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1. Sinus CT was pleasant, easy, and painless... except for the part where I decided I should make sure they were inflamed enough to see the problem so I didn't take anything or use the neti pot the night before. Ow. I don't even know if this was necessary. I regret everything. (Appointment to discuss with the ENT is Friday morning.)

2. My pottery teacher was amused by my quadratic formula t-shirt, just like I thought he would be. One begins to wonder if he would bring his deft care, people skills, and nerdy tinkering sensibility to non-pottery tasks. In bed.

3. My home internet is complete shit right now. Most frustrating. However, I finally managed to download Rebuild 3 from Steam, and probably I shouldn't be allowed to play it after 11pm because I didn't get the amount of sleep I wanted last night. I'm not scared of zed, I just want to keep rebuilding Snoqualmie.

4. Std.daff has emerged! Based on my photos from last year, we're running about three weeks earlier in terms of spring bulbs. I'm told that if you average last year's winter and this year's winter, you get a normal winter. Today it's beautiful and sunny and I wore a flannel overshirt on my walk to work, no coat at all. (Possibly some people wouldn't do this in the low 50s? I WOULD.)

5. Currently I'm wrestling with last year's medical bills for my stupid reimbursement thing. I will get hundreds of dollars back, provided I can actually get the bloody hospital to give me a corrected receipt, and of course when I call in either it rings and rings or there's no one available and I should send email they never reply to. Gah.
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I got a text from my mother at 8:10 this morning, finally, after no contact since she blew me off on December 2. All it said was, "Arriving Delta at 5:13. Shall I just cab it? See you tonight"

I wrote back and then heard nothing all day.



So her flight landed ten minutes ago, and I texted her again.

Oh, hey, I finally got a response. Guess I'm heading home to meet her there. Good to know, Mom, thanks.
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Provided a quick turnaround on an information request from our collaborator, even though it required some tinkering.

Joined the Association of Education and Research Greenhouse Curators as part of my long-term job agenda.

Worked on some tricky gene sequences for the gene tree I need to make.

Interviewed a therapist by phone and made an appointment for later this week.

Received a notice of termination of benefits when I got home, which would mean I don't currently have insurance. Sent grumpy email to HR asking whether I should expect to have continuous coverage despite the administrative lack-of-job fuckup or instead contact the nice COBRA people, since, see previous, I have an appointment this week for which I expect to use health insurance.

Successfully initiated a good text interaction with Wim. (This took two tries, but it worked the second time.)
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The polite thing to do when you bleed is to clean up your own damn biohazards. I didn't agree to be exposed to that.

Also how did you live past 40 without knowing how to clean up a broken glass? You hurt yourself and there were still shards (on the floor and the counter!). Seriously: broom and wet paper towel, pieces into a paper bag. It's not that hard.
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Christine Love's K.K.S.P.S. has gone missing from the web and I am sad. Also now I want F/F bondage porn and the AO3 is NOT cooperating.

i am mighty

Jun. 3rd, 2015 01:19 pm
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Today I am feeling too crap to do the work I would like to do, so instead I have paid my medical bills (in the sense that they are now on a credit card anyway) and written to my confusing health insurance people about getting counseling. If that means I cry at work today, then SO BE IT, I am great and anyone with a problem can go fuck themselves.
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My former advisor asked me to edit a rebuttal letter for someone else's paper (from Nature! pretty exciting!), and I am doing so. Come to find out that the third reviewer has addressed the authors as "Ms [Lastname] et al."


The first author is not a Ms. She is a Professor, in actual fact, but Dr. is the default courteous address in paper submissions. I got called Dr. as an undergrad, because that is just what you assume, because it is offensive to lowball someone's title. And unless this reviewer is of the first author's specific ethnicity, it's not bloody likely that they were able to discern gender from her name. They would have had to go look her up, in which case they would have seen her qualifications. Or they've met her, which would be worse.

She probably doesn't mind this as much as I do. I am really mad right now.
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Mostly things are being very very stressful right now, because I am learning that one should NEVER EVER use U-Haul's U-Box service. For one thing, everyone I have spoken to there assured me that it is 100% impossible to change the payment method on an order after the order is placed, which... is a thing that businesses can do...? Not U-Haul, though! Also I have spent multiple hours on the phone talking to over a dozen people, getting nothing but runaround and confusion from people who were mostly rather nice but entirely unable to help me, because they almost to a one mentioned needing more training. Once I had found, through sheer luck, the one department that is able to change orders in the computer system, they proved to be unable to change them usefully -- my stuff's guaranteed-delivery-by date is now LATER than before. Aaaand last night when I called in having never gotten a confirmation for the promised pod pickup last Friday, I discovered that no such pickup had occurred, it was scheduled for this coming Wednesday. Ask [personal profile] rushthatspeaks and [personal profile] gaudior how happy I was then. I talked to the location manager, who said he would try to expedite it, but basically I am planning to move to my new apartment without my stuff being there (however frustrating that may be, and it SO IS) because NONE OF WHAT I WAS PROMISED IS TRUE. There will be some fucking refunds over this, I tell you what.

