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1. My assistant, whom I have gotten hooked on Hidden Sweets in Harvard Square, went there last week and texted to inform me that the beloved grapefruit gummi candy of song and story has been discontinued, and that HS was already out. After partially recovering from my shock, I went to the internet and ordered a 3-lb bag of them, which has now arrived. Next step: confirm their correct identity by eating a precious single one. Then I can set up a safe-deposit box.

2. I felt really good today. I've been managing energetic or physical well-being or motivated lately, but today I felt like me, pretty much all day. It was wonderful. It's been way too long.

3. Now I just need something to do with this ridiculous upswing of libido. (Total Prince immersion maybe not helping here.)

4. Completed the writing style guide for the Brightshine Jubilee storybook finally! Now I have something to refer bitches to when they try to start with me about whether "archeologist" is misspelled. I'm really excited about this project, even though it's making me stressed about Flight Rising overall. C came up with it and plans to typeset the whole thing, and I wound up lead writer because I got stuck managing the "omg we can't possibly have a pirate theme pirates are evil" drama into "okay we're having seafaring adventures and here is how it ties to the site canon." And of course since I'm the only person involved with the project who can herd cats, that's where all my energy is going. Please can you do the thing you said would be done a week ago, M, thx. But! Style guide is done, all the pages have been claimed by artists and writers, all I should need to do now is a little light whip-cracking and then final edits.

5. Currently reading Hunger Makes Me a Modern Girl by Carrie Brownstein from Sleater-Kinney. I had trouble getting into it at first because her style is a little overdone, but by chapter 2 I was on board. She swings from childhood attention-getting antics to reminiscences of queer-liberal-musician callout culture in 90s Olympia, says she can't call herself a musician and then comes out with deeply considered ideas about the nature of performance. I never lived in Olympia or Redmond, but I'm from nearby enough that I have my own ideas about them, so reading about them is a mix of familiarity and prejudice-confirmation (i'm sorry but evergreen college) that has me grinning over the book constantly.
[Those of you who follow me on Twitter have seen bits of this before. I had more to say, so decided to rework rather than tweetspam.]

I had never seen Purple Rain before, due to being seven years old at the time it came out. (Good choice, Mom!) AMC brought it out in theaters across the US this weekend in memory of Prince, and I badly wanted to go. Twitter has been mourning with me, but it hasn't felt like enough.


I loved Prince, but I never loved him as he deserved. That was wonderful and I want to see it on the big screen yearly.

We all clapped at the beginning "dearly beloved," at Purple Rain, and at the ending. Coincidentally also where I cried a little. I dressed lowkey, but the theater was sprinkled with beauty: purple fascinators, glitter shoes, lace.

Some bits of the movie are over the top, and being in the theater detracted from my experience once or twice. (Yes, I get that his father was literally a motherfucker, but you can stop giggling any time.) Some of it was really powerful, though. The part where he physically could not listen to his bandmates' music, a thing which he needed to do to get off the toxic course he was on, because his trauma was happening right there in the room with him: wow. I have my reasons to be interested in patterns of abuse these days, and this was helpful to my understanding without being too on the nose.

I'm bemused and annoyed by the way people seem to have taken the movie as a biography of Prince; I get that it's a little confusing, since his music is woven into it so strongly, but other people wrote that story, it is fiction. For instance, Prince was not biracial, a piece of misinformation that I've seen far too often recently.

Number of times I thought "my god he's beautiful": roughly 70??? I got a hot dog at the theater, but it was WHOLLY INADEQUATE as a sublimation target for the things I wanted to do to Prince in that movie. Damn. He even hit my "smartass/troll" button, though, much like Tony Stark, the character took it rather beyond what I'd put up with in real life.

I was thinking about "I'm not a woman/ I'm not a man/ I'm something that you'll never understand" on the way home, too, and the way our mourning for Prince and Bowie has been all about their gender transgressiveness and our nearly universal lust for them. It seems to me that, generally, women love men the best when they love femininity enough to adopt some of it for their own use. It's not just that they're not threatened by femininity, but that we feel more loved when men are willing to be like us in that way, when sometimes it's even more dangerous for them to be feminine than it is for us.

