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1. Smut Peddler 2014 is ouuuuuuuut! ♥ I may have read some of it at work and then been physically and socially uncomfortable as a result.

2. Racing game reunion today! Got to swap gossip with some people I haven't talked to in a quite a while, though we were still missing a few. Must make time to hang out there occasionally.

3. Hair re-pinked! (Bleaching pretty patchy, though. Need much better mirror skills if I am to bleach the back of my own head.)

4. The large bookshelf is attached to the wall, because I am smart and persistent. I figured out how to put it together, which was a learning process but totally worked, and then worked out a scheme to get the new stabilizing boards screwed into drywall anchors. Didn't work the first time because my screws were too short to account for the space between the wall and the shelf, oops, so I got two other sizes today and the one I thought would work did. Small one will be easy-peasy, and then books can be unpacked.

5. I get to see [personal profile] rushthatspeaks and J tomorrow.
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Today was one of those "no good deed goes unpunished" days. Still good things about it, though:

0. This is more weird than good, but I am impressed enough with the inside of my head right now that it goes here: my strange sleeping-too-warm dream from last night was that Bucky Barnes was having an abortion and wanted me there.

1. I had a burrito for lunch that I think was actually safe for me to eat. So far so good! And so satisfying.

2. Former PI specifically solicited my input on something and was all respectful when I gave it.

3. I remodeled the thin foam pads I'm using for my bed so that they're folded in thirds instead of in half, and, while the result is only slightly wider than my actual butt, it's also 150% as comfortable as the previous configuration.
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1. Slept and slept! Despite not having a real good bed. Being in my own space is excellent.

2. Cleaned the sublet nicely and dropped off keys for the person I was subletting from.

3. Figured out where to recycle fluorescent bulbs (the hardware store) and did so. Also got some necessary things for the new place.

4. Witnessed the use of a cat back pack! I'm told that the cat does not like the pack but does enjoy bike rides.

5. Fixed the busted shelving so it no longer comes apart and actually looks pretty good. I started by just nailing on the backing, but the front was still loose, so I borrowed a drill and some spare screws and fixed it properly like an awesome person.


Oct. 31st, 2010 10:47 pm
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Got up at 8 for work, and made it in when I wanted despite Sunday buses.

Biked home.

Finished my portion of the great Wallingford Tree Survey with Wim.

Bled excessively.

Saw adorable trick-or-treaters, one of whom was dressed as an iPhone. My Sour Patch Kids were appreciated, as usual.

Roasted a delicious pork loin while wearing my robe and wizard hat.

Discovered that garlic and Swedish fish go poorly together.

Confirmed several kills on cells using my lasers! (Wim suggested painting a tally onto the confocal.)

Read a whole lot of Skin Horse while the image alignments were running.
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I wrote a shell script! I can batch rename my time lapse images with the incremented-by-fives names I want! I don't care that half of you could probably do that when you were twelve, today it is me who did it!
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Yesterday: I got a collaborator! She's very interested in an implication of my project that I hadn't even thought about, which is so cool. And today she presented in a definite, sweeping way that completely demolished the "women present more tentatively, perhaps because it works better for them" data set we had going. I wrote YOU GO [NAME] over her abstract in my program book. (She also called PI on forgetting her name. Awesome.)

Today: Massive science crushes! People are doing amazing work in mycorrhizal fungi. I am hoping to come up with something clever to say to one particular presenter before we all leave; if not I'll send email, but some people like to meet you in person. I've also gotten to talk to multiple editors, which is something else I'm potentially interested in eventually doing (though of course I am prioritizing my Women In Faculty agenda).

Had a great conversation with another grad student tonight at dinner. She's not very happy in her position, which is kind of the bad old "grad student as lab bitch" paradigm I keep hearing about, and is sweet and smart but not scrappy enough (calls her PI Dr [Lastname]!), so I, using all my [livejournal.com profile] marzipan_pig charming skills, encouraged her and let her vent. She seemed a lot happier by the time we fled the dining-room noise.

The catering folks are hitting desserts out of the park -- almost always a chocolate-free option, a variety of fruits and styles, really deliciously made. Breakfast is consistently the same but a large enough buffet that people can vary it themselves if they like. Dinner last night was Mexican, which was surprisingly easy to do without tomatoes, but they poisoned almost everything tonight (Italian). Mozzarella, green salad, green beans, and calamari were all I could eat, and I had to dodge tomatoes to obtain the mozzarella and beans. Sheesh. Tomorrow is non-buffet, but the omnivorous option is steak and shrimp, so hopefully no poisons will be unavoidably involved.

