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There will be other posts about the so-called steampunk Snow Queen, I am completely certain, and I will link them here when there are. It was certainly a thing that happened. Theatrical choices were made.

And, since those choices were the most interesting thing about the production, I have decided that what I really want to see is a musical about the making of The Snow Queen.

Selected musical numbers include:

"To Cast a Balding Man"
DIRECTOR: Or how will they know?
That Kai... is really... me?

"This Actress is a Flower"

"Uncomfortable Racial Dynamics"
CAST (staccato whispering): Uncomfortable! Racial! Dynamics!
DIRECTOR (in descant): TO-tally IN-nocent! The man has a talent for daaaaance!

"Accents Make Everything Better"

and the triumphant anthem that pulled the whole cast together to make the production work, "Math is Evil and Snow is Bees".
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I actually like the ridiculous snow*: it is inconvenient but cheering. (And yes, my attitude is certainly affected by my not having to shovel any. In this climate it is worth it to stay renting just for that!) My mood generally is pretty bad lately, though. I looked up stage IV endometriosis today and felt very sad about it indeed. The diagrams of organs stuck together made me feel terrible, and noting again that I probably wasn't fertile anyway was upsetting too, neither for any good reason. This nonstop whiny baby feeling inside is getting really old. Lightbox use continues, though, and I am getting some work done, and I get to see Green Porno in person on Friday night.

Dad still in hospital. They got his fluid levels down far enough (congestive heart failure means this is hard, he tends to retain water dangerously), then discovered he was anemic! So he got a transfusion, after which his hematocrit was... lower. What. Is he bleeding internally?, they wondered. So yesterday he got scoped out and they found an ulcer and removed a polyp. It's great that he's in the hospital so they can figure out all this fuckery, right?

Mom is better, not coughing and sore throat much improved.

* Not that my enjoyment stopped me from signing a petition for Persephone's return, obvs. You know how long these things can take.
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Bat Boy: The Musical
Farkas Hall at Harvard University
$6 (my Harvard privilege gets you half off!)

Fri Nov 21 2014 - 7:30 PM
Sun Nov 23 2014 - 2:30 PM

I actually might be busy that weekend myself, but if anyone wants to go I am happy to use my powers for good (and will totally join if not busy).
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I just got home from seeing the very first show of the Welcome to Night Vale West Coast tour, in which the cast puts on an episode of their wonderful eldritch podcast live on stage. I had very little idea what to expect. We all know that librarians are terrifying nonhumans who represent a clear danger to library patrons and Summer Reading Program students, of course, so the peril was represented in the title, but beyond that, no idea. The podcast is usually just over twenty minutes, and I honestly had no idea if I might have paid fairly steep ticket prices for my sweetie and myself to be in the theater for about half an hour.

If that had been true, it would have been worth it just to be there with that audience. It had not occurred to me to perform Night Vale cosplay, but the 8pm sold-out audience was composed of the people who'd been waiting with bated breath for ticket sales: the big fans. We stood in line behind a small female Carlos, who did indeed have beautiful hair to go with her goggles and hand-painted NV lab coat. The first Cecil appeared only moments later -- Tumblr-fanon to the life -- and that girl did not have a light-up leaf umbrella, she was the Glow Cloud. There was a hooded figure with glowing red eyes and a Night Vale Dog Park sign, who was hanging around with the Faceless Old Woman. Librarians in pencil skirts and torn, bloodied blouses were jossed only a few minutes into the show, but that's probably the way I'd have gone if I'd thought of it sooner, despite my own completely legitimate lab coat ownership. And afterward Wim helped me find [personal profile] were_duck's friend M, who had homebrewed LED Glow Cloud on their t-shirt; they nabbed the umbrella girl and her elaborate microcontroller for a photo; and I pulled in the third Glow Cloud, who had an old-school glamour about her puffy lighted wrap. Such the best audience. (The 10pm latecomers seemed much more ordinary as we walked past the two blocks of lineup on our way out.)

