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Hi. I'm leaving the academic job track. In... two days.

Why? Lots of reasons. My postdoc hasn't been successful, which is due in part to trauma and in part to disabilities. The academy is deeply fucked up in a lot of ways that I no longer see it as my job to change. There are brilliant young women out there who love science and will continue to push.

My new job is both science-related and social-justice-related: I'm going to be a manuscript editor for researchers who aren't native English speakers. There's tons of good science being done that may not get a fair shake because of the style it's written in, so I can help! It'll be fun and enriching -- I can learn new science, it'll be my job to read papers, and I'm looking forward to figuring out which grammatical errors go with which native languages. Everyone I've talked to at the company seems awesome, it sounds like a great culture fit, there's room for growth, and I'll be working remotely with flexible hours. It's delightful. I'm delighted.

It's also a loss. I'm okay and angry and thrilled all at once. I could live anywhere now, though I am very disinclined to move with two nineteen-year-old cats. But I won't be teaching students in person like I have been, and I won't be the mentor who helps make advanced degrees happen for talented people, and I won't be the cranky old professor asking pointed questions of the visiting seminar speakers.
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Had breakfast with several people, the first of whom asked if I was up for company before she sat down. Yes, that is how you do it. They invited me to join them on their ferry and bike-riding but I cheerfully said "nope!" I loafed about until around 4, semi-napping when I felt the need, and then set off for the nearby lighthouse on foot.

Trip to Nobska Lighthouse, in tweets/pictures.

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I've been reading this amazing Metafilter thread on emotional labor all day. It's very very long, but worthwhile. Here's a sample:

I had a dream last night that Robert Downey Jr. surprised me with something he thought I would like, based on my interests: Himself, springing out of a pile of leaves by my bed, enthusiastically wearing a unicorn horn and hooves like a brony. The dream was so satisfying, I think, not because I really want this to happen, but because it was nice to feel supported in my interests, however silly they might be—my husband vocally does not support this interest.

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Pretty establishing shots of Seattle, and, like Frasier, the impossibility of having a building where they seem to be trying to set the show.

The number of ways they come up with for attractive patients to die! Fucking hilarious. The best example of this is the ferry wreck in s3, which is so very LOLNO and beautiful, especially if like me you have seen that ferry dock many times and knew from the establishing shot what they were about to try to do. But anybody knows that ferries don't burn like that, they are made of metal on those parts, laughing forever. (Exploding carotid artery guy was pretty fantastic too.)

Honestly a lot of these women are awesome. There is stupid guy with his manpain, and other stupid guy, and other other stupid guy, etc. But then there's Meredith and Cristina being each other's person and having emergency dance parties. There's Addison who is great despite being shoehorned into the wronged woman + "oops I forgot to baby" narrative. There's Dr. Bailey, who is THE ACTUAL BEST, hypercompetent and strict as fuck and a great person behind it. There's Lexie making trouble and being angry. There is Hahn, who is a stone cold bitch to almost everybody, especially the jerk guys who really need it.

(It has made me think, several times, that it must really suck to be heterosexual, because nearly all the relationships in this show would be much better and easier if the women were dating each other. Ladies! Do not try to deal with gross, pressuring men who are usually in authority over you! When they leap wholesale over relationship steps that you would like to take slowly, and then blame you for being emotionally unavailable, the correct answer is, YES I AM UNAVAILABLE TO YOU BUH BYE. Are their penises magical? Because I'm pretty sure you can buy sparkly ones at the store!

Uh, that was a reason NOT to like the show, sorry.)

The music is... well, I think I know where a lot of the music on lunatunes used to come from. The stuff I liked. It is all over Tegan and Sara, Feist, The Bird and the Bee, all kinds of great songs.

Generally lulzy melodrama. Occasionally actual effective emotional or funny moments, but mostly it's ridiculous and over the top, which is a fine thing in television.

Incredibly irritating love interest guy is eventually going to DIE. It will take him a while, unfortunately. But still.
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My former advisor asked me to edit a rebuttal letter for someone else's paper (from Nature! pretty exciting!), and I am doing so. Come to find out that the third reviewer has addressed the authors as "Ms [Lastname] et al."


The first author is not a Ms. She is a Professor, in actual fact, but Dr. is the default courteous address in paper submissions. I got called Dr. as an undergrad, because that is just what you assume, because it is offensive to lowball someone's title. And unless this reviewer is of the first author's specific ethnicity, it's not bloody likely that they were able to discern gender from her name. They would have had to go look her up, in which case they would have seen her qualifications. Or they've met her, which would be worse.

