Jun. 24th, 2015 11:03 pm
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Getting work done at work this week.

Good appointment with therapist Monday. After which I went somewhere I hadn't been before, got a Ms. Marvel trade and Squirrel Girl #4 and ate frozen yogurt, and eventually managed to find Good Vibrations. Treating myself and also being a quality person who does things in the world.

Hurt my neck as a direct result of GV visit and woke up with nasty headache. Unsure of cost-benefit here as both make strong cases.

Had an adventure with [personal profile] rushthatspeaks. After being confused by inferior maps and displeased with the hot soupy weather, we did find our rose-garden goal, and then there was a convenient and free train, and ice cream for dinner. Then showering. I remain very grateful for such an excellent partner and also for the central air at my apartment.

Getting real work done really, like, I did PCR today and ran it on a gel and all. Still working out some damnfool crap from my botched reappointment, but mostly doing well right now.

Spate of fun hectic planning on dragon game, unfortunately spurred by bad news of cool people leaving our subgroup. But I drew a trout with which I am pleased.

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Context: Super crampy, like, for days, but especially terrible last night and this sweat-soaked morning. Made it to the pre-existing gynecologist appointment on time... at the wrong location. Fuuuuuck. Did not cry or yell at anyone, even the receptionist who was being kind of a jerk. Walked to the other location that would have been closer had I but known and got seen after jumping some more frustrating hoops. Luckily the NP was very nice, respectful and helpful, generally awesome, and obviously distressed at my pain and determined to get me seen by helpful further doctors. (We are still planning to try Mirena for now, but she thinks endometriosis could explain at least some of my too-damn-many pain issues and wants me to consult about exploratory laparoscopy, which, I've been on the fence anyway, fuck it let's do this.)

So here is some cheerful shit from the last week or so!

(what, sometimes my blanket NSFW warning becomes more relevant)

Parked near here sometimes is a polka dot motorbike! It has lots of exposed black mechanical parts, but the plastic panels are white with green dots of various sizes.

My poster design for the symposium Saturday was good. That'll teach people to assume I need help designing! And the symposium went well: I put an entitled dude in his place and had nice conversations with several people.

Saw a guy coasting down the street standing on his little buzzing dirt bike, with one hand ON HIS HIP like a fashion shoot. He had a little blond pompadour too. AMAZE.

Wow, all of these people belong in Paradise Kiss, especially the one with the orange headwrap.

Adorable comic about women, love, and magic.

My Buffy knowledge level (gained chiefly via fannish osmosis) was sufficient for me to recognize these as adorbs: http://kateordie.tumblr.com/post/100005371607/i-was-showing-off-my-christmas-elves-from-last

I saw saffron crocuses blooming today! Expect a drawing when my hands are less shaky.
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Tumblr being delightful:

Funnel webs on top of the yew hedge.

More nerdy taxonomy lookups. Too much computer-staring, but the reasons were still fun.

Walking a labyrinth at the Divinity School.

Relaxing dinner out.

Read a comic with the President of the United States in it, and was like, whoa, it's a white guy. (Strong Female Protagonist: it's the point of AU divergence, so the President is specifically GWB, but that wasn't clear in the first frame where he appeared.) Yay for whiteness as a marked condition.
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1. Introvert comics! (Buzzfeed)

2. Cottonwood fluff all over in the air. I batted at them happily and caught a few. The greenhouse managers hate the cottonwoods, and rightly so -- the fluff clogs the fan intakes and the seedlings get everywhere. I assume the trail maintainers are just as unhappy about the fast-growing roots. But not me, I am all Mogami Kyoko over the fairylike floating puffs of magic.

3. So far, smartphones appear to be primarily useful for buses, mapping, and flirtation, with a side of cute dog pictures. I approve entirely.

4. textsfromlastnight.com is a reliable source of hilarity. "He started french braiding my hair while I was blowing him. The question is not why, but how."


1. Luxuria Superbia on my phone! The era of possible boredom in the universe is over. Provided I remember to plug the phone in all the damn time.

2. My candy-colored braids are now entire inches long.

3. The Hunger Games movie is really well done. Mirrormask is visually stunning, and I enjoyed watching it with my friend despite some major plot issues.

good things

May. 4th, 2014 11:21 pm
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1. Walking outside in the dramatic pouring rain!

2. In the rain's sunshiny aftermath, a sodden and bedraggled black fuzzy moustache stuck to a rock in someone's front yard.

