Having a return of serious digestive badness since the whole IUD debacle, so I'm feeling very low on energy and brain. Still, I have some things to say!

Changes in anime art styles over the last several decades are something I had noticed but not qualified this way.

It took tumblr like five minutes after the movie announcement to write a Captain Marvel post-credits scene that causes me to squeal in incoherent delight.

Hilarious send-up of Jonathan Franzen from Twitter.

I have some TOUGH DECISIONS to make about further #scishirt options for this week. XKCD was required, so I wore that yesterday. Today is the shirt Wim brought me from Meguro Parasitological Museum. I guess I'm going to have to go with sentimental value -- Plant Disease, FHL evo-devo course, and Monterey Bay Aquarium -- rather than any of my cool conference shirts or ones that just have plants/animals.

Last night when I was trying to eat food, I had truly amazing applesauce from [personal profile] rushthatspeaks. Wonderful stuff.
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Less pain, better sleep, yaaaaay!

Our front desk person pointed out to me some bird's nest fungi right outside the building, and I got a decent picture with just my phone and a hand lens. Must charge my real camera with the good macro lens and take better ones!

Saw a seminar about the history of the glass flowers and invertebrates.

Helped out J with a very annoying administrative task.

Sent difficult email in a way that I think was both fair and loving.

More fun links:
"babe can i show you my d*ck"
Natural 20s and natural 1s
Anime glasses for all
Aretha Franklin covered "Rolling In The Deep"
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Tumblr being delightful:

Funnel webs on top of the yew hedge.

More nerdy taxonomy lookups. Too much computer-staring, but the reasons were still fun.

Walking a labyrinth at the Divinity School.

Relaxing dinner out.

Read a comic with the President of the United States in it, and was like, whoa, it's a white guy. (Strong Female Protagonist: it's the point of AU divergence, so the President is specifically GWB, but that wasn't clear in the first frame where he appeared.) Yay for whiteness as a marked condition.
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1. Introvert comics! (Buzzfeed)

2. Cottonwood fluff all over in the air. I batted at them happily and caught a few. The greenhouse managers hate the cottonwoods, and rightly so -- the fluff clogs the fan intakes and the seedlings get everywhere. I assume the trail maintainers are just as unhappy about the fast-growing roots. But not me, I am all Mogami Kyoko over the fairylike floating puffs of magic.

3. So far, smartphones appear to be primarily useful for buses, mapping, and flirtation, with a side of cute dog pictures. I approve entirely.

4. textsfromlastnight.com is a reliable source of hilarity. "He started french braiding my hair while I was blowing him. The question is not why, but how."


1. Luxuria Superbia on my phone! The era of possible boredom in the universe is over. Provided I remember to plug the phone in all the damn time.

2. My candy-colored braids are now entire inches long.

3. The Hunger Games movie is really well done. Mirrormask is visually stunning, and I enjoyed watching it with my friend despite some major plot issues.
Tuesday night:
I remain completely delighted to have found a profanity filter that does nothing at all except completely obscure the words "fuck" and "cocksuck", including their difference from one another. (Both are rendered as "****".)

1. Same shoes as my acupuncturist. And nice emotional insights thanks to headache needles on my hands.

2. Got a sublet! Very many thanks to my awesome [personal profile] rushthatspeaks going to look at it. :) Aaaaaand... booked a plane ticket one way. I had to breathe a whole lot.

3. Parking lots of the future, a post by [personal profile] genarti, made me smile until my face hurt.


1. Accidentally dressed up as gems from my racing game. Silliness.

2. Deleted all microscope bookings after the 25th of this month.

3. My sartorialist grad friend wore seersucker on a rainy day, and I teased him a little. Then someone else said he'd had an identical first communion jacket, and that was incredible.


1. Farewell dinner with Wim's dad and stepmom at Pam's Kitchen of ultimate deliciousness.

2. Swung on the swingset!

3. Much flirting and silliness.

good things

May. 3rd, 2014 12:43 am
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1. Making a silly video for my friend this morning made me smile all the way to school.

