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Had breakfast with several people, the first of whom asked if I was up for company before she sat down. Yes, that is how you do it. They invited me to join them on their ferry and bike-riding but I cheerfully said "nope!" I loafed about until around 4, semi-napping when I felt the need, and then set off for the nearby lighthouse on foot.

Trip to Nobska Lighthouse, in tweets/pictures.

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I've been reading this amazing Metafilter thread on emotional labor all day. It's very very long, but worthwhile. Here's a sample:

I had a dream last night that Robert Downey Jr. surprised me with something he thought I would like, based on my interests: Himself, springing out of a pile of leaves by my bed, enthusiastically wearing a unicorn horn and hooves like a brony. The dream was so satisfying, I think, not because I really want this to happen, but because it was nice to feel supported in my interests, however silly they might be—my husband vocally does not support this interest.



Jul. 26th, 2015 12:00 am
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Roommate left. I left her a note and cleared out, since she had pretty obviously wanted the room to herself for packing up.

Chilled out before dinner, then went and ate a lobster. I sustained only one minor injury and got lots of food out of it. I remain fine with lobster in a way where you can have most of it and I will eat this clam chowder. (The chowder was great, the corn on the cob was terrible.)

Talked to several live humans and sang the Amphioxus song. One of the pictures on the wall is Gertrude Stein! The description of which person in that photo she is is ambiguous. Met a person who is my research cousin -- Ph.D. advisor's former postdoc's student, but we're both doing completely different things now. She is going to an Edward Gorey museum tomorrow and will tell me the results. (I have no plans with any humans tomorrow and am EXTREMELY PLEASED about that.) Another person told me where the bioluminescence is supposed to be best observed, and exhibited the scrapes he had gotten failing to see it.

I am better at clambering than he is. I saw the ctenophores! I was expecting more of a gentle glow, but they flash like tiny lightnings in the water between the blocks of the jetty. I splashed at them a few times and got them to blink, but then some waves arrived and they developed a whole storm, shallow and deeper and semi-periodic, very beautiful.

(Also thank god for privacy and Mad Max poly femmeslash.)

What with the lobster party, I did not manage to get any food from the dining hall to squirrel away in case I need to eat before brunch at ten, but I can find something if I have to. Maybe I will be able to sleep late! Unlikely but possible!
Feeling emotionally much better and less exhausted. Having some thoughts and realizations that I will post about; glad I have a therapist appointment the day after I get back.

I did have to contend with a really bad hypothesis this morning. I'd done laundry last night, and the count of my shirts was off this morning. I figured out which one I was looking for, but the machine was running again already, so I got showered and dressed first instead. When I went down, someone was already unloading, great, so I asked if she could look for my shirt in there. Oh, I said, that one! and took it. She looked very uncomfortable and said, "Did you put your clothes in with mine?"

...It's a side-loading machine. (Also, who would do that?) You're really going to have to come up with better modeling for your data, girlfriend. You have been listening to the lectures and know how important that is, right?

I said gaily, "no, silly, it was stuck in the machine!" and left before completely laughing in her face. Can't help but feel that this was karma for her sitting down without asking when I'd rather be reading -- I did tell her so when she got round to noticing, and she left -- though that's such common behavior here that not enough social discomfort can befall these people. Last night people sat down away from me at a large table without saying anything, which was fine, and then their friends started showing up, filled the table, and wanted to move it out from the wall to make more room. Rude as fuck!

Also we were locked out of our bathroom all last night AND THEN AGAIN THIS MORNING. -15/10.

My roommate is leaving due to a family emergency, so I guess my karma is doing okay? I feel bad for her but very much look forward to having privacy again!

some good

Jul. 24th, 2015 08:43 am
Had last evening off (ish, it was free discussion of our own data sets but the thing I most needed to discuss was SILENCE ALONE).

http://counterfeitcontent.tumblr.com/ remains a constant source of awesome.

When you watch a vid and you're like, yes, that is the show I saw. (Leverage OT3, "Parachute", thingswithwings) And then because it's so well done it brings out bits that are even better than I remembered!
(rushthatspeaks, more Leverage soon yes? and gaudior is caught up to us or nearly, all together now?)

Maybe it's more like Kinsey 5 these days, because Idris Elba is among the best-looking men on the planet and mostly I covet the stretchiness of his sweater here.
(but look at that sweater, how deliciously comfortable must it be and what nice cables)

Still exhausted, so unfortunately even with good things I am doing something really hard, and this averages out around wanting to cry. :(
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+ I am still quicker to learn than most people. (Yeah, I like it that way. Sorry not sorry.)

+ No one seems to mind if I flee the computer lab in favor of doing the exercise in my room ALL ALONE, and it was very helpful.

+ My hips hurt less today.

+ Good ID photo.

+ Eating more vegetables than I've managed recently, though mostly in the form of the same salad repeatedly.

Now if I can just sleep worth a damn...
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There's a workshop. As things are, I didn't really want to come, but I planned it well in advance with my boss and our grant paid, so here I am until next Wednesday.

I had an easy bus trip down on Sunday; it's always nice when the vehicle is mostly empty. I arrived to find a little tourist-trap town with a ferry to Martha's Vineyard and no real indication of what to do. My phone GPS helped as usual, but the emails I had didn't tell me any specifics. Eventually I resorted to wandering the campus and accosting an employee, who sent me to the building in the back that didn't look like part of the same campus. Of course.

From Skype:
- my dorm suuuucks D:
- i have this tiny bottom bunk, since when do postdocs have to have roommates, and only one desk between us
- there is no climate control and it is sticky-gross out
- and we apparently have a bathroom shared with the next room
- i don't know about that because it has been occupied since i got here

I didn't at that time realize that the beds were also uncomfortable. I'm having trouble sleeping, so that's making my head hurt, and the bed is so hard that my hips hurt too.

The class material seems good but it's hard to stay alert when I feel crappy.

So far the food is all right, I let them know what I couldn't have and there's always been something workable. There's a little non-touristy beach that's pretty nice, though I didn't get to see the rumored bioluminescence because it has a night security guard -- not clear on where people actually go to swim at night.

I don't like it nearly as much as Friday Harbor, but I'll get through it.


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