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In getting-over-my-ex news, I have:
  • Watched a bunch of Leverage by myself.

  • Made waffles (and done some other nontrivial cooking).

  • Gotten to where going to the grocery store merely makes me feel badgerish rather than panicky.

  • Finally thrown out the food that I had made to share with them when they decided to disappear instead.

  • [TMI] Made it all the way to orgasm without accidentally fantasizing about them and veering off into anti-erotic misery.[/TMI]

In general awesome doings, I have:
  • Gotten my bike into rideable shape.

  • Made an apple pie and won work's (very small) Pi Day contest with it.

  • Kept up decently on my job.

  • Successfully taken almost all of my absurd medication schedule on time.

  • Given excellent presents to people.

  • Polled for dragon game festival themes, including having to contact someone I didn't know to check that we weren't stepping on any toes.

  • Managed a fuckton of drama about dragon game festival themes, including whipping up a storyline that incorporated multiple suggestions.

  • Appeared to have an actual immune system -- still not all the way better but quickly recovered back to generally-crappy instead of getting a bad cold.

  • Designed and drawn lineart for an elaborate (representational-plus-celtic-knot) mythical snake design on a bowl, to be further painted in underglaze.
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I woke up in a good mood on Friday (sushi aftereffects?) and then had therapy. Therapist is onto me, as I have complained to Twitter already -- she refuses to hear only about the things that are going well now and directs me back to how the one terrible thing is getting its miasma everywhere. So that was hard but probably a good idea.

Saturday I had pottery as usual, and while the kiln is getting a lot slower since it's the end of the quarter I did get my Hallucigenia bowl back! It's ridiculous and great. I glazed the trilobite-stenciled bowl and another one, so hopefully those will be done by next week, and threw a couple more bowls that I was very happy with. One quite big, with lovely thin walls that really wanted to buckle downward, and my teacher was finally not being monopolized by Miss Working-On-Commission for the entire period and showed me how to save it and a less accident-prone way to do shaping. Always nice when I get instruction from my instructor!

Then [personal profile] genarti picked me up for our small hiking trip. It wasn't warm at all, but dry and clear was good enough for us. We drove out to Rocky Woods Reservation, which turns out to be adorable and very well maintained, with nice flexible trail options that don't doom you to an hours-long loop if you don't want to commit. There was an orienteering event that we both agreed we probably would've wanted to join in if we hadn't come at the end, but instead we had quite good sandwiches and a giant pickle from an aggressively quaint deli in the nearby small town. (How quaint were they? So quaint they had three kinds of store-brand soda bottled for them, bearing labels printed with an image of their storefront, complete with printed sign pointing to it in case you forgot who and how cute they were.)

Hiking with Beth is great. We climbed rocky hills! We saw a beautiful vista! We got distracted by trees and rocks! And also a weird nut (diagnosis after rock-based dissection efforts: one of these bare trees is a young walnut). And part of the trail being paved with compressed shredded roof shingles.

Then we joined a bunch of people downtown to watch Mermaid, which was hilarious if disturbing in parts. The cops! The shoes! The ceiling fan! The slingshot! The cranky assassin auntie! The badass magical grandma! (We could all have done without the teppanyaki scene.) We got food at a good Vietnamese place, which I'm about to have leftover clay pot rice from, and went by a bakery on our way home too.

Then I came home to find that pretty much everything we needed for our Flight Rising event was done to my satisfaction, and got a lot of very nice sleeping done. This morning (now that the push has started and we have some dragon data to play with) I made spreadsheet wizardries happen, took another nap, and have had time to just relax. I'm reading the weirder novels of Andrea Host, and can definitely recommend The Pyramids of London for wacky steampunk vampires and gods. Very eventful days are fun, but my health is still not great, and lying down a lot today has also been excellent. I also watched a bunch of Leverage, and I'm working on a music mix for a friend.
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Saturday: Went in the afternoon to a local amusement park with a bunch of people. Went on three small roller coasters and one boat cruise as well as the scrambler which was inexplicably a rave. Came home in the car with a headache despite the good company, and discovered a slight fever on getting indoors, because apparently I am a frail Edwardian child. A good day, though.

