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Apology first: There was some displeasure at the lawyer references made during this panel. I didn't perceive it as derogatory at the time, just that talking to people with very different skill sets is hard. I apologize: on reflection, it definitely played to negative stereotypes. I'll be more careful as a moderator next time.

Thanks to @partiecolored for tweeting some of these links! I definitely cribbed from you. :)

This was a lot of work and I know I messed things up, so please correct me as needed!

Panel notes with many links )

trip back

May. 29th, 2013 01:18 am
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Turns out it doesn't help that much to barely catch the train if I then miss the bus from downtown to my house by ten minutes AND the second-chance bus from Fremont to my house by ten minutes. Walking home was not what I had in mind. I waved at a cab partway through, but he didn't stop.

Also, I read all four of the books I got at Room today, plus two ebooks. I was down to Crazy Beautiful by the end.

But now I am home with cats.

well okay

May. 25th, 2013 03:57 pm
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One panel that went very well, one panel I invented and moderated that went over great, and one panel where I made some good points but got talked over a bunch and came out wanting to climb the walls. I guess this is a pretty good result really.

And now I am done! Only watching programming and dancing and seeing friends from here on out! (Also hopefully sleeping, I am pretty off kilter today due to failing at that.)

I did notice I have to actually bite my tongue if I want to look as annoyed as I feel. Default smile-face reasserted itself as soon as I quit. Grr.


May. 25th, 2013 12:44 pm
Went to the Farmer's Market twice this morning! Once with [personal profile] oyceter et al. and once just now for more cash, salad mix, and buns from the Umami stand. (These are not the bao I was expecting, but those soft folding buns, so they're little sandwiches. Yum!)

My Real Life Science Fiction panel went very well despite my being a little out of it. Lots of fascinating topics from the panelists, and good audience questions. Must make up bibliography that I promised to distribute! I have thorough panel notes so just need to pull book mentions and find a few links.

This afternoon I think I'm heading to Trans Myths (since I'm scheduled opposite both the interview sessions for Fine comic, sheesh), then I'm on Women in Science, then I'm not sure but [personal profile] ursula is arriving about that time. After dinner: Tiptree auction and QUILTBAG manga!
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Lots of clothes came in, lots of clothes moved out, someone took them to charity for me afterward, and I made my friend speechless with my new dress. :)

[ETA: Note temporary SPACE BABE TATTOO on forearm.]
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This was one of the times, taking overnight flights, that I thought, oh, finally I am tired enough to be able to sleep in this crappy situation. Still no, though: turbulence, and a guy snoring with speed and verve in the seat just ahead of me, were enough to prevent more than a few minutes of nap.

We at least managed to depart on time depite a highly entitled person actually breaking the hinge on an overhead compartment while attempting to jam her giant fluffy bag in there. Everyone had to take their things out and a maintenance person with special enormous navy-blue tape (six inches wide?) came and taped the latch down once it was closed.

Weirdly energetic in the deserted Minneapolis airport, I decided to take the chance to go backwards on the moving walkway. Harder than I thought, and I shuffle-ran awkwardly, then hopped off.

It is cold here, and I have done a lot of napping since getting in at 9. Soon, guest of honor readings!
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o Mom started dinner without us on Easter, when I had texted ahead all responsibly to say we were ten minutes late. But that is the worst thing that happened so I guess whatever.

--- Argh I need a title for my thesis asjkgsusfgd.

-- Very moody.

o No email back yet from the latest appealing postdoc position.

+++ Wiscon program assignments! My panel made it to the list! And I hope the other panelists say yes, because AWESOME. Also I get to be on the ponies panel! I may require a plush Rainbow Dash for the occasion. (I'm up against a few things I'd like to attend; on the other hand there appear to be TWO dance parties on different nights, so yay Wiscon.)

- Effing experiments.

++ Set up Hex's new tank on new tank stand and made other significant improvements in living-room organization. Once the tank and stand prove themselves non-leaky I can move things into the shelving and reduce the room's clutter to previous unmanageable levels.

++ Cleaned the fucking WINDOWS like an ADULT. Also washed the curtains that had cat hair on them.