Tonight Amanda and I are saying the hell with social hour and finally going to the hot tub. It's dark out, but I'll try for the demanded photos. (oink.)
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Last night I volunteered as a Real Scientist at an elementary school science fair in a nearby suburb. The organizer had written to several departments at the U and obtained graduate students, who were motivated by the prospect of official acclaim (see icon). It was incredibly fun, even though at the last minute my year-mate C couldn't make it. Some of the kids were really impressed with us, and it was great fun to ask them the next question implied by their projects.

Loads of images within. )


Jan. 3rd, 2010 05:24 pm
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Today I finally did something I've been meaning to do for ages: repotted all the houseplants that needed it. Sadly, for the little Aeschynanthus, this included a major trim back and loss of all its flowers due to hateful scale insects. I think I managed to wash all the areas of the Hoya that might have gotten any on them at least; cutting that back would be much more difficult since it twines so much. The African violets seem too hairy to be bothered by them, and I am in denial about the possibility that the jade plant may have gotten them again.

I was doing my repotting OUTSIDE, so I naturally segued into putting my new bulbs into pots. The ground's a little wet to be digging much, so I didn't plant bulbs in the big dirt, but it was perfect for weeding. (I realize how lucky I am to be able to play in the garden in January, but note that the weeds are also growing just fine in January.) I cleared out the raised beds in front -- Crocosmia leaves rot nicely and I can just pull them off, but glads have to be cut off. My new prevalent weeds seem to be arugula, which I can certainly deal with, and last year's arugula stems are charmingly curly at the dirt end when I pull them out.

Overall I'm feeling much, much better. Maybe even recharged enough to grow bull's eye beets in the vegetable patch this year, though that'll take (1) planning and (2) clearing the area back out.

Holiday notes )
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Wim (now claiming the title of Lady Gaga fanboy) sent me this parody a couple of days ago and it's been running through my head since then. And I'm happy about it.
"Neutra Face"

(Note that it's now available for download under the Youtube "more info" sidebar! Also, media about typefaces is made of awesome.)

Aaaaand I got third place for best talk in the grad student symposium today. Yay me.


Nov. 6th, 2009 12:36 pm
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Lab meeting presentation went well. I wasn't perfect and need to revamp my experimental plans, but I found that out TODAY and not at my exam, so that's good. What I did right was to cleverly leave my new exciting SHINY time-lapse movie from the new exciting SHINY microscope for the very end, and play it repeatedly, fostering an excited conversation about future time-lapse experiments. PI said it made her day, so I done good. (Doubtless I will get comments for the next day or two about what I could change, but when she's in a happy mood those are a lot easier to take!)

I still feel lower-level worried about my exam, but I get to take some deep breaths now.


Oct. 2nd, 2009 04:02 pm
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Puyallup Fair 2009: Spotted piglets, Demented American Ladies, a fishing float collection, noisy chickens, no cows?!, and an obligatory elephant ear.

Taxonomic upheaval! http://www.ubcbotanicalgarden.org/potd/2009/09/chamerion_angustifolium_1.php

Coming out in middle school (NYT)

State of self was: weird about food, feeling down. State of self currently: a bit tired and not very social, which is annoying as it's time to welcome new grad students with a BBQ and big party tonight.

Weaving class: Took a class and a half to set up the warp threads, which have to go individually through two different loom parts and be suspended from a variety of confusing rods, but now weaving takes no time at all. So far, I have made an inch or so of tabby, twill, reverse twill, crow's foot and its opposite, and basket weave. Whee! I want to do more weaving than I have weaving homework.

Costs of being gay (NYT)

What I've been doing pretty much all week: I can haz confocal microscope, and it fucking rocks.
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(Hi! I disappeared halfway through IBARW! I am still alive, and here are the links I've been squirrelling away.)

1. On being literal, which I am (sometimes to the point of problems):
(from supergee, I think)

2. On government-organized health care:
from ?

3. Katamari goodness at Boingboing
(needs more cowbear)

4. The stereotype of the fat woman speaks:

5. Privilege quiz result:
Y .................................................................................. (+35)
N ...............................................
Some interesting comments at link.

6. Dear NSF,
Learn to do a mail merge already. (m_pig can help!) I do not need to apply for the GRFP again this year because I AM ALREADY AWESOME KTHX.

7. http://justinelarbalestier.com/blog/2009/08/06/the-new-cover/

8. http://contexts.org/socimages/2008/05/21/human-interaction-as-chemistry/
Wonderful science-promotion video from the EU.

9. http://notesfromthegeekshow.blogspot.com/2009/08/open-letter-to-john-c-wright.html
A little overwritten, perhaps, which is what I thought of Vellum, but it picks up partway through, which is not.