Sunday: Saw new Mad Max, which goes to eleven thousand, and got Chinese food with humans. Overpeopled and lonely after, such a great combination. Very sore hand, really must go get prescribed things for joint badness. Random bleeding which should no longer be a thing, could only possibly be due to roller coasters, wtf.

Monday: Continued to use Grey's Anatomy as background noise/therapy while messing about leveling dragons and doing a lot of sewing. Some stuff came clear in my mind, or at least clear about why I'm mad that it's not clear. Ate a bunch of chocolate because yes I do want to be headachey forever shut up.
LADY DOCTOR #1: So, about the makeouts we performed.

LADY DOCTOR #2: Yes, that was a thing.

LADY DOCTOR #1: Thing is, I'm not queer, I just like you.

LADY DOCTOR #2: Coincidentally, that is also the case with me.

LADY DOCTORS exeunt for additional totally non-lesbian makeouts.


KYLEE cross-references anime, K-drama sources.

KYLEE: So... they're... both cross-dressing?
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Pretty establishing shots of Seattle, and, like Frasier, the impossibility of having a building where they seem to be trying to set the show.

The number of ways they come up with for attractive patients to die! Fucking hilarious. The best example of this is the ferry wreck in s3, which is so very LOLNO and beautiful, especially if like me you have seen that ferry dock many times and knew from the establishing shot what they were about to try to do. But anybody knows that ferries don't burn like that, they are made of metal on those parts, laughing forever. (Exploding carotid artery guy was pretty fantastic too.)

Honestly a lot of these women are awesome. There is stupid guy with his manpain, and other stupid guy, and other other stupid guy, etc. But then there's Meredith and Cristina being each other's person and having emergency dance parties. There's Addison who is great despite being shoehorned into the wronged woman + "oops I forgot to baby" narrative. There's Dr. Bailey, who is THE ACTUAL BEST, hypercompetent and strict as fuck and a great person behind it. There's Lexie making trouble and being angry. There is Hahn, who is a stone cold bitch to almost everybody, especially the jerk guys who really need it.

(It has made me think, several times, that it must really suck to be heterosexual, because nearly all the relationships in this show would be much better and easier if the women were dating each other. Ladies! Do not try to deal with gross, pressuring men who are usually in authority over you! When they leap wholesale over relationship steps that you would like to take slowly, and then blame you for being emotionally unavailable, the correct answer is, YES I AM UNAVAILABLE TO YOU BUH BYE. Are their penises magical? Because I'm pretty sure you can buy sparkly ones at the store!

Uh, that was a reason NOT to like the show, sorry.)

The music is... well, I think I know where a lot of the music on lunatunes used to come from. The stuff I liked. It is all over Tegan and Sara, Feist, The Bird and the Bee, all kinds of great songs.

Generally lulzy melodrama. Occasionally actual effective emotional or funny moments, but mostly it's ridiculous and over the top, which is a fine thing in television.

Incredibly irritating love interest guy is eventually going to DIE. It will take him a while, unfortunately. But still.
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Context: Super crampy, like, for days, but especially terrible last night and this sweat-soaked morning. Made it to the pre-existing gynecologist appointment on time... at the wrong location. Fuuuuuck. Did not cry or yell at anyone, even the receptionist who was being kind of a jerk. Walked to the other location that would have been closer had I but known and got seen after jumping some more frustrating hoops. Luckily the NP was very nice, respectful and helpful, generally awesome, and obviously distressed at my pain and determined to get me seen by helpful further doctors. (We are still planning to try Mirena for now, but she thinks endometriosis could explain at least some of my too-damn-many pain issues and wants me to consult about exploratory laparoscopy, which, I've been on the fence anyway, fuck it let's do this.)

So here is some cheerful shit from the last week or so!

(what, sometimes my blanket NSFW warning becomes more relevant)

Parked near here sometimes is a polka dot motorbike! It has lots of exposed black mechanical parts, but the plastic panels are white with green dots of various sizes.

My poster design for the symposium Saturday was good. That'll teach people to assume I need help designing! And the symposium went well: I put an entitled dude in his place and had nice conversations with several people.

Saw a guy coasting down the street standing on his little buzzing dirt bike, with one hand ON HIS HIP like a fashion shoot. He had a little blond pompadour too. AMAZE.