2. Successfully did a work!

3. Ate cherry goat cheese ice cream from Molly Moon's in a local park.

4. Revisited naming rules for Birkenstock Nippleclamps.
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1. One crow hopping high, down a steeply sloping, intensely green lawn. Another crow, who'd just found a fat worm, startled by the first one's clear intention to share.

2. Girls! Science! Old-timey style!

3. Snarky Twitter-interface meta with old friends/enemies.

4. Femslash Friday Kaylee/Inara is adorable. Not actually on board with the Artemis/Athena comparison (what?) but gay gay Simon! and the undeniable likelihood of awesome toy invention!

5. Today I learned that there are many differences of opinion regarding what's up in the skeleton of a mermaid's hip region. Pelvis or no is the most obvious, of course, and the consequences and interpretations thereof are intriguing. (Image searches inspired by this wonderful anglerfish and mermaid picture, which I also really want a print of now.)

6. The unholy alliance between panicked November yellowjackets and invasive poisonous English ivy has led to a low hedge that hums in an agitated fashion whenever I pass it in the morning. I should probably take another route if I don't want to get stung, but I'm fascinated. Pollen is pretty good food, and there's not much else out there right now. They'll be there until the bitter end.

7. Last night I got to tell Wim my vagina was poison. (No dairy allowed, yeast infection, yogurt, hilarity.)

8. I passed a short stone wall on my walk home tonight that was covered in Virginia creeper. For some reason, the plant always has a funny way of shedding its leaves, leaving the petioles sticking out for a while before dropping them separately later, so the wall had a combination of reddened leaves and pale, jaunty spines that made it look absurdly like a cheerful nudibranch.

9. Yesterday I got a burrito in the school cafeteria, because despite my nightshade problems I usually cannot resist Burrito Day. The cafeteria guy stared at my head transfixed for a moment. "It's like cotton candy," he breathed.

"That's what I was going for!" I said brightly.

He allowed as how it made him want to go to the fair, and I said that was all about elephant ears for me. He suggested funnel cake, I countered with deep-fried butter, which I noted was about as good as you'd think. He wants to try deep-fried Twinkies.

Then he was done making the first part of the burrito, and I said thanks, and he responded, "No, thank you."


10. All recent movies have been good! Searching for Sugar Man, Wreck-It Ralph, and Captain America this week. (I am making an effort to consistently rent things from Scarecrow, because they're amazing and not doing that great financially.) In particular, Wreck-It Ralph was a lot funnier and more interesting than I expected, and I loved that the only romance was secondary and that the little girl character determines her own gender expression.
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The eternal malicious disappointment of the modern uterus

Photo by me of an excellent portrait of the Maxx
(Sam Kieth has not been around his blog recently, but I gave him the link and hope he liked it!)

In which milk is more revealing than fabric

Lisa Wade saying just the right thing about the patriarchal bargain (via ladybusiness!ana). Avoid if you are Just Done hearing about Miley Cyrus, I guess, but this makes a good last word even so.

Hypnotic math gifs

I remain incredibly amused by http://critiquemydickpic.tumblr.com/. Read from the beginning to develop an understanding of the jargon.

Redden is a lovely, short, creepy webcomic based on Red Riding Hood.

Matt Fraction says eloquently why suicide is no good

All of the Disney Princesses dressed up for Halloween are great, but MULAN AS XENA!

Korra book 2 fan comics! I should probably watch the show, huh?

PIPETTE TIP DRESS (from Wim, who knows how to hit multiple buttons at once)
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1. Three-headed cat beast on the couch when I got up this morning! They are so contentious all the time, but sometimes when I'm not around they forget to (pretend to) hate each other.

2. I like making 140-character tweets, especially when they're this one:
I am MIGHTY: sender of proposal draft, requester of recommendation letter, user of Google cache to dig up NSF web pages. Now it's lunchtime.