3. Packing books led to squealing in delight over my paper copy of Maka-Maka v2, as ever. Such the best adorable queer girl porn. (Except there is MORE now, like in Smut Peddler! We live in a wonderful world.)

4. Sold furniture! Accomplished other important moving-related tasks!

good things

May. 2nd, 2014 12:39 am
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1. Child of Light came out! It took forever to download but is beautiful and calming and full of fairy tales.

2. Ate almost entirely normally and feeling almost healthy, just tired.

3. Sweetie came over and brought me soup and ate it with me in the backyard.

4. Going to curl up in bed and start rereading Nana now.
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The eternal malicious disappointment of the modern uterus

Photo by me of an excellent portrait of the Maxx
(Sam Kieth has not been around his blog recently, but I gave him the link and hope he liked it!)

In which milk is more revealing than fabric

Lisa Wade saying just the right thing about the patriarchal bargain (via ladybusiness!ana). Avoid if you are Just Done hearing about Miley Cyrus, I guess, but this makes a good last word even so.

Hypnotic math gifs

I remain incredibly amused by http://critiquemydickpic.tumblr.com/. Read from the beginning to develop an understanding of the jargon.

Redden is a lovely, short, creepy webcomic based on Red Riding Hood.

Matt Fraction says eloquently why suicide is no good

All of the Disney Princesses dressed up for Halloween are great, but MULAN AS XENA!

Korra book 2 fan comics! I should probably watch the show, huh?

PIPETTE TIP DRESS (from Wim, who knows how to hit multiple buttons at once)
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1. Slept long enough! Not all at once, but I will TAKE IT.

2. Two for two on dandelion wishes this morning.

3. Margarita lunch and mad speed-writing on fellowship proposal! So yeah, I guess I'm writing a fellowship that's due October 8. Do not expect me to get any better at comments/email/life than I have been recently.

4. Once we were hugging and kissing and starting to make love and all of a sudden she says, 'What part of the world do armadillos live in?' and other amazing moments from the Hite Report.

5. I basically came home today, dressed up as Cardcaptor Sakura (Halloween costume now a moral imperative, y/n?), watched a bunch of K-ON while eating rice made with hot-pot broth and making cookie dough, and then played Rock Band for a while. What's not to love?


Sep. 23rd, 2013 11:47 pm
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1. Grad student government is going along fine without me, and they're coming up with good new stuff to work on.

2. I realized today that I have Sakura Kinomoto's haircut right now. Something adorable will have to be done about this.

3. Milk chocolate with hyperapricots.

4. Bonus sweetie time!

5. The best interpretation of Bi Day!
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Wonderful things on the internet include:

A grizzled wizard embracing femininity for an important tea party (gifset)

Mae Martin on gay babies (gifset)

"Bohemian Gravity" (music video)

What your taste in music says about you on a date
The ones of these that work are really great. The Shins does not work, though I now wonder if maybe I should watch that movie.

Seen lots recently, as it deserves: Sailor Moon vs. Wonder Woman dance battle (music video)

The Bloggess meets a bear head (immoderately hilarious)

Older people on gay sex (gifset)

Nina Davuluri is an awesome geek
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1. Honestly I quite enjoy getting a bit eccentric and monologuey in the privacy of my own home. Not sure what the cats think about it.

2. Burrito day and Freakangels.

3. Survey on "phenomenologies of dildo use" was a little frustrating in places, but worth it for that phrase and question 47: "If you have named a dildo, please state the name(s) here."

4. The Pope continues to be great. Weird. (Phone calls and all.)

5. Tasty dinner with sweetie and picking up things I made.
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1. Really good article with a variety of viewpoints on Golden Rice.

2. Bucko made me laugh and laugh (and cry out, "William S. Broccoli!").

3. Hilariously, "medium-hot" Japanese curry has a just barely detectable spicy aftertaste. Oh, Japanese spice standards. KFC chicken tenders are a pretty good substitute for katsu, though, and Wims can eat the extra-crispy kind!

4. Big Boggle has 50% more blocks. Also "quainter", "secular", other excellence.

5. Quality Rock Band times and sleepover.

There was a considerable hiatus from happiness overnight, though, due to major pain problems.


1. Good day to be home because LAB DRAMZ are clearly going down, and I was in long enough to finish the things that absolutely needed doing today.

2. Wooooo prescription painkillers!

3. Kitty cat photo shoots.

4. Nerdy adorable comic Daisy Owl is delightful.
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1. Managed to go back to sleep this morning after the inevitable early wakeup and had a really great dream.