Wow, all of these people belong in Paradise Kiss, especially the one with the orange headwrap.

Adorable comic about women, love, and magic.

My Buffy knowledge level (gained chiefly via fannish osmosis) was sufficient for me to recognize these as adorbs: http://kateordie.tumblr.com/post/100005371607/i-was-showing-off-my-christmas-elves-from-last

I saw saffron crocuses blooming today! Expect a drawing when my hands are less shaky.
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Finished Project Runway s8. Still not sure how I feel about watching things by myself. I enjoyed it and all! It just takes so much time, and while I am able to play Fish Tycoon or sew or things, I feel like I lose a lot of flexibility, so if it's not also a social activity it's kind of annoying even as I remain eager to do it in the moment.

And once again learned that I do not have high-fashion tastes. Even if I were that good at sewing, I'd never survive on the show -- despite keeping track of trends and judging the heck out of them, I simply don't have the background knowledge of design, past trends, or what's current, which is way different from what people on the street actually wear. There are frivolous and messed-up things about fashion as an industry, of course, but I think one of the myths that the show dispels (while being creative and fun of course, and fine I kinda like the drama) is that being in fashion doesn't require knowledge. Talent and skill are paramount, but the people who succeed are the people who understand the context of their work. They also have to be in touch with the ineffable sense of what the judges think is young-not-teenage, sexy-not-slutty, sophisticated-not-old, adventurous-not-costumey, suited-not-matchy, etc, but that bit is partly luck!

good things

May. 6th, 2014 11:29 pm
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1. Crying happy tears over breakfast because of Advanced Ambulatory Ichthyology. (The crying moment was about 85% of the way through, if you're curious.)

2. I ordered a smartphone and data service, since I figure that will help with surviving effectively in a new place. Very mixed feelings about this, actually, but I will enjoy it!

3. A racing friend is having a birthday Monday and I am going to send her a package of fun things! I love doing this stuff. Hopefully more people will send things to ME as a result, too.

4. Came home at lunch and had Aleve and laid down with heating pad for two hours... and then was cramp-free. Wow. May it continue so!
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Because it helps.

1. Daphne odora in full bloom

2. Getting some stuff organized at work

3. Weird Al on MLP:FIM

4. Delicious caramels
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There was a faux chestnut in the pizza place harvest display, all silly green-plastic spines. Wim and I were both delighted.

1. Felt better about going to family Thanksgiving. (Failing actually interacting better, I have the new 3DS Zelda game.)

2. Painted fabric looking good for baby square of doom.

3. Thai noodles and Leverage with Wim making us both feel better.

4. Email with [personal profile] rushthatspeaks and very important Lucien cat.

1. Moderately intelligent cloning scheme generated by me!

2. Finished painting some very pretty coral, set the dye, and (this is critical) decided not to screw up my fingers and brain trying to finish the whole thing tonight.

3. Played Rock Band with my new drum pedal, which I had to buy on eBay since somehow the Goodwill only has the main drum-kit parts. Fun! Hilarious to observe myself failing to control my own foot!
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1. Tweet from Joseph Fink ‏@PlanetofFinks:
fans of Tamika Flynn have a lot to look forward to in the next episode.


2. I feel it's a betrayal of the ways of my childhood that I keep and reuse the little bag-holding-shut deals for loaves of bread. Like, she who uses the clippy thing has forgotten the face of her father. And then I'm glad that I have a brain that makes me laugh. :)

3. Accomplished! I now have orange-and-very-plumeria (formerly unscented) lotion and lemon-rosemary (formerly didn't-really-smell-like-honey) conditioner. And I worked usefully on developing a method for another project.

4. I get to see Mom and Dad tomorrow! He was in the hospital briefly but was resting comfortably at home as of this afternoon.

5. Had a great time hanging out with Wim: found excellent jeans for me and a shirt for him (and dozens of eShakti dresses I didn't get, I wish I knew 5x dress-wearers), ran into someone we know and schooled them on aquarium cycling, ate delicious Mexican food, talked a whole bunch, and watched Elementary and ponies.
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1. One crow hopping high, down a steeply sloping, intensely green lawn. Another crow, who'd just found a fat worm, startled by the first one's clear intention to share.