She probably doesn't mind this as much as I do. I am really mad right now.


Nov. 29th, 2014 10:44 pm
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Really stellar Kaidonovsky cosplay

Holy cow, best Hogwarts founders fancasting possible

Some hints on rocking androgynous looks with a curvy build

Flawless Christmas-sweater victory

And then there was this...

Dad: So do you do all the cooking for the group of you in your apartment?


Mom: *snickering quietly in the background*

Dad: ...

Me: We are all grown adults and we cook for ourselves.
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YES THANK YOU. Why I Lose My Mind Every Time We Have the Name Conversation

I are competent adult. I navigates annoying health care system. Slowly, but it happen. (Finally decided to try Mirena, but it turns out not to be as easy as just saying so. I have to enroll in some different program to see a gyno at all, and of course I have to go chat with them before they'll even make an appointment to actually do the thing, never mind that I already talked it over thoroughly with my GP.)

Anne Ursu is amazing. (We knew this.) The Great YA Debate

So I saw this giant isopod iphone case on Twitter, and I sent it to Wim of course, and he responded with... the MOST AMAZING giant isopod iphone case. I just. WOW. [N.B.: If you think you may not want to see this, you are really, really right.]
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The previous post linked at the beginning of this one isn't bad, but this one's great. On what men think women want from women.

Exciting results from collaborators at work! Going to have to send them a lot more samples.


Among other wonders, SailorPtah has made "fetch" happen. (Crossover between Night Vale and His Dark Materials.) I couldn't get the smile off my face.

Emma Watson did okay. Yeah, men in general need to step up and be better feminist allies, but it's not actually about them, and I don't think they've failed to realize that their moms are generally women. I think it's hard for men to see how fucked things still are because they don't experience it. That's what we need to fix, but it's a catch-22 in multiple ways.

good things

May. 1st, 2014 12:33 am
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1. Got grouchy about "rape" in a gaming context and said something! (The people doing it at least kind of listened.)

2. Guy gunning his motorcycle engine in response to enthusiastic yells from the sidelines cracked me up.

3. Ate food without feeling terrible!

4. Had a lovely walk through my springlike neighborhood on this absurdly warm day.

5. I think this acupuncturist is going to work out!

6. It's a secret. Such a great secret.


Mar. 22nd, 2014 12:04 pm
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I told the story of my Dick's/pen harassment the other day elsenet, and I had to actively resist the urge to say what I was wearing. I never said one word about it... and no one asked. It remains awful that I should have to be so happy about that, but I really am. Go me, and go community.
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1. Bought tickets to see Vienna Teng.

2. New Feminist Frequency video.

3. Got to hang out with Mom and Dad for a couple hours midday. Shocking them with my pink hair was fun. People keep wanting me to inscribe my thesis copies (n=2 but that's all I had printed). Glad I'm not planning to publish a bunch of books, coming up with stuff to write is annoying.

4. I really wanted someone to bring me some very comforting food, but I went home and cooked beans with kale and scrambled eggs, and put them in tortillas, and they were hot and delicious and I did it myself.


1. Found a gel-plastic glittery tree in my coat pocket!

2. GoldieBlox commercials continue to kill me dead. And parodying that Beastie Boys song, YES! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UFpe3Up9T_g
(Though I always liked the part where the girl he wants was messing around with EVERYONE ELSE, with the implication that maybe she realized he was awful about women? Maybe I made that up.)

3. Also, all the Tamika Flynn feels. And Megan Wallaby! Because hormones, but also because AWESOME. http://archiveofourown.org/works/1051176

4. I was awesome at chores and made delicious soup. (This time: black beans from last night, rice, sweet potato, squash, kale, cumin, black pepper, soy sauce, onion, garlic.)


1. It's hanten season. And mine is reversible, so one side actually matches my hair.

2-4. Vienna Teng concert included at least three moments of joy and wonder. I'll try to write it up tomorrow.

5. The stars are beautiful, and I can see them really well when it's all effing cold like this. And there's frost!
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This post may be of limited interest to people who haven't played Analogue: A Hate Story, as Hate Plus is a generous bonus track rather than a fully realized game. On the other hand, what exactly is stopping you from playing Analogue? (My review is the second half of this post.)

