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Squeak cat went to the vet on Wednesday, where they found that she seems basically fine except this pesky sniffle. They can't be sure about the funny bump on her chin, but when she gets a dental cleaning we can look into it more. She's very healthy for her age, which is 17 now, but I got her on the "wellness plan" (which is less insurance and more a payment plan, but I need a payment plan, so) and they took some blood to check out.

I got a call Wednesday night saying one of her liver enzymes was off-the-chart high, and she had a few other mild tendencies that might be related to that. She could need an ultrasound to determine whether it's pancreatitis, gall bladder, other nasty stuff, $$$. The doctor said herself that it seemed weird considering how healthy she otherwise appeared, though, so I suggested in as nice a way as I could that sometimes things just get mixed up in the lab, and they agreed to retest.

Today they called. Her blood work is normal. They were all apologetic and said they'd look into why it happened, but I said I understood. And then I felt AWESOME. They didn't offer to retest until I asked, but because I know from labs and am smart I asked, and they did it at their own expense, and it was exactly the right thing to do. (And I have protected my excellent cat and taken good care of her.)

Date: 2015-04-10 08:25 pm (UTC)
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This is indeed most excellent. Go you for being proactive, and I'm glad she's doing well!


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