2. Girls! Science! Old-timey style!

3. Snarky Twitter-interface meta with old friends/enemies.

4. Femslash Friday Kaylee/Inara is adorable. Not actually on board with the Artemis/Athena comparison (what?) but gay gay Simon! and the undeniable likelihood of awesome toy invention!

5. Today I learned that there are many differences of opinion regarding what's up in the skeleton of a mermaid's hip region. Pelvis or no is the most obvious, of course, and the consequences and interpretations thereof are intriguing. (Image searches inspired by this wonderful anglerfish and mermaid picture, which I also really want a print of now.)

6. The unholy alliance between panicked November yellowjackets and invasive poisonous English ivy has led to a low hedge that hums in an agitated fashion whenever I pass it in the morning. I should probably take another route if I don't want to get stung, but I'm fascinated. Pollen is pretty good food, and there's not much else out there right now. They'll be there until the bitter end.

7. Last night I got to tell Wim my vagina was poison. (No dairy allowed, yeast infection, yogurt, hilarity.)

8. I passed a short stone wall on my walk home tonight that was covered in Virginia creeper. For some reason, the plant always has a funny way of shedding its leaves, leaving the petioles sticking out for a while before dropping them separately later, so the wall had a combination of reddened leaves and pale, jaunty spines that made it look absurdly like a cheerful nudibranch.

9. Yesterday I got a burrito in the school cafeteria, because despite my nightshade problems I usually cannot resist Burrito Day. The cafeteria guy stared at my head transfixed for a moment. "It's like cotton candy," he breathed.

"That's what I was going for!" I said brightly.

He allowed as how it made him want to go to the fair, and I said that was all about elephant ears for me. He suggested funnel cake, I countered with deep-fried butter, which I noted was about as good as you'd think. He wants to try deep-fried Twinkies.

Then he was done making the first part of the burrito, and I said thanks, and he responded, "No, thank you."


10. All recent movies have been good! Searching for Sugar Man, Wreck-It Ralph, and Captain America this week. (I am making an effort to consistently rent things from Scarecrow, because they're amazing and not doing that great financially.) In particular, Wreck-It Ralph was a lot funnier and more interesting than I expected, and I loved that the only romance was secondary and that the little girl character determines her own gender expression.
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The eternal malicious disappointment of the modern uterus

Photo by me of an excellent portrait of the Maxx
(Sam Kieth has not been around his blog recently, but I gave him the link and hope he liked it!)

In which milk is more revealing than fabric

Lisa Wade saying just the right thing about the patriarchal bargain (via ladybusiness!ana). Avoid if you are Just Done hearing about Miley Cyrus, I guess, but this makes a good last word even so.

Hypnotic math gifs

I remain incredibly amused by http://critiquemydickpic.tumblr.com/. Read from the beginning to develop an understanding of the jargon.

Redden is a lovely, short, creepy webcomic based on Red Riding Hood.

Matt Fraction says eloquently why suicide is no good

All of the Disney Princesses dressed up for Halloween are great, but MULAN AS XENA!

Korra book 2 fan comics! I should probably watch the show, huh?

PIPETTE TIP DRESS (from Wim, who knows how to hit multiple buttons at once)
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(I keep going to sleep or getting laid and forgetting to post. Sorry!)


1. I got both new lab managers to agree to join me in wearing polka-dots this Friday. I missed this game a lot! Clothes and low-key bonding, hard to beat. [note: this is TODAY, expect outfit pic later]

2. Chilly low mist over the lake in the morning, just beautiful. Graceful, gauzy horizontal streaks of sunset in blue and cyan and peach.

3. Good couple of days for historical scholarship acknowledging women:
http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2013/10/131008-women-handprints-oldest-neolithic-cave-art/ (thanks to Lauren Faust on Twitter)
http://judithweingarten.blogspot.com/2013/10/how-prince-became-princess.html (in response to which sovay said what I was also thinking)

4. Also a good day for other people's strange clothing. I saw a hat that was also a scarf by way of an elongated crown (actually being worn) and a truly horrid bridesmaid dress made of sheer netting and fake autumn leaves (not being worn by a real person, thank goodness).