- Anti-abortion posters appearing along my walk to school.

+ They're coming down as fast as they're going up, and I have some ideas for satirical counterattacks.

+ Talked to E! She's a former department employee who's retired except for six hours a month, and I was lucky to run into her.

+ Dinner at the awesome Katsu Burger last night with my sweetie. 12-spice fries are a little too sweet but tasty, teriyaki chicken sandwich good. The deep-fried meats are, appropriately, their strength.

- Uwajimaya continues not to really be a Japanese supermarket, and this upsets me.
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My panel is among the candidates, so please go express your interest. ("Real-life Science Fiction" under Science/Tech.) I want it to happen!
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Slept until 10:45! Ate the little rhubarb pie with a spoon cleverly kept from the dessert salon.

Visited art show (already cleaning up and taking away) and dealers' room, messed about generally. I was going to sit outside and read, but it started raining as soon as I got to the Capitol. The anti-Walker protesters had a difference of opinion about whether it was a good idea to go under the trees (due to rain) or a bad one (due to possible lightning) but settled under one anyway. Too wet to read even under there, so I went to Michelangelo's and knitted and finished Flora's Fury.

Lunch at like 2:30, in a hole at Nick's. Eventually made it to the Dead Cow party, hung out with Lenore and Lise et al. talking about con organization and world travel. Felt kinda fannish for a change. Missed some people I was looking for, but scrammed when it started filling up too much and I wanted to check on some home things. Hid out in the room the rest of the night.

Breakfast with roommates in the hotel restaurant. Crossed off my life experiences list "get drenched in soda spilled by waitstaff." Changed clothes, which were conveniently right upstairs, though inconveniently packed already.

Surprisingly, I felt that I had seen the botanic garden enough during my last three visits. I went to the lake. I tried to read the Onion, but it was way too windy; Best Science Writing 2011 was more physically manageable.

It was really windy.

[Breakers are not normal lake behavior!]

Also sunny, so eventually I was worred about burning and tired of so much wind. I walked along Gorham and found a little park.

[Shady benches, sunny benches, birdbath, rose garden]

Look at the caustics from the water on that three-tiered birdbath!

Peacefully read about hormone therapy for menopause until lunchtime. (Summary: Timing and molecular composition are very important!) Then went to Casa de Lara for enchiladas and a margarita, then A Room of One's Own, which is moving down a block in July. Then gelato, then time for the airport shuttle.

My flights went smoothly, and I wasn't randomly screened for once. The end.
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Up early due to light sleeping, I went down to Heteronormativity in YA SF and ate my blueberry bread there. Good panel -- lots of YA dystopias mentioned and critiqued, the passivity of the titles right now (so many of which are past participles), Delirium mentioned as actually referring to homosexuality ("unnaturalism"), appearance policing even when there's no romantic choice possible, overt reproductive or sexual pressures.

[I got Delirium at the library today and was surprised at how good it is. Sure, the whole reason Ordinary Girl questions her dystopia is presented as being An Outsider Boy With Golden Eyes, but there is a lot more going on than that -- some good slow reveals of just how fucked up things are, decent worldbuilding, and lots of relationships among women and girls.]

Geek Girls and Self-Objectification panel: already complained about it. Check out http://doctorher.com/?p=1208 for an updated presentation by Courtney Stoker on the same subject as the panel's source material.

Lunch: more delicious farmer's market bounty, hanging with roommate and her friends.

Reproductive Justice: lots about the different things this can mean, not just the ability to decide when to be pregnant, but access for both parents, the ability not to fear your kids will be taken into foster care, and more interesting issues. Mostly not that SFnal, though we got into some works at the end. The Testament of Jessie Lamb won awards, but the premise is appalling (pregnancy kills you! your choices are to die before or after the baby is born; also you are comatose at the time!) and one of the awards is the Man Booker Prize, so enough about that forever. It did remind me of The Clockwork Rocket, which I recommended. And in When She Woke by Hilary Jordan the scarlet A is for abortion and covers your entire skin.

