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Last night:

  • Tried and failed to nap, because I kept having interesting creative thoughts, first about work and then about ceramics. Dang it, brain. I eventually had to get up and write them down before I forgot them, so that was the end of that.

  • Met up with [personal profile] genarti and [personal profile] skygiants at a very noisy, very ironic tavern in Davis. Attempted to convey to Beth the full glory of the dragon-game drama currently transpiring. Had tasty potato tacos (but they could have cut the avocado up a lot smaller than that) and some glorified chicken strips with glorified ranch dressing, plus an Original Sin cider from NY that was dry and pretty tasty.

  • Went to Apple Cinema, pointed out the ice cream flavors, and saw a shadowcast Princess Bride production at midnight. The movie remains really fun to watch, especially in a theater full of people enjoying it, and the shadowcast had some good moments (though the movie was more compelling). Shrieking eel as pool noodle was especially amusing.

  • Found out the MOST AWESOME THING: in two weeks there will be a chiptune/retro-video-game-inspired Rocky Horror, with songs covered and animations made and OMFG. I am surprised I'm not standing in line for this already, I don't know how anything could possibly be more appealing to me.


  • Got up without enough sleep and went to pottery. Sat outside in the sun when I was too early, very nice day. Trimmed two big bowls successfully and went through the bottom of one so proceeded to convert it into an orchid pot with cutouts in the shape of the Light Flight emblem. Shut up. :)

  • Hung around after pottery for an extra half hour talking to my teacher about pottery ideas and employment and random stuff. I need to bring snacks if I'm going to hang around after class, I get too hungry!

  • Goofing off.

  • Successful napping.

  • Bubble bath. (Lush Ultraviolet. I'm excited about some of their Mother's Day releases coming up, but I should maybe use more of the Easter stuff first.)

Weekending successful so far!
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In getting-over-my-ex news, I have:
  • Watched a bunch of Leverage by myself.

  • Made waffles (and done some other nontrivial cooking).

  • Gotten to where going to the grocery store merely makes me feel badgerish rather than panicky.

  • Finally thrown out the food that I had made to share with them when they decided to disappear instead.

  • [TMI] Made it all the way to orgasm without accidentally fantasizing about them and veering off into anti-erotic misery.[/TMI]

In general awesome doings, I have:
  • Gotten my bike into rideable shape.

  • Made an apple pie and won work's (very small) Pi Day contest with it.

  • Kept up decently on my job.

  • Successfully taken almost all of my absurd medication schedule on time.

  • Given excellent presents to people.

  • Polled for dragon game festival themes, including having to contact someone I didn't know to check that we weren't stepping on any toes.

  • Managed a fuckton of drama about dragon game festival themes, including whipping up a storyline that incorporated multiple suggestions.

  • Appeared to have an actual immune system -- still not all the way better but quickly recovered back to generally-crappy instead of getting a bad cold.

  • Designed and drawn lineart for an elaborate (representational-plus-celtic-knot) mythical snake design on a bowl, to be further painted in underglaze.
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Mom wound up having much less energy for doing things than either of us expected, but it was okay and we still had a good time.

Tuesday we got discount tickets for things, and she went on a trolley tour while I worked a bit and hoped my boss would contact me about a Skype meeting. (He did not.) I gave up about four and we went home, read, petted cats, and watched tv. This is when I pointed out my romantic situation and she somehow jumped from my generally-friendly poly arrangement to lesbian drama specifically about the person who was a jerk to her recently and happens to be a lesbian. Sigh.

Wednesday I got a Zipcar and we drove up to Salem to the Peabody Essex Museum, where we vastly enjoyed the Strandbeest exhibit. I got to push one around and make its legs go! (video) The exhibit on Native fashion was also very well done, and we had perfectly reasonable pub lunch once we found a place that was open. Very cool outdoor stick art as well, tall thin nestlike houses.

Instead of going out to a movie, I showed her the Avengers, which she hadn't seen despite liking Iron Man and Thor. She recognized Mark Ruffalo, which as someone who knows him only from the MCU I was rather bewildered by. It's nice that I can just feed my visiting mom leftovers; I know not everyone has this relaxed attitude.

Thursday I had pottery class, and she chose not to come. It ran a bit long, but we managed to meet up at Shake Shack for lunch so I could pass on the gospel of the gingerbread milkshake. Then we went over to my work (one stop on the bus so we didn't have to walk, which gives you an idea of her mobility level) and I showed her my samples, the DNA robot, and the herbarium cabinets and sheets. We were planning on the department holiday party, but she wasn't really up for it and didn't mind not seeing the Natural History Museum (horrifying to me but there it is), so we went home in easy stages of walking and bus.