But! On Saturday for almost the whole day I was able to ignore that clusterfuck, and here are some good things.

1. When I was heading out to do errands, I found adorable free art on the sidewalk! I almost went past it to do my shopping, but decided I'd better grab it and take it home right away. There is a leopard and a giraffe, who must be like the giraffe first-grade teacher because she's leading three little giraffes, and they're all in a very flat-looking jungle. It's great.

2. Subsequently I went back out again and did my errands like an adult.

3. Nap.

4. For the first time here, I had a good interaction at the video store. Having watched The Fortune Cookie last night and found it dark and upsetting more than funny, I have to retroactively question the guy's judgement, but it was awfully nice to talk to an employee at that store who had the slightest interest in talking to customers. Plus, they had a display of Star Trek novels for $2.50, which included Uhura's Song in great shape, and when I bought it I think I managed to promote Hellspark to him effectively!

5. I had a lovely walk home from Porter in the still-humid-but-cool dusk, including a stop at the yogurt shop (where I resisted feeling like a jerk and told them how to cook their mochi a little longer to stop it being chalky, because it's been that way twice now and I want to eat it if it's good!) and walking a way I hadn't gone before to tie my mental map of the area together. There was a big pavilion set up outside Harvard Yard where they often put them for events, but no event right then, so a little kid was riding their bike around in it, which cheered me up even more.

6. Joss Whedon's 2012 film of Much Ado About Nothing is not perfect, but it's mostly very good, and there were several points that I've never seen done so well before. Unfortunately the person I was watching it with hasn't seen/read it a million times and didn't have subtitles, which made it a lot harder to follow. Sorry, J. I may watch it again myself before I take it back, though. :)
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Seattle Art Museum, June 27–September 8, 2013 and moving to a few other places in future

Overall, this was a very interesting collection with beautiful and interesting garments, most of which were displayed very well. The exhibit started us out easy with evening gowns in dark colors -- the "In Praise of Shadows" room -- but I can't speak to the rest of the intended presentation because we pretty clearly went through it backwards. They definitely made an excellent move by having a small area showing videos of European and American designers' work around the same time to let viewers understand the historical context of the Japanese folks' groundbreaking work. There was a good, broad selection of materials and shapes, and an appropriate focus on earlier works by the major designers in the 1980s, since that's when Japanese fashion seems to have had a big pushback against and influence on haute couture.

One major disappointment was the exhibit's booklet, which has exactly ONE page about anything in the show. I also think it was a big mistake to project videos of fashion shows in the same room with the displayed garments: I understand space limitations and the logical impulse, but what it led to was people standing immobile in rooms, not in the middle because they would block the projection, therefore directly in front of where you'd need to stand to see the clothes. They needed to at least alter the display method.

Lots of commentary on designers and pieces below, not nearly exhaustive but not at all short, so cut for your convenience. )
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At conference all day. Filled with hate despite cool science. (Well, awkward situation with PI is awkward, but.)

Found international market at Kanayama Station on the way home! Overpriced as fuck, but had Indian and Thai and American food OMG. Once I go to a market with more than three veggies in it, there will be green curry.

Currently eating the HELL out of a can of Hormel chili with cheddar tortilla chips while HIDING IN MY ROOM.
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Now I cannot withdraw money at all, and it's the weekend so no bank people are available. I'm not going to die or anything, but THIS IS ANNOYING AS FUCK.
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Well, I feel like I failed right now. I was just on a panel about self-objectification and geek girls, which I am competent to talk about in a cultural way. Unfortunately it was taken in a direction that was All About Cosplay At Cons, which I am not so knowledgeable about, and apparently I am the only one who thinks LESS objectification OVERALL would be better than ONLY having people who aren't thin-white-pretty-abled-etc. claim their ability to feel sexy by wearing revealing stuff in public. I think that can be great! I also think it can be problematic, for cultural reasons that the panel's source material addresses but our discussion kept veering away from.

And maybe I should be sorry, but I'm not: I do think individuals have a responsibility for the messages they're sending to others in public, regardless of how they personally feel about the outfit. (See "In Defense of Slave Leia" -- which I like a lot, I just disagree with the conclusion. Not every woman gets empowered.) The personal is political. I didn't expect to be alone in saying that at Wiscon.