Shoujo Fairy Tales: Obviously Princess Tutu was the queen of this panel, and I tweeted Håll Om Mig Nu as a panel summary. (yes, I rewatched it when I did that, taking betsy somewhat aback when she came in to very loud music partway through; and yes, I also rewatched it right now; and yes, I still got chills both times.) A few notes on Japanese fairy tales: Natsume Yuujinchou, Xxxholic, Kamichu; Susan Napier, Thomas Lamar.

[Don't go looking for my Twitter account expecting content or anything; it's just for Twit-specific things.]

I debated chilling in the room at that point, since I was tired, but found myself unable to chill while Eleanor Arnason was reading something. The thing that killed me dead at the Aqueduct reading, though, was Liz Henry's poem about the moon landing. Kiini Ibura Salaam's stories were very good, too. And this is where the Wiscon Chronicles explaining Moonfail were explained aloud. I bought all three books.

Dinner with [personal profile] boxofdelights, who knows me too well, at Buraka. Wonderful as always. Quick stop at Ragstock for a shirt to go with my other silk clothing-swap skirt; I genderfloomped femme this year, which I had basically planned, if only through thinking men's clothes are too hot for dancing in.

When we came in, the line for the dessert salon was still going in, and it was halfway through its timeslot. Why people do that I will never understand. I went away for a little while, came back and got leftovers (seedy strawberry-rhubarb crumble and perfect blackberry panna cotta), and watched the speeches just fine. Really liked Andrea Hairston's about SF and expectations, and bucking them to fulfill SF's promises in her own way.

After that I danced all the things. Once again I fail at dancing with people, but I think I can sometimes tell when they want to now? If you grab my hands, even I will definitely clue in, though I am still crap at doing anything about it. (Sorry, S!) The "cops" -- probably hotel security -- came by to legitimize our rocking at about 2am, and we broke it up around 2:30.
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Fantastical Girlhood panel! It was great! Victoria and I basically disagreed on everything -- she has seen only the gross pony episodes, while I remain appalled that Monster High has no outfits without high heels, including the orange jumpsuits in juvie -- but were able to talk fine about the traits of things we liked. Apparently there are a lot more Power Rangers shows than I was aware of and some of the Pink Rangers are stone cold awesome, which is good to know. What do I think of bronies: um, well, I have to split them into at least two groups; some are helpless before the power of the show, and I approve of them, while others are making skeevy-as-hell fanart of pony butts, and I wonder how much of that is them trying desperately to be macho somehow. Rebecca and I emitted ATLA/Korra-squee to the rafters and talked about why ensemble casts are great. Add transparent moderation and a good amount of audience stuff, and my first panel went wonderfully.

Other panels attended:
. Feminist Bottoms (generally good, varied, socially responsible; occasionally assumed that everyone in the room IDed the same way)
. Meta Elements of ATLA (lots of happy awesomeness; some trouble negotiating what we mean by Asian-American vs. Asian-inspired American and whether they'd look the same)

Dinner with [personal profile] pameladean and [personal profile] arkuat, plus [personal profile] oursin, [personal profile] boxofdelights, and someone whose online ID if any I know not. Turns out at least half of us would have preferred a smaller group, but it went fairly well, just polarized into a history/literature conversation and a science conversation. [personal profile] arkuat and I pooled our knowledge and his inspiration to reveal that in Rainbows End the scanning of the shredded library is a metaphor for shotgun-style genome sequencing, which thrilled me to no end. Wim later pointed out that there are some real-life projects where computers reconstruct shredded documents, too. Himal Chuli: delicious, with a great variety of vegetarian options.

I love the Tiptree Auction. Ellen Klages is hilarious, and people's creative works featuring Space Babe were especially amazing this year. Furthermore, I won Flora's Fury. It still ran too long despite revised bidding rules, but was definitely better than usual.