(Also, you gotta love that inevitable moment when the guy who winds up with the contested affections of a girl is called a faggot. That one got a good laugh from the audience tonight.)

Thus I have a new theory of gender-transgressive transformative works (perhaps overlapping in places with the "we slash because we want to read/write relationships which aren't societally unequal" theory): women and other feminine folks love these male characters so much that we want to share our femininity with them as a gift, and we want to believe that they would love us enough to happily embrace it, like Prince did.
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I miss having pottery class, but it was nice to be able to accommodate my broken sleep last night by staying in bed rather longer than I'd have been able to if there were class today. (Cats have pointy toes, so I was awakened rudely about 4am.) My plan is to paint some of the bisqueware I brought home, and to make some new newsprint stencils for when I can work with my greenware again.

The broken sleep was not at all the fault of the Rocky Horror Chiptune Show, which was at 10pm rather than midnight and proved easy to bus to and from. It was also extremely strange. The regular movie of Rocky Horror had been edited to include chiptune versions of the songs, so more than half the callbacks didn't apply and I was too confused to dance to the Time Warp. (Also some lines are different here from when/where I've been to shows before, so I was trying to learn them from a ragged and incomplete version. Failed. And disapproved strongly of the Prince stuff some jerks tried to add in.) There was also an awkward framing story of dudebros playing a Rocky Horror video game, which I could have done without, and they leaned too heavily on Pokemon parodies when I would have liked to see more retro gaming variety.

The most amazing part, though, was that the cast was dressed as NES characters. Frank-N-Furter as Mega Man is kinda perfect to be honest, and the person playing him was great. Brad and Janet were Mario and Peach, and for some reason Riff Raff and Magenta had really good Link and Zelda costumes. The conceptual triumph, though, was Dr. Scott as Pong: LED paddles mounted on some kind of armature, as far as I could tell, and a glowing ball moved back and forth between them by the actor.

Some of the songs and animations were great adaptations, some seemed a bit half-assed, and some were merely confusing. There's a playlist of the whole thing on Youtube, actually, so you can see what I mean. All of them would have benefited from subtitles, since an audience populous and deeply steeped in Rocky enough to completely follow along is incredibly unlikely. I'm pretty familiar with the show, though I haven't gone regularly in years, and I was WTFing an awful lot. Better execution would have been great, though I get that it's hard in a multi-person project like this. (Looking forward to this problem for my latest dragon game cat-herding project now. Yay.) More accessibility, though, could be imposed on the thing afterward by adding in subtitles and balancing the soundtrack better so the parallels could be heard.

Parts I recommend checking out:

Really, all of the songs have one or two good points or are worth checking out to boggle at. :) So yes, I did have a good time, not least because I need more excuses to apply fun makeup!

(I was also amused with myself for playing Sailor Moon Drops all the way home on my phone. No cognitive dissonance here, why do you ask?)
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I had a nice date tonight, despite still having the last bits of the terrible cold I got on the airplane and having to duck out of the theater for a protracted coughing fit in the hallway, and arrived home to find an awesome Christmas present from one of the people I missed seeing in Seattle. (A set of four botanical fern-motif mugs and a Riot Grrl memoir, it's like they've met me before.) Carol is a beautiful movie which appreciates Cate Blanchett's loveliness of age as it should.

dyke night

Dec. 13th, 2015 10:10 am
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I had a good time last night at Machine's monthly Dyke Night. There are two separate dancing rooms with entirely different music selections, and the cover (which they annoyingly do not post on their site) is $10. Definitely worth it! One of the pole dancers was beautifully muscular and the other had an adorable fat belly.

Neither of the DJs was hitting exactly the sort of thing I like to dance to, so I moved back and forth, spent a while lounging and watching people play air hockey, and admired the very acrobatic person in bodysuit and hot pink skirt who was doing high kicks and breakdancing off and on all evening. I danced enough to need lots of water, though, and while I was drinking it I talked with someone cute and fun whom I will be hanging out with again. (Loves Depeche Mode, cosplays Seras Victoria, adorable bobbed hair. Yes thank you.)