3. And then I took myself out for a delicious burger and milkshake, and I ate them while sitting on the grass in the sun and reading a novel.

4. Okay, Savage Lovecast, you win. Talking about clothes AND sex, with the clothes only available in the premium version, will in fact get me to spend a dollar on your podcast. Keep it up!

5. My submission to Mansplained is up! (One person already found it, I see.) This was by far the worst of our bad interviews. Very glad we have two good lab managers now.
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1. I did get more sleep this morning! And I had such the best dream. A fun outing to a street market led to frustration and misfortune, but then to adventure and magic and sexy dress-up times and potential new lovers. What a great way to wake up. Who cares if the police are still after you when you have all that?

2. Rewatched Dororo before it was due back. Spammed Twitter about it, amusing mostly myself (but I was so amused).

3. Oh, sed, why did I ever doubt you? You are so hard for me to remember how to work, but you did exactly what I wanted in no time at all.

4. I got the result I was looking for out of my transcriptome data! What I thought was likely to be happening does seem to be happening! This makes it MUCH EASIER to write about intelligently for possible fellowship. Someday I will figure out how to do the overall analysis with the weird data I have been given, instead of a very targeted one on just the genes I wanted, but whatever.

5. I am really enjoying fall so far. It was gloriously blustery with pouring rain today, in the way that usually doesn't happen here -- no thunder, though we've been very lucky with that this year too -- and I was the annoying person who was out in it going WHEE instead of being crabby about getting wet. Plus, the grapes up the street that always smell good have grown a gigantic crop and smell proportionally.
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1. I had a good idea for a nice, fundamental, exploratory experiment using a novel method, which is kind of my strength. Pretty good strength to have, I think.

2. Practical solution for feeling like LJ/DW is deserted: add more people. I've controlled my lists very strictly by the numbers for a very long time, but I am feeling lonely and did in fact manage to finish the Ph.D., so I will try something else now.

3. Breathing. It is better when I remember to do this!

4. Errand and dinner and movie with sweetie. Also smooching.


1. I am a real reviewer of journal manuscripts who gets addressed as Dr., and my initial review was very thorough and helpful now that I look at it again.

2. Today's best text: I'm not sure what you think is lacking in your relationship if she's telling you about vagina songs.

3. Grad friend M invited me to the Q Center lunch, which I would not have gone to and where there were some really sweet talks, and, unexpectedly, the organization I helped start was named as a good thing that happened. (M-pig, the center head seemed to think it was especially good that the grad org was no longer called Bohgof; sorry, I know you will disagree!) Recognition for my activism is good, even if the context implied that they were taking credit for us a little; I think the head knows better than that.

4. I was pretty awesome at conquering software, even if it turned out my data weren't ready for it.

5. Crashed as soon as I got home and slept over 8 hours for the first time in months! If I'm really lucky, I can even sleep some more before it's time to get up. Completely fine with missing a party for this.
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Because I am contrary and can overanalyze ANYTHING, I am doing anti-happiness posting today!

1. My lunch was not good so I wanted to eat everything in sight all afternoon. Because clearly I hadn't had any actual lunch, only that soggy wrap that said it was tofu teriyaki and was really sweet and sour rice or something. I am a big fan of vinegar, but acid and gloopy should never be the only traits of food.

2. PI doesn't understand that I'm hot, and this bothered me today. She was all skeptically asking for clarification that large breasts are considered decorative in American culture. Seriously? Have you been to America ever? Also I can personally attest that they are much appreciated by many!

3. I was WRONG about a THING in semi-public.

4. E-reader battery is dead and must be replaced.

5. Gotta get up at five for early-morning experiment and probably won't have time for a nap before family brunch.

Eh, who am I kidding, I am still like 90% happy.

1. [personal profile] staranise said what is so great about Silver Spoon and incidentally some things I hadn't detected were so great about Fullmetal Alchemist. Also extremely valuable career counseling stuff, mainly in comments. (Wim, I thought of you.)