We talked about how she could maybe get her fitness up, but it's hard to be motivated about this stuff, and she's not sure how much of the problem is left over from her heart attack vs. joint problems. Motivation is even harder when you don't know if the annoying thing will help.

Unfortunately she didn't get to meet anyone except a couple of random co-workers and the annoying roommate (who was at least on good behavior). The roommate I like lent her his bed, so at least she had a good impression of him from a distance!

I'm more worried now than I was, and probably so is she, but I feel like our relationship is all right, so that's an improvement at least. And I get to see her again in a couple of weeks.
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Saturday I had all day until my train at 7pm, so I planned to go to the Cloisters, since I didn't manage it last trip and it came highly recommended. It's great, loads of interesting European Christian art in a building specially constructed to incorporate pieces of other buildings.

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One moment of being intensely pleased with myself: I decided that hateboners are filled with bile instead of blood. Am I right or am I right? (Also, then I said "HEADCANON". :D?)

I am feeling better slowly! Currently I am actually up to doing things to help with my extreme social isolation. (Unfortunately signing up to Fetlife has immediately made my life goal of not interacting with any pompous motherfuckers who call themselves lord much more difficult. Really, get someone else to send your welcome messages.) Be nice if the timing worked out better, though -- I haven't been to any meetups yet, nor will I next week since all the things are Tuesday and I'll be in NYC.

For some reason someone had hung a container of new, vaguely botanical wall decals on a chain-link fence on my way to work. I stopped and went back for them once I'd thought it through a little, then when pretty much everyone had gone I put them up on the cabinets and appliances at work. It's only reasonable for the herbarium lab to have a vine decal on the fume hood and various sprigs on cabinets and drawers, right?

The Girl With All the Gifts is (1) really good and (2) sneakily written by Mike Carey. Ha.


Jun. 24th, 2015 11:03 pm
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Getting work done at work this week.

Good appointment with therapist Monday. After which I went somewhere I hadn't been before, got a Ms. Marvel trade and Squirrel Girl #4 and ate frozen yogurt, and eventually managed to find Good Vibrations. Treating myself and also being a quality person who does things in the world.

Hurt my neck as a direct result of GV visit and woke up with nasty headache. Unsure of cost-benefit here as both make strong cases.

Had an adventure with [personal profile] rushthatspeaks. After being confused by inferior maps and displeased with the hot soupy weather, we did find our rose-garden goal, and then there was a convenient and free train, and ice cream for dinner. Then showering. I remain very grateful for such an excellent partner and also for the central air at my apartment.

Getting real work done really, like, I did PCR today and ran it on a gel and all. Still working out some damnfool crap from my botched reappointment, but mostly doing well right now.

Spate of fun hectic planning on dragon game, unfortunately spurred by bad news of cool people leaving our subgroup. But I drew a trout with which I am pleased.

State: I feel normal-sad a lot of the time, but I really seem to be losing track of how long it's been between things happening. It's hard to know what feelings are justified and what's just getting upset over nothing. I don't feel sad about my dad, just sad, and volatile in other ways sometimes, and not enjoying things I should. Currently investigating therapy, because I actually do have a lot to cope with and not a lot of wherewithal. (Plus, really no experience with making things happen despite long-term depression. Normally I watch a movie and make cookie dough and go to sleep, and feel better in the morning.)

from when we saw Great Lake Swimmers )
looking for a greenhouse to volunteer in )
digital painting )
seedlings )
mosquito horizon )
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Did taxes (in spite of MA wanting some weird form from my health insurance even when I didn't live here). Big refund on the way!

Had an epic meeting with my advisor, who is pretty much on board with my proposed transition to a staff job when we run out of funding for the fellowship. I have been doing work, and I had smart ideas, and we will make cool science happen!

Got through sending welcome messages to many many new Flight Rising users. Still managing the part where we send them gift packages when they post in the forums, but it was really exciting to finish phase 1! Making a pretty badge for people to put in their signatures if they helped.
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October 28
Not entirely what I had in mind, though I've been thinking about drawing this since the beginning. Oh well! It is a finished piece, and that's the goal. Anyway, in Woodland Park Zoo they give the animals pumpkin treats for Halloween, but a lot of animals don't care for pumpkin. So the tigers get meat chunks inside a pumpkin, and the bears will eat pumpkin but get really into it if it's full of honey and bugs, and the otters? The otters get a pumpkin of a size they can roll around and play with, and it has small holes cut into it and fish bits stuffed inside. So they dive and bounce around with it, and every so often a piece of fish comes out!!1! and they go ahng nahng nanhg eating it with little pointy teeth and open-mouthed chewing. It's adorable.

 photo 2014-10-31-inktober28_zpsee44d386.jpg

October 29 and 30
Someone dressed up the very archetypal rhino statues that stand outside the bio building at school. The googly eyes made me laugh out loud the first itme I saw them -- there were extra limbs too, but those were not particularly inspired in my opinion. The other one I guess is a mummy? Pretty happy with these; I think the stuff I started trying on the otter worked a little better here.