Speaking of music, I'm really enjoying Midday Veil thanks to a KEXP Song of the Day. Their recent stuff is very like School of Seven Bells, only with more synth.

Oh, and, perhaps most importantly, I wore my geometric lozenge dress (cute, swingy, short), black tights, and Docs. I did not need my bomber jacket at all thanks to the unseasonable warmth; must get a wristband or tiny purse or something to carry all my things when I don't have pockets.
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One moment of being intensely pleased with myself: I decided that hateboners are filled with bile instead of blood. Am I right or am I right? (Also, then I said "HEADCANON". :D?)

I am feeling better slowly! Currently I am actually up to doing things to help with my extreme social isolation. (Unfortunately signing up to Fetlife has immediately made my life goal of not interacting with any pompous motherfuckers who call themselves lord much more difficult. Really, get someone else to send your welcome messages.) Be nice if the timing worked out better, though -- I haven't been to any meetups yet, nor will I next week since all the things are Tuesday and I'll be in NYC.

For some reason someone had hung a container of new, vaguely botanical wall decals on a chain-link fence on my way to work. I stopped and went back for them once I'd thought it through a little, then when pretty much everyone had gone I put them up on the cabinets and appliances at work. It's only reasonable for the herbarium lab to have a vine decal on the fume hood and various sprigs on cabinets and drawers, right?

The Girl With All the Gifts is (1) really good and (2) sneakily written by Mike Carey. Ha.


Jul. 26th, 2015 12:00 am
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Roommate left. I left her a note and cleared out, since she had pretty obviously wanted the room to herself for packing up.

Chilled out before dinner, then went and ate a lobster. I sustained only one minor injury and got lots of food out of it. I remain fine with lobster in a way where you can have most of it and I will eat this clam chowder. (The chowder was great, the corn on the cob was terrible.)

Talked to several live humans and sang the Amphioxus song. One of the pictures on the wall is Gertrude Stein! The description of which person in that photo she is is ambiguous. Met a person who is my research cousin -- Ph.D. advisor's former postdoc's student, but we're both doing completely different things now. She is going to an Edward Gorey museum tomorrow and will tell me the results. (I have no plans with any humans tomorrow and am EXTREMELY PLEASED about that.) Another person told me where the bioluminescence is supposed to be best observed, and exhibited the scrapes he had gotten failing to see it.

I am better at clambering than he is. I saw the ctenophores! I was expecting more of a gentle glow, but they flash like tiny lightnings in the water between the blocks of the jetty. I splashed at them a few times and got them to blink, but then some waves arrived and they developed a whole storm, shallow and deeper and semi-periodic, very beautiful.

(Also thank god for privacy and Mad Max poly femmeslash.)

What with the lobster party, I did not manage to get any food from the dining hall to squirrel away in case I need to eat before brunch at ten, but I can find something if I have to. Maybe I will be able to sleep late! Unlikely but possible!


Jun. 27th, 2015 12:40 pm
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People keep posting this excerpt:

"No union is more profound than marriage, for it embodies the highest ideals of love, fidelity, devotion, sacrifice, and family."

And, while I recognize that this decision is on the whole a good thing, and certainly is manifestly excellent for multiple people that I love, my response every time is:

LADY DOCTOR #1: So, about the makeouts we performed.

LADY DOCTOR #2: Yes, that was a thing.

LADY DOCTOR #1: Thing is, I'm not queer, I just like you.

LADY DOCTOR #2: Coincidentally, that is also the case with me.

LADY DOCTORS exeunt for additional totally non-lesbian makeouts.


KYLEE cross-references anime, K-drama sources.

KYLEE: So... they're... both cross-dressing?
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Pretty establishing shots of Seattle, and, like Frasier, the impossibility of having a building where they seem to be trying to set the show.

The number of ways they come up with for attractive patients to die! Fucking hilarious. The best example of this is the ferry wreck in s3, which is so very LOLNO and beautiful, especially if like me you have seen that ferry dock many times and knew from the establishing shot what they were about to try to do. But anybody knows that ferries don't burn like that, they are made of metal on those parts, laughing forever. (Exploding carotid artery guy was pretty fantastic too.)

