambiguity, and ends with gods. It features a confident woman and a shapechanger, but the overall narrative is about what happens after the revolution.

... which I have read, actually.

Cool Bits Story Generator

(and of course Cracktastic Bits too.)
No interest in the upstairs apartment yet, possibly because we're having to charge an arm and a freakin' leg for it. Definitely need to add photos. It doesn't look like a day for photographing the views, though. (On the bright side: More time to do homework. But it's pretty stressful too.)

Tiny Scrabble from grad-school celebration dinner )

Star Trek does Monty Python's Camelot


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