10. New favorite nonsensical/menacing web command (from Picasa): Sign in to like this photo.
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After over a week of waiting for it, I finally had the opportunity to make the best ridiculous internet/SF pun ever. See, pizzelle turn out to have no dairy, so I brought some home for [livejournal.com profile] hattifattener, and of course they were immediately pronounced as "pizzle" because we are thirteen. A couple of days later, the joke occurred to me, but I needed the right situation. I waited and waited but he never offered me one. Until, finally, on the last one, he asked if I wanted it, and even cajoled me a little. I had thought I wouldn't get to say it, so it took me a moment to bust out with, "Women do not revere the lemon pizzle as men do." (It is okay if you don't agree that I AM AWESOME, but I totally am.)

Also this week: had teriyaki with a wombat skull.
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Cranky. Productive. Now with garnet-colored hair. Feeling damned foolish for being 14 months behind on bookposting.
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Saved adolescent raccoon from dumpster: Y

(Sorry for super-blurriness; I was trying to light her with my flashlight, hold the lid open, and take pictures in the dark all at once. There was only one of her.)

When you're a young raccoon, you do dumb things. Like dumpster-diving when there's nothing in there, which not only gets you no tasty food, it leaves you making woeful trilling noises when grad students are returning to their dorms at 2am. Luckily, they have thumbs and access to outside objects. You can, with difficulty, pull and contort your body up onto the proffered plastic deck chair and thence to the dumpster's edge, and then get the hell out of Dodge.

At breakfast, I found out that I am not the only one to have done this, but it's not actually obligatory.
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I was SO RIGHT about an obscure topic relating to my project, and the professor's story about finding that out was darkly hilarious.

Earlier this week, I found the first acorn worm ever to be described from Friday Harbor! (This is not a good thing per se; it means they may be able to escape in larval form from the Labs, though they could easily have arrived via ballast too. Still, a winner is me.) It has since been pickled for posterity.

All my ideas came together today, and after talking to the profs they are together still, amended, and extended. This is going to be really fun.

Photos coming soon, as I am now camera-enabled courtesy of the excellent [livejournal.com profile] hattifattener.
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First the bad news:
I scored well below the class average on the first o-chem exam. I didn't think I'd done that poorly, but I was wrong.

Next the good-then-bad news:
Today I found a mutant line containing multiple plants (means it's more likely to be genetic than random screwy development) with a no-stomata phenotype (rare, cool, and how we recently got a paper in Nature). They even have a good number of siblings (likely heterozygotes; where you get more mutants if your mutants aren't fertile). It's likely that this is another allele of Mute, which is a gene we already know about, and that allele could be fairly uninteresting or extremely cool depending on how the gene is screwed up. My first step: sequence the Mute gene in these putative mutants. But I so do not have time to do that!

My mighty response to the above:
I wrote email to PI saying ZOMG I am ded of teh busy and asking for help prioritizing (while also mentioning a couple of times that I really want to do the fun sequencing). Really I should've asked for help scaling back two quarters ago, but at least I finally did it.

Other mighty action:
Scanned "This Fair Gift" for [livejournal.com profile] pameladean (and thus for Technopeasant festivities). The Acrobat OCR on the study-area computer wasn't working, though, so I don't have text quite yet. Tomorrow I have two things to try, at least one of which ought to work.

Reward for ruling:
Mint-flavored Newman-Os and milk. Yum.

Conspicuous by its absence:
Studying o-chem. La la.
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The computer-based test has one huge advantage over the paper tests of my youth. Well, okay, it has several, but the biggest one right now is that it tells you whether you completely blew the sides off the test. (Or, you know, not, but I didn't experience that.) Subject to verification blah de blah, I got the maximum score: 800 math and 800 verbal.

I so totally kick ass.

The essays are graded by actual humans, which is I think still a good plan, esp. considering the Windows-3.1 look of the test software. I had to sign agreements promising dire consequences if I reveal any of the test questions, but it was definitely an "on" writing day and I managed to mention Egyptian crocodile-dung pessaries. If nothing else, the grader is going to laugh and pass that one around. I had fun with my extended examination of software design in the opinion essay, too.

Fun bonus: A beta-testing section, not included in the grade, which I figured was just going to be some questions in the same formats that they hadn't used before. Not so; there was a whole extra tutorial on how to use the calculator tool, how to move values to boxes by clicking, how to use a poorly implemented table thing that worked like radio buttons, and how to use the TICKYBOXES. There were tickyboxes on the GRE! In their honor, I give you a poll:

[Poll #852674]


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