Honestly a lot of these women are awesome. There is stupid guy with his manpain, and other stupid guy, and other other stupid guy, etc. But then there's Meredith and Cristina being each other's person and having emergency dance parties. There's Addison who is great despite being shoehorned into the wronged woman + "oops I forgot to baby" narrative. There's Dr. Bailey, who is THE ACTUAL BEST, hypercompetent and strict as fuck and a great person behind it. There's Lexie making trouble and being angry. There is Hahn, who is a stone cold bitch to almost everybody, especially the jerk guys who really need it.

(It has made me think, several times, that it must really suck to be heterosexual, because nearly all the relationships in this show would be much better and easier if the women were dating each other. Ladies! Do not try to deal with gross, pressuring men who are usually in authority over you! When they leap wholesale over relationship steps that you would like to take slowly, and then blame you for being emotionally unavailable, the correct answer is, YES I AM UNAVAILABLE TO YOU BUH BYE. Are their penises magical? Because I'm pretty sure you can buy sparkly ones at the store!

Uh, that was a reason NOT to like the show, sorry.)

The music is... well, I think I know where a lot of the music on lunatunes used to come from. The stuff I liked. It is all over Tegan and Sara, Feist, The Bird and the Bee, all kinds of great songs.

Generally lulzy melodrama. Occasionally actual effective emotional or funny moments, but mostly it's ridiculous and over the top, which is a fine thing in television.

Incredibly irritating love interest guy is eventually going to DIE. It will take him a while, unfortunately. But still.
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This usually helps when I'm feeling down. Also it turns out there are loads of good things!

1. Wrote to several interesting women on OKCupid. (There are not enough women in my life socially; also I am a mostly-frustrated Kinsey 4+.)

2. This morning one of my roommates had put the toilet brush into the trash can instead of its holder. I cracked up laughing, and he allowed as how he would've laughed too if he'd been the one seeing it instead of the one asleep enough to do it.

3. Having multiple moments of really liking my body. It's not actively trying to kill me at this point, and my waist-hip area is so pretty.

4. Changed insole and lacing configuration on my Docs for greatly improved stompling power!

5. Glitter snow tonight!

6. I don't really understand TMI, but this is it probably )

Also the other day I saw a bike with GIANT TIRES, so that was pretty fantastic.


Nov. 29th, 2014 10:44 pm
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Really stellar Kaidonovsky cosplay

Holy cow, best Hogwarts founders fancasting possible

Some hints on rocking androgynous looks with a curvy build

Flawless Christmas-sweater victory

And then there was this...

Dad: So do you do all the cooking for the group of you in your apartment?


Mom: *snickering quietly in the background*

Dad: ...

Me: We are all grown adults and we cook for ourselves.
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1. Queer fashion mark hit: there were mutually approving glances with a lovely purple-haired boy in a gauzy floral skirt.

2. Helpful massage left my very sore shoulders and grumpy hip/back area still sore, but much more amenable to being stretched easefully.

3. Found free shelving! It is definitely of the "better than no shelving" furniture tier, but hey, that's where I'm at.
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1. Slept much better than I have lately after discussing self-soothing strategies and taking a bath (for which I cleverly rigged lighting so I could read Year of the Griffin in the tub despite my terrible bathroom configuration).

2. I do not understand how this happened, but this happened:

[image of a huge mechanical crane with its front wheels entirely off the ground]

3. Rainbowgrads is updating their constitution. I am so happy that my little organization is still holding together and doing things!

4. Cracked myself up with my own reaction to these vaginal fingering techniques when I got to "Cervix Clock" -- I made a terrible face, squirmed, thought "ewww noooo", and actually crossed my legs. (This undermines all my grand pronouncements about having a reaction-filter pretty thoroughly, doesn't it?) Some of the others were just like "who came up with THAT?" and the cumulative effect of the whole strangely creative and specific page had me crying with suppressed laughter (because of course I was reading this at work).

5. More crying at work, courtesy of Greg Rucka. "I am the father of a daughter, and she is my light, and she shines, and I want for her every-fucking-thing she desires, and I want those things for her earned, not given; I want for her the reward of effort. I want for her inclusion. I want for her validation. I want for her a world that recognizes her worth as a human being." YES. That fiercest love. (Emphasis mine.)