2. Gone Home is wonderful. Avoid all spoilers! Even the Riot Grrl trailer may be too much.

3. Little Hachiko axolotl got a salt bath today for her fungus problem and seems better already.

4. Lying around reading Alanna. Someday I may have less of a need for very comforting reading, but this and Aoi Hana are where I'm at right now, and I get to read them if I want.
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1. Burrito day + yuri manga = the most relaxing lunchtime.

2. Such dramatic weather!

3. Lab chores with PI.

4. The AO3 has really quite wonderful terms of service. I guess I should look into making fanworks rather than just highly appreciating them?

5. Watched an old murder mystery, The White Cockatoo, with Wim. Ridiculous black and white movie, snuggles, lemon sorbet.
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1. Why do people think any software except Sequencher is acceptable for evaluating sequence data? IT IS NOT, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU GUYS, BUY ME THE GOOD ONE.

2. Heart of Thomas is so boring, people. So, so boring. I gave up.

3. I am at the stage of ongoing gut badness where I'm like, I already feel sick as hell, I'm going to eat whatever the fuck I want. This is obviously not a great idea... except for the part where sometimes I feel completely better after I do that. Intermittent reinforcement argh.

4. Terrible things happen that make people I love feel bad, and I can neither protect nor avenge.

5. My grumpy items' importances are all out of scale with each other.


1. Cool caressing morning with the lake like metal. I love that.

2. I was taught that Plantago lanceolata was wind-pollinated (though note that that paper actually says its own thesis is not well supported). Well, life will find a way, because I've seen honeybees on it the last three days.

3. Finally got to see Pacific Rim at Pacific Place last night! But why in this movie are everyone's lips so very pink? It's not the presence of a dimensional portal for alien invasion; that lipstick would clash with the Iron Man suit terribly.

4. I am a POSTDOCTORAL SCHOLAR whose diploma was mailed today.

5. One girl at the bus stop was reading Le Guin, one was reading Best Science and Nature Writing. I made sure to stand colinear and equidistant as I read my own rather pulpier SF novel.
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Because I am contrary and can overanalyze ANYTHING, I am doing anti-happiness posting today!

1. My lunch was not good so I wanted to eat everything in sight all afternoon. Because clearly I hadn't had any actual lunch, only that soggy wrap that said it was tofu teriyaki and was really sweet and sour rice or something. I am a big fan of vinegar, but acid and gloopy should never be the only traits of food.

2. PI doesn't understand that I'm hot, and this bothered me today. She was all skeptically asking for clarification that large breasts are considered decorative in American culture. Seriously? Have you been to America ever? Also I can personally attest that they are much appreciated by many!

3. I was WRONG about a THING in semi-public.

4. E-reader battery is dead and must be replaced.

5. Gotta get up at five for early-morning experiment and probably won't have time for a nap before family brunch.

Eh, who am I kidding, I am still like 90% happy.

1. [personal profile] staranise said what is so great about Silver Spoon and incidentally some things I hadn't detected were so great about Fullmetal Alchemist. Also extremely valuable career counseling stuff, mainly in comments. (Wim, I thought of you.)

2. Fixed an erroneous lack of serial comma in a previous entry! Consistency is restored to my writing universe!

3. I love how nonce-hashtags can be used on Twitter as equivalent to the little muttering text from outside the word balloons in manga.

4. PI's younger kid drew a picture of me on the dry-erase board, but erased it when she caught me looking. She's pretty good, as far as I could tell.

5. So I got a bra caught on my toe last night, and Wim decided to tell me that if I had one for each toe and both thumbs I could be in Shakespeare.

... what?

"Fourteen bras!"

"You are the worst AND you miscounted."

6. This tweet from Seattle Center ‏made me laugh and laugh:
They're still sick and they still want you to touch them! MT @kexp @_Mudhoney TONIGHT @SeattleCenter! FREE! #CATM! http://ow.ly/nZTlH

(because of this song, which possibly non-Seattle people don't know as well?)
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1. Actually saw this great comic from a gay guy about sex with trans guys yesterday but forgot to link it: http://comics.billroundy.com/?p=1116

2. Today I won a copy of the Heiresses of Russ 2013 anthology from Tor.com! Free lesbian SF for me!

3. Dinner involved Chinese-style BBQ pork, taiyaki, and mangosteen. (I went to Uwajimaya. Lots more things I want to eat are here now, but only so much room in tummy.)

