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(*n.b. not what it perhaps sounds like)

Have you had a truly terrible day? Do you kinda wish you were dead? Well, when you're done crying for the moment, how about taking a bath? It's cold in here, you do need to wash, and self-indulgence is good right now.

Unpack the plastic container of bubble baths and stuff that you haven't used since moving here.

Oh, dear. Some of these bottles have leaked. This butter rum one smells delicious... but clearly we need to clean this gooey mess up. Well, if we're going to have to wash it anyway, and it's made of bubble bath, let's do this like eleven-year-olds at a soda fountain.

Turn on the bath. When the water is medium-hot, stop the drain.

Rinse off the Peppermint Bark bubble bath bottle.

Rinse off the Eggnog bubble bath bottle.

Proceed with further bottles as seems wise. (Heel cream tube? Sure, that didn't seem to have leaked, also note to self you totally have heel cream, remember this. Nasty bug spray? Maybe we'll wash that one in the sink later.)

Bubbles are present, and you've reached the layer they all leaked onto: the sushi-print shower curtain. Keep it folded, but rinse it off as well as possible for more bubbles, then bundle it into the sink.

Add some more Butter Rum bubble bath, from inside the bottle this time.

Lounge and read in this bath, which smells like you know not what, until it gets kind of cold. Run some more hot water. Repeat.

Shower off and use the honey shampoo you got in Japan, how fun to still have this stuff. Then pull the shower curtain back in to finish rinsing it off.

All done suicide bath! You are warm and clean.

What do you smell like? ... Uh, like vinyl mostly. The shower curtain took some wrestling. But silliness was had, and that's always better than despair. Don't forget your friends love you. Good night.
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What have I been up to? Making trouble mostly.

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Had breakfast with several people, the first of whom asked if I was up for company before she sat down. Yes, that is how you do it. They invited me to join them on their ferry and bike-riding but I cheerfully said "nope!" I loafed about until around 4, semi-napping when I felt the need, and then set off for the nearby lighthouse on foot.

Trip to Nobska Lighthouse, in tweets/pictures.

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I've been reading this amazing Metafilter thread on emotional labor all day. It's very very long, but worthwhile. Here's a sample:

I had a dream last night that Robert Downey Jr. surprised me with something he thought I would like, based on my interests: Himself, springing out of a pile of leaves by my bed, enthusiastically wearing a unicorn horn and hooves like a brony. The dream was so satisfying, I think, not because I really want this to happen, but because it was nice to feel supported in my interests, however silly they might be—my husband vocally does not support this interest.

LADY DOCTOR #1: So, about the makeouts we performed.

LADY DOCTOR #2: Yes, that was a thing.

LADY DOCTOR #1: Thing is, I'm not queer, I just like you.

LADY DOCTOR #2: Coincidentally, that is also the case with me.

LADY DOCTORS exeunt for additional totally non-lesbian makeouts.


KYLEE cross-references anime, K-drama sources.

KYLEE: So... they're... both cross-dressing?
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More unpacking! Negotiated what of mine is going in the kitchen, so the rest can go to the attic. Still working on the clothes, but having more room to play Boxes of Hanoi in will help a lot.

Swept the floors like an awesome person.

As a household, we have hit some kind of critical mass for silly ice cube trays. From C: koi, UFOs/moons. From me: brains, robots/clock-keys. From M (and his person J): delight and plans for drink parties.

Nice dinner with roommates, maybe the last time we'll cook outdoors this season.

It's been too long since I watched a movie with my person J. Donnie Darko turns out to be pretty great! (Warnings: fridging, very scary Patrick Swayze, bad therapy.)
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1. Tweet from Joseph Fink ‏@PlanetofFinks:
fans of Tamika Flynn have a lot to look forward to in the next episode.


2. I feel it's a betrayal of the ways of my childhood that I keep and reuse the little bag-holding-shut deals for loaves of bread. Like, she who uses the clippy thing has forgotten the face of her father. And then I'm glad that I have a brain that makes me laugh. :)

3. Accomplished! I now have orange-and-very-plumeria (formerly unscented) lotion and lemon-rosemary (formerly didn't-really-smell-like-honey) conditioner. And I worked usefully on developing a method for another project.

4. I get to see Mom and Dad tomorrow! He was in the hospital briefly but was resting comfortably at home as of this afternoon.

5. Had a great time hanging out with Wim: found excellent jeans for me and a shirt for him (and dozens of eShakti dresses I didn't get, I wish I knew 5x dress-wearers), ran into someone we know and schooled them on aquarium cycling, ate delicious Mexican food, talked a whole bunch, and watched Elementary and ponies.
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Grad friend M's birthday was a cavalcade of wonders. Bizarre ice-cream taiyaki thing and other mystery snacks, bossing people around, finding someone with a Nintendo-controller messenger bag that matches my Nintendo-controller wallet, floating M. Bison-like above the bodies of my victims, making and distributing ume-shiso rolls, telling someone who really needed to know about the Studio Ghibli museum (and JR Pass, and Kyoto Museum of Traditional Crafts).

Then I went to work! Okay, work on Sunday night is not usually so great, but this iteration of the experiment was the right way to do it, I documented it appropriately, and I got the other things done that I needed to do.

Then I got the email response I'd been waiting for! THINGS ARE OKAY.

Then there was chicken soup with saltines, and cat time, and music.