As expected, Hate Plus tells a sad and horrifying set of interwoven stories. Following your departure from the empty generation ship Mugunghwa, having learned what happened there, you're presented with new files that tell you why the society turned out the way it did -- who the bastards were who had and implemented the fantasy of Neoconfucianism in space, and how doomed they all fucking were to start with anyway. It's a tragedy leavened with only a few moments of humor, and it's beautifully done despite feeling constricted in a way the original game doesn't.

It's hard for me to specify what it's a tragedy of. Linear thinking and dueling conservatisms. AI psychology as a consequence of immortality. Because of Love's impressive scripting of the interacting factors and characters, I think the ending was inevitable from the point at which our view starts, but going farther back, of course it wasn't.

Spoilers, I think )

Interface-wise this is not as much fun as Analogue, and the reasoning for having a dialogue wheel again is a joke. However, as an add-on for people who have played the first game, it's fine. It's odd and annoying that the game requires real-time delays between stints of reading; it produces the opposite of immersion, not usually what you want, but there has to be a Day 2/Day 3 transition for the plot to work. (There's an in-game skip option, or a person can change their system clock to sneak around it.)

It's sad, I can't say it's not, but as a piece of storytelling craft this is a worthy addition to Analogue. I recommend Analogue highly, and you should definitely continue to this if you enjoy it.
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1. One crow hopping high, down a steeply sloping, intensely green lawn. Another crow, who'd just found a fat worm, startled by the first one's clear intention to share.

2. Girls! Science! Old-timey style!

3. Snarky Twitter-interface meta with old friends/enemies.

4. Femslash Friday Kaylee/Inara is adorable. Not actually on board with the Artemis/Athena comparison (what?) but gay gay Simon! and the undeniable likelihood of awesome toy invention!

5. Today I learned that there are many differences of opinion regarding what's up in the skeleton of a mermaid's hip region. Pelvis or no is the most obvious, of course, and the consequences and interpretations thereof are intriguing. (Image searches inspired by this wonderful anglerfish and mermaid picture, which I also really want a print of now.)

6. The unholy alliance between panicked November yellowjackets and invasive poisonous English ivy has led to a low hedge that hums in an agitated fashion whenever I pass it in the morning. I should probably take another route if I don't want to get stung, but I'm fascinated. Pollen is pretty good food, and there's not much else out there right now. They'll be there until the bitter end.

7. Last night I got to tell Wim my vagina was poison. (No dairy allowed, yeast infection, yogurt, hilarity.)

8. I passed a short stone wall on my walk home tonight that was covered in Virginia creeper. For some reason, the plant always has a funny way of shedding its leaves, leaving the petioles sticking out for a while before dropping them separately later, so the wall had a combination of reddened leaves and pale, jaunty spines that made it look absurdly like a cheerful nudibranch.

9. Yesterday I got a burrito in the school cafeteria, because despite my nightshade problems I usually cannot resist Burrito Day. The cafeteria guy stared at my head transfixed for a moment. "It's like cotton candy," he breathed.

"That's what I was going for!" I said brightly.

He allowed as how it made him want to go to the fair, and I said that was all about elephant ears for me. He suggested funnel cake, I countered with deep-fried butter, which I noted was about as good as you'd think. He wants to try deep-fried Twinkies.

Then he was done making the first part of the burrito, and I said thanks, and he responded, "No, thank you."


10. All recent movies have been good! Searching for Sugar Man, Wreck-It Ralph, and Captain America this week. (I am making an effort to consistently rent things from Scarecrow, because they're amazing and not doing that great financially.) In particular, Wreck-It Ralph was a lot funnier and more interesting than I expected, and I loved that the only romance was secondary and that the little girl character determines her own gender expression.
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Saturday was a really windy day! The kind of wind that shimmers lawns and makes whitecaps even on the Ship Canal. It tests the tensile strength of trees and houses, and does aerodynamics experiments on your clothes. Doors become bipolar and uncooperative. Glorious.

I am recording poems for Dad. He asked me to tape myself reading these months ago, and I keep not getting around to it, but Saturday and today I did. (Not so positive: Garage Band has a setting for "Male Speech" but none for "Female Speech", although all the other vocal categories are duplicated. Funny how these simple, coincidental oversights are almost always in the same direction.)

Today, I opened a laser pointer to tinker with it and found that the rechargeable AAA batteries inside were labeled with our lab name. That's thorough!