1. Still highly amused by Wim's link to HIGH END CUSTOMIZABLE SAUNA EXPERIENCE.

2. Managed to mow some lawn before the rain got heavy.

3. Lovely quiet day of making stuff and thinky writing.

4. Looked at a whole lot of extremely fine pictures of Kat Dennings. Yum.


1. Caught up on Welcome to Night Vale. Blown away by the latest Weather: Eliza Rickman's "Pretty Little Head"

2. Haphazard hair-pinning for maximum cuteness was a runaway success.

3. Ukulele-playing girl in the back of the bus was a pleasant background, then she seemed really happy when some guy told her he was enjoying it, so I told her too before I got off and she was flaily-happy. Adorable!

4. Stayed up way too late watching The Dark Crystal in chat with racing friend. Oops. Such fun, though.
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1. PI said I looked beautiful yesterday. (She's not wrong, I am also very happy with that dress.)

2. I loved this post on coming out, and its comments.

3. Also this one on bisexuality. (I don't care about Teen Wolf, but the fic therein threatened is here: http://archiveofourown.org/works/520864.)

4. Last night I found out that yet another person in my racing game is from Seattle! And I managed to drag the first person out for a drink, which was tons of fun. This also meant wearing a second cute outfit in a single day!

5. Spring smells ranging from piercingly sweet honeysuckle to fresh and mellow apple blossom are all over as I walk anywhere now. Our slow-motion spring continues, as most other places begin to overtake us. I'll miss this.
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Why I was never going to like Captain Vorpatril's Alliance: my escapism is not about escaping my own awesomeness. Ekaterin, kept back from her full potential and then gloriously released, will always be a more congenial character than Tej, pushed to do something in particular and successfully sliding away into Ivanish efficiency and relaxation. Also how did a book with Byerly manage to not have him be fun? (Also also, wtf, how is Byerly dating a girl in an apparently totally straight fashion.) I'm sure some people who are not burning with ambition like this book fine, and the adventurey parts are enjoyable enough, but no one really shines.

Kathy Reichs' Monday Mourning is one of those mystery novels where the character is frustratingly obtuse about something incredibly obvious for half the book. Normally I can turn off my brain to the extent required to enjoy mysteries, but UGH it was SO OBVIOUS, the dentist even said it, use your brain, character! (Also talk to your damn boyfriend instead of sniping at him, it is not that hard.)
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1. Good interactions with random cute girls. Funny that I read someone saying she is recognized as a queer femme, and what that looks like, and then promptly noticed it happening to me. :) (Soft butch with red lipstick, yes please!) And I complimented someone on her outfit this morning -- litte red flats, short dark-teal trenchcoat, short skirt with narrow horizontal black-and-white stripes.

2. Our cell culture actually grew really fast. We had to scramble a bit in the morning to fit the planned procedure into our schedules, but we didn't have to stay late like sometimes.

3. Several compliments on my hair and jewelry today, including one guy who called it "chiffon hair."

4. My body actually feels almost kind of healthy, she said incredulously.

5. Mightily ran errands, including acquisition of kitty mind-control to stem this tide of fucking hissing from Diz at zero provocation, and got to see new hand-raised cockatiels!
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1. More catty moments from scientific papers: "Nectar and/or pollen are the only floral rewards traditionally investigated. Such myopia has impeded full understanding of flower-visiting organisms." (Also: oh for the days when you could get published by licking your study organism and describing the flavor.) (Also also: bees are not as efficient as bomb calorimetry.)

2. I remain disproportionately amused every time Dan Savage says "ball crushers" as part of the Extreme Restraints ads. There is such relish in his voice.

3. Sassed a dude about using "Hello Ladies" as his salutation to me and PI in professional email. I mean, really. I did appreciate the image of the Old Spice guy working on our microscope, and said so.

4. TINY CHAINSAW ON A STICK I want it so bad

5. Marzipan chocolate made Rainbowgrad friend H really happy. I have rarely seen anyone quite that happy.


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