Now there is feeding of axolotls, and night chores, and shower, and soon there will be sleep.


Feb. 3rd, 2013 06:06 pm
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Okay, whose brilliant idea was it for Men in Kilts to share a building with 1-800-GOT-JUNK?
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1. Bleah, work and having to meet new people, bleah.

2. Getting shit done!

3. In AMERICA, where I don't always have to wear underpants!
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So far I have gone to the wrong terminal, followed the signs to the right terminal which led me through a parking garage (?), gotten books (new Ilona Andrews and some logic puzzles), gone through security fine, and started feeling truly crappy even with Aleve. Whose bright idea was menstruation anwyay. I get to travel with hormonal premonitions of doom while my uterus is everting its insides like a sea cucumber.


Well. Before that I ate bao. So.
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Dear Tech J,

I regret to inform you that I killed one of your cultures with my chest. The lids were sticky and an entire damned tube came out of the rack, sticking to -my- rack only long enough to plummet to its doom at the bottom of the shaker. So, sorry about that.

On the other hand, I kludged together a tube-rack mount for the 30-degree shaker, because there wasn't one, so basically I am awesome except for that boob thing.

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Finally, after kicking us out of our office in March, it seems that the university's ripping-shit-up specialists have started to take tiny actions toward accomplishing our desired renovations, which are supposed to be finished in September. Mostly this has involved turning off our water/vacuum/air taps one afternoon for no good reason and putting up photocopied signs.

The funny part is that the lounge area, which is contiguous with the atrium, is being enclosed and turned into a conference room, so they logically put up barriers to contain the construction debris (that astronauts might not have to collect it later). They used white corrugated plastic, taped together in a way that reminds me of a well-made pillow fort. They have to get in and out of this bastion of asbestos, though, so there is a door. A cream-colored, highly civilized door, with its frame, looking like it was taken from a tidy country house and should have a charming cottage garden around it.

I am deeply tempted to tape up some pictures of hollyhocks.
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If I fail at my science career, plan # 183.

Travel the world doing bronies' nails.

From Pride, when I did [livejournal.com profile] marzipan_pig's nails with magnetic polish: very subtle Rarity cosplay.

[Three shimmery turquoise diamond shapes outlined in white on natural nails, thumb, middle, and ring fingers]
(Sinful Colors "Love Nails", Rite Stripe white.)

After finding some more drawing-type nail polishes, I noticed I had exactly Twilight's mane colors. This needs to be revised to use a lavender background behind the pink star, which doesn't show up well as is.

[Manelike stripes on thumb, pink star on middle finger, little white asterisks on other fingers]
(Sinful Colors Nail Art "Lagoon", "Rose in your Nose", and lavender one, Rite Stripe white.)

And the reason I decided to post, because getting the right colors has been a huge pain and I wanted to say how to do it, is this alpha-testing Applejack manicure. The apples came out pretty well, though I really should have a sort of jade green for stem and leaf, and the red is annoyingly translucent. Also, yellow nails never look quite as intentional as most colors; if you just glance at them they look unhealthy, so maybe I should drop the mane-impression bit in favor of more orange.

[Red apple with peach-orange background on thumb, other fingers sparkly yellow, red band on little finger]
(Thumb: one coat Sally Hansen Nail Growth Miracle "Perfect Peach" that I bought in Chicago last summer, one coat Sinful Colors "This Is It". Fingers: two coats "This Is It". Sinful Colors Nail Art "Be My Valentine" for the red bits.)

I think I need more pink. And a Rainbow Dash manicure is even less sensical than the Applejack one, but I think that will need to happen too.
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Face powder: $10

Buying lunch for videographer at Agua Verde: $15

Princess-seamed lab coat: $25

Being a video-protocol science star: priceless
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I would just like to state for the record that I have tonight (1) watched anime about space junk [Planetes] while (2) knitting from a pattern displayed on electronic paper [iPad] in close proximity to (3) my pet axolotl [Hex].

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Is that a Sea-Monkey? ... Next to Fonzie?

(This is what happens when Wim reads political cartoon threads. There is some highly mystifying symbolism in this world.)


Mar. 13th, 2012 12:07 pm
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Your name is Germander Rabbledeen

Congratulations! You had the honor of being a District 9 tribute in the 35th Hunger Games!

You were killed by romantic drama.


(Honestly, I am mostly excited about the nail polish collection for this movie, but the above cracked me up, so here you go. A little heavy on the herbal names, but fun.)
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So one of Wim's t-shirts mysteriously has a hole in the armpit, and I was trying to come up with how that could reasonably have happened. (Any guesses still welcome; the field is wide open here. "Poked in the side by a Roman spear" and "starched armpit hair" are not really credible hypotheses.) Well, I thought, maybe the side seam rubbed against the armhole seam... wait. There is NO SIDE SEAM. I checked the other side. No side seam. No... vertical seams in other locations that I have somehow not noticed.




I guess t-shirts with a curvier cut would always have side seams, and I do prefer those. It is possible that only the single default men's size is unseamed?

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As of today, I have added an entire police cruiser (3 days' worth of Lego), a cranky security guard with a radio, a very nice safe complete with gold bullion, and another different Lego ex-con.

Things that don't fit with the theme: what appears to be a lectern with lamp and magnifying glass from the Lego rare books room. Intended rather as Lego CSI gear for the smirky cop? I don't know.


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