Molecular biology is satisfying when I actually get to do it. Too much software and slacking for too long!
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The eternal malicious disappointment of the modern uterus

Photo by me of an excellent portrait of the Maxx
(Sam Kieth has not been around his blog recently, but I gave him the link and hope he liked it!)

In which milk is more revealing than fabric

Lisa Wade saying just the right thing about the patriarchal bargain (via ladybusiness!ana). Avoid if you are Just Done hearing about Miley Cyrus, I guess, but this makes a good last word even so.

Hypnotic math gifs

I remain incredibly amused by http://critiquemydickpic.tumblr.com/. Read from the beginning to develop an understanding of the jargon.

Redden is a lovely, short, creepy webcomic based on Red Riding Hood.

Matt Fraction says eloquently why suicide is no good

All of the Disney Princesses dressed up for Halloween are great, but MULAN AS XENA!

Korra book 2 fan comics! I should probably watch the show, huh?

PIPETTE TIP DRESS (from Wim, who knows how to hit multiple buttons at once)
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1. More catty moments from scientific papers: "Nectar and/or pollen are the only floral rewards traditionally investigated. Such myopia has impeded full understanding of flower-visiting organisms." (Also: oh for the days when you could get published by licking your study organism and describing the flavor.) (Also also: bees are not as efficient as bomb calorimetry.)

2. I remain disproportionately amused every time Dan Savage says "ball crushers" as part of the Extreme Restraints ads. There is such relish in his voice.

3. Sassed a dude about using "Hello Ladies" as his salutation to me and PI in professional email. I mean, really. I did appreciate the image of the Old Spice guy working on our microscope, and said so.

4. TINY CHAINSAW ON A STICK I want it so bad

5. Marzipan chocolate made Rainbowgrad friend H really happy. I have rarely seen anyone quite that happy.


Oct. 5th, 2013 10:46 pm
City planning in Vienna includes "gender mainstreaming" for universal usability

Hilarious sarcasm at Lullabies for Misandrists -- the comments have some wonderful things too.

An entire long article on sex toy UI! I love the idea of Aneros being for HEALTH, NO REALLY.

Funny interactions from Tumblr (which I am still resisting, but get linked to a lot)

The bobtail squid is gloriously beautiful.

Well, the Alaska weather service's forecast acrostic is brilliant, it's just THEY SHOULDN'T HAVE TO DO IT.

The best response to "are your boobs natural?"
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1. I found the best paper~! (It is Open Access but may be hard to follow.) Not only is it precisely what I need for this fellowship application, it cites my most recent paper multiple times and calls my previous review paper inadequate in its new analyses, which is totally fair! Scientific dialogue over time! So exciting!
Though they should've written to me to ask if those genes were present in liverworts -- we totally looked and did not find them -- but maybe they are only satisfied with PROOF, which I would understand.

2. Edward Scissorhands soundtrack in Teahouse Kuan Yin. This was the first CD I ever bought; maybe I should watch the movie again at some point. My mom and I always loved the fairy-tale feeling of it, but I'm not sure what I'd think now.

3. Sea serpent and sailboat graffito along the mistaped blobby edge of the blue-white boundary in the teahouse bathroom.


1. I posted a correct comment about women changing their names to men's for marriage. (I mean, I left out the part where sexist traditions creep me out, but there is only so far that's polite to go with someone you've never met.)

2. PI really liked my turquoise tights, and I have pretty much learned how to accept compliments from her. (Assume it could actually be a criticism in disguise, so half-apologize and say something I like about it. If she responds with another more extreme compliment, it was a compliment. Oh, Japanese/American weird PI.)

3. There were many pleasing things about my outfit today, actually.
photos and going on about things )

4. Talked to PI about writing me a letter for the fellowship proposal. Went as submissive as I could, got a good result. Fascinatingly, she said of prospective-advisor, "but wasn't he very rude?" -- wow! She really wanted him to Treat Me Right when I pushed myself on him to visit. :)

5. Great clouds on the walk home.
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Wonderful things on the internet include:

A grizzled wizard embracing femininity for an important tea party (gifset)

Mae Martin on gay babies (gifset)

"Bohemian Gravity" (music video)

What your taste in music says about you on a date
The ones of these that work are really great. The Shins does not work, though I now wonder if maybe I should watch that movie.

Seen lots recently, as it deserves: Sailor Moon vs. Wonder Woman dance battle (music video)

The Bloggess meets a bear head (immoderately hilarious)

Older people on gay sex (gifset)

Nina Davuluri is an awesome geek


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