5. Pho and M-pig time.


1. Got enough sleep and feeling halfway decent.

2. Ovulation is distracting but fun. Did you know that a bottle of Mexican Coke feels entrancingly smooth on your lower lip? Try it!

3. Moved money back into savings for a change.

4. Successful managerial-type talk with underperforming person. I think we did great with this, pretty proud of myself.

5. Elementary season 2 episode 1 (in which pigeons do not work like that), pizza, Rock Band, sweetie.
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1. Slept long enough! Not all at once, but I will TAKE IT.

2. Two for two on dandelion wishes this morning.

3. Margarita lunch and mad speed-writing on fellowship proposal! So yeah, I guess I'm writing a fellowship that's due October 8. Do not expect me to get any better at comments/email/life than I have been recently.

4. Once we were hugging and kissing and starting to make love and all of a sudden she says, 'What part of the world do armadillos live in?' and other amazing moments from the Hite Report.

5. I basically came home today, dressed up as Cardcaptor Sakura (Halloween costume now a moral imperative, y/n?), watched a bunch of K-ON while eating rice made with hot-pot broth and making cookie dough, and then played Rock Band for a while. What's not to love?
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0. This was yesterday, but I didn't tell you about it yet. There was a marching band playing "Sweet Dreams Are Made of These" when we went out to dinner, as a promo for Honkfest.

1. Yay for ovulation. (Even my cycle seems to be behaving itself.)

2. Good meetings despite disorganization on all fronts. All the logistical problems with doing what I want to are still problems, but if funding and failsafes can be established I think good things could happen. THINKY THOUGHTS about projects and fellowship proposals are NOW.

3. The cutest onigiri! Made by the best [personal profile] rushthatspeaks!

4. The airport gift shop had a bunch of My Little Pony stuff! Now they have less. Also, the nice cashier offered to mail my postcard for me, as he was going on break in the outside world in ten minutes. (For some reason airports never seem to help a person with this very common issue of needing to mail last-minute postcards from beyond security. Pneumatic tubes seem like the most obvious and delightful solution.)

5. Beautiful sunset over lit-up Boston as we flew out. Places that feel homelike: the woods and creek and gravel pits by my childhood home, Pacific Northwest forests in general, Friday Harbor Labs, Seattle, and signs point to yes for a new one. But now I am back in the one with my orange lotion, in which I don't have to wear any pants.
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Some happy stuff from yesterday and today, though!


1. Got to see M-pig and Wim both! Admittedly my meal with Wim was more successful, because dinner has been working lately in a way that other eating has not.

2. Fabric poster was picked up early and folded into luggage (with its proof, for dewrinkling experiments at destination).

3. New person at work still seems good, didn't immediately quit or anything!

4. Planned an easy day at work, had an easy day at work. Some stuff had to be put off due to equipment problems, which I feel bad about, but I cover for people when they need it too.

5. Wim hung out with me while I packed and cleaned, which was comforting and helpful. I think I got everything done!


1. Airport taxi driver had cherries hanging from his rear view mirror like me at age seventeen. Makes a person wonder.

2. The airplane had a Tina Fey "Behind the Actors Studio" on, yay.

3. Salmon onigiri for airplane food!

4. No outdoor sun today, but I got some sunset at least. I unerringly found a low wall to isolate myself from everyone, laid down on the grass, and watched mother-of-pearl shaded clouds go from yellow to peach to pink and blue. Cicada-sound everywhere, hot but cooling, and so humid that droplets were falling on my arms out of the clear blue sky. Banana moon today, especially after sunset when it went buttery, gold, brass.

5. In a quiet room all by myself.
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1. Actually from yesterday: look at this gender ratio on the Year's Best SF, I almost cried in the bookstore. Thank you, Rich Horton.

2. Used a Pasteur pipet to decant some perfume. Science!

3. Managed to find a spot on the lawn large enough to recline without being too close to any of the ubiquitous goose scat, and ate lunch while watching two dragonflies flit around and soaking up sun.

4. I love being able to completely focus on things. It doesn't have to be anything interesting: I got a lot of satisfaction out of straightening some compressed plastic wrap today. (So we see that both not crumpling it and crumpling it are good. It's a nice world.)

5. Ramen in a new ramen bowl while watching K-on!


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