Talked to [personal profile] rushthatspeaks for a little bit. Then, as I have finally decided that I am not obliged to attend parties if I don't like parties, chilled for the rest of the night. I was sorry to miss the Haiku Earrings in particular, but crowded places are crowded. And loud.
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[honestly I am probably an earth pony though]

Me as a pony by Alex Heberling, who draws fantasy comics as well as MORE PONIES and OUTFITS.
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Well, I feel like I failed right now. I was just on a panel about self-objectification and geek girls, which I am competent to talk about in a cultural way. Unfortunately it was taken in a direction that was All About Cosplay At Cons, which I am not so knowledgeable about, and apparently I am the only one who thinks LESS objectification OVERALL would be better than ONLY having people who aren't thin-white-pretty-abled-etc. claim their ability to feel sexy by wearing revealing stuff in public. I think that can be great! I also think it can be problematic, for cultural reasons that the panel's source material addresses but our discussion kept veering away from.

And maybe I should be sorry, but I'm not: I do think individuals have a responsibility for the messages they're sending to others in public, regardless of how they personally feel about the outfit. (See "In Defense of Slave Leia" -- which I like a lot, I just disagree with the conclusion. Not every woman gets empowered.) The personal is political. I didn't expect to be alone in saying that at Wiscon.

So (1) the panel went wrong for me to begin with; the mod kept asking questions based solely in cosplay and cons, so we never really got to my material. (While I am annoyed with the result, it was a legitimate interpretation of the panel; I just wish we'd talked in advance so we could have modulated based on everyone's input.)
(2) We were missing a panelist due to injury. We got a substitute toward the end, and I really wish she'd been there all along! Up until then we had nobody who cosplays regularly, nobody familiar with the community, which it sounds like can be really great and supportive.
(3) I undoubtedly came off more extreme than I felt because it seemed like no one was hearing the cultural stuff I was trying to convey. THERE ARE CULTURAL FORCES, PEOPLE. Sometimes you want to dress up sexy because you're told to want that. No one is immune! Kids and babies are incredibly adept at picking up language and cultural cues, and social animals like us have evolved to be excellent at conforming because conformers don't get killed by their social groups. What I actually think is: when we know what our environmental factors are, we (yay humans!) can consciously choose to conform or not, and there are powerful choices to be made on both sides.

I wanted to talk about the Science Cheerleaders, man. And fucking Team Unicorn. Clearly cosplay is a huge topic that everyone wants to discuss, though. We didn't get to a quarter of the audience questions. Maybe I'll attend that panel next year (to hear what a jerk I was?). Hopefully I can be on one eventually that talks about the broader geek culture in a way that's more interesting to me.
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Vid party: Pretty fun, mostly with a couch to myself, which led to literal curling at times. I did get some company when [personal profile] maevele and friend were around, yay. Vids looked better when F.lux was turned off, despite being projected on a textured tan wall. My amazing swap skirt came from [personal profile] futuransky, who clearly has no shortage of wonderful clothes, as she was wearing a great minidress with silk-screened octopuses. The sing-along had a few too many newer songs I don't know, but the Occupy vid and a truly amazing Clark/Lex were definite highlights of the show overall. (I can find neither right now but will link the playlist when/if it goes up.)

Farmer's market: Very depopulated in the rain! You could walk at your normal speed and even go around slow people; this unfortunately meant people felt free to stand around doing nothing in the path, but oh well. Even the booths were thin on the ground. But I got delicious foods and admired impossible things like cooking-only foods (golden oyster mushrooms!) and flowers.

  • Kalamata olive bread

  • Cinnamon roll with frosting (breakfast; too sugary)

  • Sugar snap peas (also breakfast; just sweet enough)

  • "Hull-less" popcorn named "Baby Rice"

  • Pint of strawberries

  • Beautiful rosy-red radishes (if [personal profile] oyceter had been here I might have gotten the black spanish radish to share, but that thing was big)

  • Cheese curds (2 bags for $6 rainy-day special)

  • Chevre with ash

  • Little blueberry bread

  • Raspberry turnover

  • Little rhubarb pie

  • Pesto-and-something croissant

So, picnic on more market goodies, then off to the green room to prep for my panel on PONIES Fantastical Girlhood.
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Yesterday I ate mac and cheese with salad (at Noodles, since I didn't figure anyone else would want to go there socially). Then there was NAPPING.