4. Okay, everyone else, you win. The Summer Prince is really good. I forced my way 2/3 through it before stalling out for weeks and making grumpy comments to everyone who liked it, also known as "everyone". I determined to finish it a couple days ago, and it finally clicked. Then I started over again from the beginning. Shut up.

5. NINJA LOTL rests with impossible lightness on top of buildings!

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It was a good week for hearing about queer webcomics. Really like Decrypting Rita so far. (Don't tell me if it's like anything, okay?)

Things about Malindo Lo's Adaptation that worked for me:
- Girls kissing girls. This part here, it worked, yes it did. I was texting M-pig as I tried to read it over lunch, to the tune of, "jeez, Malinda Lo, I am trying to eat teriyaki here, not combust." It spoke to my experience as a bi girl, is I guess what I'm saying.
- Modern kids having conversations about queerness. This is what sold me on the book, and there are three sentences about the literal use of the term queer, but my favorite was actually the formerly straight-ID'ed protagonist talking to her gay best friend about how their "best gay" friendship was supposed to work and him saying "I wouldn't know, my best friend is not a straight girl!"
- Creepy foreignness of one's own body and mind. Not unusual for character-as-guinea-pig plot, but well done.
- Protagonist is legitimately bisexual in my humble opinion, and I am still holding out hope for a triad ending.

Things about Malinda Lo's Adaptation that did not work for me:
- Terrorist birds.
- Government-alien conspiracy.
- Basically all the thriller elements whatsoever barring the scary car chase at the beginning.
- Not concluding the story completely. Such novels are just always annoying, there's no way around that.

Reading Arakawa's Silver Spoon in scans, finding it cute. The closeness of the character designs to the FMA ones is pretty disconcerting, though.

Susan Sontag on camp was interesting, and I don't agree with most of the specifics. Things have changed in fifty years.

I finished the Star Rigger omnibus by Jeffrey Carver a while ago. Actually only the first book of this was the appealing Menolly-narrative; the second is wall-to-wall dragons and not enough human-type people, and it becomes impossible to ignore that the dragon society is annoyingly gender-essentialist in ways that reflect human sexism. (Warrior males, passive visionary females: it could all be much less annoying if those were swapped or there were a Sif or something.) Also, insufficient parrot.

Looking forward to One Girl Goes Hunting!
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Cracked Up To Be, Courtney Summers. Wow, I really liked how depressing this was! Yes, sometimes things legitimately suck. I guess it had to end on a hopeful boy-note, whatever.

Bunny Drop v5, Yumi Unita. As I suspected, only tiny Rin holds my interest. Adolescent Rin and boring childhood-friend romance are a huge yawn. Forty-year-old Daikichi is somewhat worth reading about, but mostly I'm over this manga.

Wandering Son v4, Takako Shimura. Still pretty good translation and wonderful printing of the lovely watercolors. There's an amazing chapter where everyone is completely miserable, because being a middle schooler is hard, and something about it really touched me -- you see individual angst so frequently in YA, but rarely is it this clear that everyone is going through stuff.

Earth Girl, Janet Edwards. This has all the flaws Ladybusiness!Jodie said. Invisible disability as metaphor for racial passing (and I read it very clearly as that) is pretty dodgy -- plus the romance is pasted on and annoying. The future Earth archeology and hypercompetent heroine are Heinlein-juvenile-style gold, though, and I really enjoyed those bits despite the patchiness of the book overall. Amusingly, Betans are sexually liberal here as well as in Bujold: coincidence, homage, or something inherently slutty about the letter?

This Is Not a Game, Deep State, Walter Jon Williams. Reread because Wim is taking them away. :) Modern thrillers about internet-based augmented-reality games interacting with real-life murder, espionage, and special ops -- a great premise that works better in the first of these, mostly because of the love interest in the second one. I expect a certain papery quality to characters in this genre, but when the main character seems a bit more real than the others I admit I want her interest in someone to make sense to me, and it doesn't, he's just there. The internet references are also more specific in the second and therefore dated. I'll read the third one if it appears before me.

Reading now: Star Rigger omnibus, Jeffrey Carver. This is exactly the space opera I was looking for. The main character is SPECIAL, MISUNDERSTOOD, and DISRESPECTED, she gets into trouble and gets herself out, and meets a DRAGON and an AI parrot and alien friends. So far so cheesily awesome!

Nth reread of Crown Duel following first reread of Banner of the Damned, which I love with all my heart.


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