2. Fixed an erroneous lack of serial comma in a previous entry! Consistency is restored to my writing universe!

3. I love how nonce-hashtags can be used on Twitter as equivalent to the little muttering text from outside the word balloons in manga.

4. PI's younger kid drew a picture of me on the dry-erase board, but erased it when she caught me looking. She's pretty good, as far as I could tell.

5. So I got a bra caught on my toe last night, and Wim decided to tell me that if I had one for each toe and both thumbs I could be in Shakespeare.

... what?

"Fourteen bras!"

"You are the worst AND you miscounted."

6. This tweet from Seattle Center ‏made me laugh and laugh:
They're still sick and they still want you to touch them! MT @kexp @_Mudhoney TONIGHT @SeattleCenter! FREE! #CATM! http://ow.ly/nZTlH

(because of this song, which possibly non-Seattle people don't know as well?)

life bits

Jul. 3rd, 2013 08:21 pm
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++ found badass knee socks!!!

- still too hot to wear them

- way too hot for a lot of things in recent days, but not so bad today

+++ fans on axolotl tank surfaces are actually very effective coolers, down to 72 yesterday (from clearly too hot and Hex had fungus on his foot) and 66 this morning

(+ realized I could measure tank temp with temp gun!)

? Zooniverse wants me to stalk nematodes and report their egg-laying now. what.

++ raspberry bearing continues apace

+ made banana bread

+ using vacation time to slowly fix up the house

- still not sure when vacation will end exactly
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I've been working on this post for quite a while. Lots of things that I wanted to put in don't fit. I'd like feedback if you have time.

Something that I learned today/ People don't think the way I do
The Fastbacks, "T.H.I.N.K."

I was both validated and upset to read Kathy Sierra's take on being AS.

"Asperger's -- in my one, personal, case (the only one I can speak to), was a beautiful rose-colored lens softly buffering me from just about everything."

(I am filing this under "why some nerds don't hate Big Bang Theory.")

introspection )
I do have some things to say, but all my writing brain is going to my thesis at the moment. For now, here is something that made me laugh out loud at the restaurant I met m-pig at tonight; the wi-fi search comes up automatically when I open my laptop.

[EPISODE IV.  It is a period of civil war.]

(scrolling down)

[The first eight lines or so of the Star Wars intro in network names]
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My minuscule-induced skepticism is borne out:

"International Book Week is an awareness week mentioned in a socially generated internet meme where users of social networking sites share arbitrary lines from nearby books. Unlike globally publicised events such as World Book Day, International Book Week is not a formally established awareness week, and does not exist outside of the meme." -- the beloved Wikipedia

Nonetheless, the fifth sentence of page 52 is...

"Maude went in a bookstore that felt like home, and stood reading in various sections until a thin boy clerk came to within four feet of her and watched."

Just why Slow Funeral is in that bag with the Flip camera tripod and the tiny aquarium is not clear to me.
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Passed on the torch to the next crop of Rainbow Grads officers at the meeting today. We lame ducks are still doing a few things, but as of summer quarter's beginning, in a week and a day, it's all them. It's hard to let go, but this right here is success. We made something to reach out to all the queer grads who might be the only one in their program, and help the law students talk to the med students and the social scientists if they want to -- and people believe in it enough to carry it forward, cultivate it, and promote it however they want to.*

I pointed out the shape of our journey, and that this was the triumphant end of a story, but I think I'm the only one who's quite so touched by it. [livejournal.com profile] marzipan_pig, you would have understood. :) May it all continue working out. I want to have my social group without having to run it myself now!

* Facebook in this case will apparently become a bigger deal; I will be over here threatening people with my cane if they don't also use email notification.
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Maru still hasn't found what he's looking for. (Thanks to [profile] bookelfe, who posted vid recs that also include the Takarazuka Utena musical set to Lady Gaga. Dang.)


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