I had my alarm set for 5:30 so I wouldn't miss the GoH reading, but when my roommates Betsy and Matt arrived five minutes before the alarm I realized that half-price margaritas sounded a lot better than the reading, so I did that with them and Joanna. Regrettably, Frida's where margaritas used to be had has gone, and we went to Moe's, where there are four flavors of margarita and some slightly fancied-up pub fare. Good pulled pork, amazingly boring french fries.

Wiscon karaoke was next! I wore too many clothes because I was worried I'd be cold on the way home, which was foolish. Fun as always, with new people and people from last year. I sang "Dress You Up" and "She-Bop" creditably, but got lost during the Prince-freaks-out-and-screeches-a-lot section of "Little Red Corvette". The first part was good! I was tired and drunk enough not to be able to recover from losing my place, though. Annoyingly, I could intermittently hear someone in the audience singing it fine -- come up to the stage and help, then.

On my way home: Feral rhubarb next to the sidewalk at Gorham and Broom. Chautara restaurant's traditional chalk drawing for Wiscon being worked on by the artist.

Today we had roommate breakfast and then my day was All Clothing Swap. It went great, with huge volumes and lots of volunteers. We have an entire car full of donations that we need to take to Goodwill at some point; the front desk printed us directions to a drive-up donation center. (Previous years have gone to St. Vincent de Paul, but they apparently don't accept underwear, and there are some good bras here.) Currently I am exhausted, with hip, knees, and feet that are being very sad at me. I probably should have eaten lunch. The Gathering cookies disappeared before I got there. I probably should go get dinner now.

But I got such the best skirt, and some other good stuff too. I am still not convinced this very 80s top fits me as it should, but it is hot pink zebra print, come on. The octopus T-shirt may be appropriated by [personal profile] hattifattener when I get home, so I'd better wear it before then. And!!! A swap volunteer I met at karaoke last night not only had a Rarity toy as a keychain on his bag (<3 <3 <3) but will give me his extra one.

Tonight my plan is to curl up at the vid party for the entire night, which will be (1) awesome and (2) roughly my physical and interaction capacity.

made it!

May. 24th, 2012 01:41 pm
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What I should do: eating. What I want to do: NAPPING.

I did get a little sleep on the plane, since I had a row to myself and could become horizontal enough, but it wasn't really that long a flight. And since then I've had to switch to a later connection, which sat on the runway, went back for more fuel to reroute around the thunderstorms, sat some more, and finally got here. Plus I barely missed the first hotel shuttle I saw, but at least by then I was outdoors, not in a stuffy hot tube.

I will pursue some form of eating and then napping.

And hey, I already talked to some people! Cross that off for the day. :)
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There's a lot of anime/manga programming, and an ATLA panel, but no one knew when The Legend of Korra was coming out. I think we need to show an episode or two at some point. I mean, I will retract this if it is somehow NOT incredibly awesome, but I doubt that very much.


Feb. 27th, 2012 10:43 pm
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Who's going? Whom can I bribe in appropriate or excessive fashion to cause them to go? Anyone want to get a room?
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(This is the last Wiscon post. The delay is due to the obligatory Wiscon cold, which has sapped all the energy not used for resuming work.)

  • Dance party in general and specific.
    It happened! )

  • Happy faces of friends.

  • Geoff Ryman pattern-mixing like a boss. (Monday morning? Black small sketchy pattern on white shirt, small pattern on white vest.)

  • The GLOWING RED EYE of the Minnesota Lottery loon sign, which made me laugh aloud walking through the airport.

  • The Capitol and Concourse from the sky! I haven't really looked before, and I was all excited when I saw them.

  • Olbrich Botanical Gardens: Lots of photos )

  • Swimming mammal. [personal profile] jesse_the_k is pretty definite that muskrats are known on Lake Mendota and otters wouldn't like it there, though it seemed a little large for a muskrat. I do not think it was a nutria.
    Notter photo )

  • And sunset on the lake:

Things to remember for next time:
  • Talk to Reena in Fanny Garver Gallery
  • Videos for Laurie Toby Edison
  • Have dinner on the roof of the museum!


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