I had the wrong idea about the weather, as it turns out. I knew that in Seattle the weather would be performed by Jason Webley, a local accordionist and hipster hero, and assumed that it would be a local artist in each location. Not so: Webley is integrated into the show and will be touring with them. He also opened with a short set, which unfortunately began with the exact same three songs I had heard him play most recently, since they're the ones he did at the Neil Gaiman reading. Sheesh. The giraffe bit is hilarious, but could we mix things up a little more? We can't be the only people who went to both events. Anyway, he stomped and yelled in his usual fashion, then settled down into the parts of his performances that I actually like, here adding a violinist to fine effect. Overall enjoyable, just getting tired of having him pop up suddenly at things I'm going to for other reasons.

The staging was minimal, no props or elaborate costumes, but Cecil Baldwin is a stage actor and does a marvelous job of reading with appropriate gestures as well as intonation. As in the podcast, you don't see much, but the show as written is longer than usual and does a frankly brilliant job at pulling the audience in for participation and effective creepiness. All the musical accompaniment was right on cue*, as in the final show. We got out right around 9:30, and I will tell you nothing else about the story, since they're going to edit it for broadcast later.

If you're lucky enough to have tickets, you are going to be extremely happy with this show! It exceeded my expectations completely, and they weren't low. I kept bumping up against Wim's shoulder on the way home and gleaming at him. He was properly appreciative of his present.

Upcoming shows for which there are still tickets:
- Vegas and Phoenix
- Another just-announced tour in March from Boston down the coast and around through Texas, then the Midwest
- Emerald City Comic-con back here in Seattle (a reason to go to a giant con?)

* There was one hilarious moment during the end of a dramatic Webley song when someone's Mac made a loud "my volume has been adjusted" blip, though. Webley carried on admirably, but I admit that my area of the audience was giggling a bit, and when someone stage-whispered disgustedly, "APPLE," it didn't help us control ourselves.

[ETA: Also, I sat next to an ax for the entire show. And there was a man in a tan jacket with the BEST felt deer-skull mask, we only saw him on the way out. AUDIENCE LOVE.]


Nov. 25th, 2013 10:33 pm
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Misery headache gah crash.

But. I did work things usefully and sensibly. I got tickets to Night Vale Live. I made a list of errands that needed doing (yes, on the back of the Allie Brosh flyer) and did them. I fortunately ran into M-pig and dragged her with for latter errands, which meant trying on dresses together, which is fun.

After getting extremely crashy and coming home, I ate food, some of which was healthy. And I made progress on the baby square of doom. So I am awesome, just afflicted with mood and head badness. (This does not make me feel a lot better right now, but it is true.)

weekend +/-

Jul. 8th, 2012 11:03 pm
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++ Seeing Les Misérables for the first time. Some of the songs make WAY MORE SENSE when you see staging than when your mom just plays the soundtrack a zillion times. Also, best stage effect of someone falling ever. (Projected moving backgrounds: they mostly just looked like Dungeon Maker, but the fall was exquisitely done.)

-- Lost most of yesterday to forgotten-meds headache. Butterbur not working out as well as hoped, still trying to adjust dose etc.

+ Raspberries continue good.

- Arthropod pet has passed on for unknown reasons. We had a nice little burial, at least.

--- Apparently my uterus was NOT letting me off easy this month, it was just taking a fucking siesta.

+++ Rowing on the lake with my sweetie today was lovely, and neither of us got sunburned at all. We did not quite lose our hats.

+ Despite being antsy-energetic and grouchy, I got some good housework done today.
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Everyone else interested finished reading the entire archive a month ago, but not me! YAY GRAD SCHOOL.

Here's my list anyway. )
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Brief notes from my Bumbershoot-going last Sunday. It's actually the first time I've been; there were annoying music-festival happenings, but it was actually less crazy than Folklife and I didn't feel too put upon by the masses of people.
Read more... )
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I've seen the Island Stage Left summer Shakespeare productions for two years running now, and I want to go again this year even though it's Henry V and I'm not that mad about the histories. (Feel free to encourage my going by telling me how wrong I am!) The trouble is, the point of going is seeing it at the gorgeous Wold Road stage, and I have the Herbarium Foray (July 15-19) and then Beautiful Cousin #1's wedding (July 24). Maybe I can zip up to San Juan on Friday the 23rd or Sunday the 25th, but I don't know. Or go midweek somehow. Anyone else want to come and have an opinion? It may have to involve SEA PLANE.