 photo 2014-10-31-inktober29-30_zps607a0850.jpg

Partway done with today's, decided to finish tomorrow. It's not really the spirit of Inktober, I suppose, but the drawing is another one I've been thinking of for a while now, and I want it to be cooler but also to do the other thing I have planned tonight.
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 photo 2014-10-30-inktober27_zps250c780a.jpg

Somehow when inked this little brown bat has an underbite which was not evident in the pencil stage, but he's still pretty rad. I had a little brown bat friend once -- he showed up in my parents' cabin and I guess we had no concerns about rabies (in retrospect: what) because he seemed kinda under the weather but nonaggressive and so we kept him. He was called Aloysius, I think mostly thanks to my friend S who was living with us at the time. Eventually he declined and died (without biting anyone, so we were right about no rabies, but still).
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October 25
My elephant jack-o'-lantern from [personal profile] sovay's party. He remains adorable and on the porch. (And wow, brush pen and pumpkin are a great combination.)

 photo 2014-10-28-inktober25_zpsb46a0227.jpg

October 26
Black Forest cake made by me and [personal profile] rushthatspeaks. Fun with representational shading!

 photo 2014-10-28-inktober26_zps70f9fc7e.jpg
Running a little behind, still getting some drawing done so mission generally accomplished. :)

October 23
Squirrel with an acorn in its mouth! This is so cute and I've seen it several times this year. I tried to go for a minimal line in this one but my natural inclination is so not that...

 photo 2014-10-27-inktober23_zps794daf82.jpg

October 24
Inky cap mushrooms really do deliquesce this picturesquely. Sometimes.

 photo 2014-10-27-inktober24_zpsf58de142.jpg
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Cold-weather kitties!

 photo 2014-10-23-inktober22_zpsbf5e88da.jpg


Oct. 22nd, 2014 12:08 am
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Catchup on Inktober posting! I did get behind a few times, due to dire uterus and then to much happier reasons of J visiting, but I am all caught up and here are the posts. A couple of them I really, really like -- I'm very happy to be doing the challenge even when I feel like all the other people talking about it are Reeal Arteests and such.

bunch of pics! )
I'm doing these, just not feeling very rewarded by posting.

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I continue to think I'm funny. This one came about because of watching nature shows last Sunday morning with J and friend. We're not having any of this "salmon jumping directly into bear jaws" business on my watch. I will spend a good 20 minutes on customizing a suspension harness to get Mission Salmonpossible maximally plausible (protip: it is still not plausible in the slightest).

 photo 2014-10-10-inktober10_zpsfaec6d74.jpg

inktober 9

Oct. 9th, 2014 11:34 pm
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I found the Platonic ideal Inktober subject today: a fallen leaf for my autumn theme... with oak-leaf galls on it! You make ink with those!

 photo 2014-10-09-inktober9_zps3ec6c0d3.jpg

inktober 8

Oct. 8th, 2014 11:38 pm
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The good camera's SD card adaptor doesn't seem to be working right with the laptop any longer, and I don't have the cable handy, so we have a not-so-perfect phonecam image today. This drawing was inspired by co-worker J from downstairs telling me about how she grows sixteen different kinds of columbines and how one of the students a few years ago was so EXCITED because he wanted them for his research. This is one of the great things about the herbarium: people there actually love plants. (You'd be surprised how little a lot of molecular biologists care.)

 photo 2014-10-08-inktober8_zpsf2937c9e.jpg

inktober 7

Oct. 7th, 2014 11:41 pm
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Crickets in the evenings as I walk home lately. Really pleased with this one.

obviously an insect image, though it's pretty cute )
I didn't actually get to my drawing last night since I was busy coming home from NYC and dealing with considerable cat mess, but I'm caught up now!

Silly Oktoberfest commemorative apple cider drawing for Saturday, since that's what I was up to. I feel that the apple should have a little hat, but couldn't quite work out how to place it. Atop the stem? Of microscopic size?

 photo 2014-10-04-inktober4_zps689d89c0.jpg

A gooseneck gourd for yesterday. It came out much better than I expected! Especially since my original attempt was a complicated chrysanthemum that I erased too much and messed up my paper, so I chose the gourd as a shape that fit into the un-messed-up space.

 photo 2014-10-06-inktober5_zps305b9dda.jpg

I bought a brush pen on Sunday, which I'd been wanting to on the first day of the challenge, and I'm really happy with it so far. I think the little garden snail was the perfect subject. The one I saw this morning had a light olivey green shell, not brown like all the snails I've seen before.

 photo 2014-10-06-inktober6_zps2907a269.jpg


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