So (1) the panel went wrong for me to begin with; the mod kept asking questions based solely in cosplay and cons, so we never really got to my material. (While I am annoyed with the result, it was a legitimate interpretation of the panel; I just wish we'd talked in advance so we could have modulated based on everyone's input.)
(2) We were missing a panelist due to injury. We got a substitute toward the end, and I really wish she'd been there all along! Up until then we had nobody who cosplays regularly, nobody familiar with the community, which it sounds like can be really great and supportive.
(3) I undoubtedly came off more extreme than I felt because it seemed like no one was hearing the cultural stuff I was trying to convey. THERE ARE CULTURAL FORCES, PEOPLE. Sometimes you want to dress up sexy because you're told to want that. No one is immune! Kids and babies are incredibly adept at picking up language and cultural cues, and social animals like us have evolved to be excellent at conforming because conformers don't get killed by their social groups. What I actually think is: when we know what our environmental factors are, we (yay humans!) can consciously choose to conform or not, and there are powerful choices to be made on both sides.

I wanted to talk about the Science Cheerleaders, man. And fucking Team Unicorn. Clearly cosplay is a huge topic that everyone wants to discuss, though. We didn't get to a quarter of the audience questions. Maybe I'll attend that panel next year (to hear what a jerk I was?). Hopefully I can be on one eventually that talks about the broader geek culture in a way that's more interesting to me.
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I am apparently not allowed to fly out of Seattle on schedule, ever. So I just spent 45 minutes on hold for Delta AND THEN GOT CUT OFF AS SOON AS I REACHED A PERSON. HE SEEMED NICE NOT THAT I COULD TELL FROM THE FIVE SECONDS OF DIALOGUE.

And after I stayed on the line through their hold music, too. Not only did they seem not to have the rights to play the songs, or something, because all the songs were cut off a minute or two in; not only did the music repeat after half an hour; but one of the partial songs that played twice was A FLUTE-BASED COVER OF "SWEET CHILD O' MINE" with some breathy girl singer. Ordinarily I would appreciate the gayness there, but WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK. Believe me, I would subject you to the horror, but it seems there are about five thousand million covers of that song that include a flute. I feel like I've just had a glimpse into the Lovecraftian underbelly of the universe.
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I am all grouchy today, so I give you something highly absurd.

This is from a game in which my female character grew a full beard in her jail cell, so clearly the developer's understanding of sexual dimorphism is limited, but: breasts are made of flesh.
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I will model good behavior rather than yelling at people.

I will model good behavior rather than yelling at people.


(Succeeding so far this morning.)
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Today I once again had the annoying problem where graphs from Excel 2011 cannot be pasted into Illustrator CS4 without turning all text into strings of non-letter symbols. My wish to wallow in the misery of others like myself led me to discover, deep in a comment thread on the Adobe site, the fact that the problem is actually Microsoft's default fonts. If you change the font to something reasonable, like Helvetica, the problem is solved. WTF.

Anyway, it's a pain to change all the fonts manually on each graph produced, so one would think that changing the default font in Excel Preferences would help. No! Only the spreadsheet cells use that format. The graphs pay it no mind.

Apparently what you have to do is make a new "theme" (I called mine HELVETICA DAMMIT) and manually select it in each file. And I thought I hated Office 2011 before.


Dec. 21st, 2011 06:06 pm
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It counts as anti-racist activism if I am a pain in the ass about making people specify what they mean by "natives" even if I don't actually say "I thought maybe you were a time-travelling Victorian explorer of some kind," right?

Maybe not.
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From mail to [profile] marzipan_pig:

I have just gotten A RESULT from MY SOFTWARE and it took for freakin' ever and I would have loved to have it WEEKS AGO but it is GOOD.

Off to Japan tomorrow! I spent largish amounts of money yesterday on presents for my hosts (Theo Chocolate), presentation outfit (Calvin Klein dress on the comparative cheap), and a sufficiently femme laptop bag (ratty backpack will not do). New haircut from Monday was way cute until washing and now will take getting used to again, alas.
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I have caused Supplemental Table 8 to resemble reality. (Why are you MAKING SHIT UP, collaborator?!) I have found out the proper grant number for the funding acknowledgement. Have I done anything else useful today? Actually yes. Go me. But this shit is grueling.
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Because (1) House republicans are ten years old: "Repealing the Job-Killing Health Care Law Act" is really your idea of an appropriate name for an official government action?

And (2) Rick Santorum is an evil, disgusting man. (Not a surprise at all, sadly, though his sheer brazenness is.)


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