[ETA: One second thought, SEA PLANE is a lot less practical than having a car once we get there, since there's no transit where we need to go. Zipcar, then, most likely, and probably an overnight stay on the island.]
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Other notes:

Shonen Jump came like a week and a half ago. I still haven't opened the package.

It's IBARW again! In addition to collecting links for Wednesday posts, I plan to post some reviews of books by POC as suggested by [livejournal.com profile] rachelmanija. (See also [livejournal.com profile] ibarw, [livejournal.com profile] 50books_poc.)

Trip to San Juan:

++ As You Like It in the rain
++++ As You Like It in the amazingly dramatic sunset thunderstorm with rainbow
++ As You Like It in the costume shed

- Dansko glorified-zori in unstable walking/scrambling contexts
+ walking up the fire trail
+++ startling many vultures in Hidden Cove! as they were eating a dead deer!

++ trade-in book credit at Serendipity! (good idea, Wim!)
+ praise from proprietress for having all but one book usable
+++ The Root Cellar! I remember this book! and Blanche Passes Go

. confirmed that the only bookstore I hadn't been to doesn't exist, despite having a sign

-- when you reserve at the last minute, you get the stupidly expensive hotel room

--- bad sunburn that hurts scratchily all the time, especially when trying to sleep
(I'm applying scads of aloe, drinking fluids, and even taking aspirin)
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Having a lot more moments of "I like this" while working. That's still novel enough that I want to report it. Actually I hope it stays a pleasant and noticeable thing forever, but I may not always need to post.

Still having bouts of tiredness, but also a fair amount of migraine threat, so not sure I want to continue reducing the nortriptyline dosage. Acupuncture continues, though all the practitioners seem puzzled that I'm not just fine by now. Go to badass Bainbridge Island lady?

Heading up to Friday Harbor for outdoor Shakespeare this weekend. Need to plan exact details immediately.


Dec. 16th, 2008 04:44 pm
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Wim and I saw rehearsal for part of the Seattle Center Winter Solstice Fire Festival Sunday evening on our way to [livejournal.com profile] marzipan_pig's birthday party. Fire is always so compelling, and the spinning poi reflected in the brushed-metal fountain dome were amazing. I need to figure out when I can go (amid all the holiday craziness of having loads of local family).
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In short: Best production ever.

Long version )
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1. I am just not that bloodthirsty, and I don't like being scared. The breaking bricks on people and the bending of steel dowels using one or more sternums were creepy. The "High Chair" act freaked me the hell out. "You crazy motherfucker," I kept thinking to myself as my hands sweated. (The picture of a chair act in this article is the MUCH LESS SCARY chair act that followed the scary 30-feet-in-the-air one.)

2. The cute! The whimsical! "Keep It Under Your Hat," we decided, was invented by someone drunk on vacation in Mexico. It's juggling with little straw hat lined with bright red velour, two in the air at any given time and one on the juggler's head. So bizarre and adorable, especially when they started swapping them around and stealing each other's hats. And the lion dance was about the cutest thing I've ever seen.

3. Suspension of disbelief is much more difficult in person, but at times it becomes necessary. That girl balancing on the extra-tall unicycle really did carefully stack four bowls on her right leg and then flip them into the air precisely so that she caught them on her head. See, I can tell you all this without spoiling it for you because (a) there is so much other mind-boggling stuff and (b) it will fall right out of your brain, because we do not retain the impossible well!

4. Strangely beautiful stuff, too, like the weirdly pistillate "Spinning Plates" number. The timing and misdirection of a few other numbers were amazing and lovely.

5. You should definitely go if they're coming to your town! (Unfortunately, I can't find a decent link right now, and I really need to go to bed. But try to find out!)


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