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Fannie Farmer's mac and cheese is fuckin' amazing. (I used 2% milk and light cream, so proooobably I won't get sick from too much fat. Also I figured it could use a couple cloves of microplaned garlic, as many things can.)

This week's Song Exploder is about the Korra finale. You can hear the notes the composer got about spoiler!

I got a bunch of stuff done at work this morning. After that I was tired and floppy all day, but it certainly felt good to be efficient for a while.

ETA: OH ALSO BTW JUPITER ASCENDING and this playlist about it. Like I said on Twitter, how are people surprised that a Wachowski movie is ridiculous? It's not like the Matrix makes any damn sense. (I can't be the only one whose instinct on watching it for the first time was to think we were meant to be making fun? Alas, that was not what the host of that party had in mind at all.) But Jupiter Ascending is hilariously, awesomely ridiculous and also beautiful to look at.
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The previous post linked at the beginning of this one isn't bad, but this one's great. On what men think women want from women.

Exciting results from collaborators at work! Going to have to send them a lot more samples.


Among other wonders, SailorPtah has made "fetch" happen. (Crossover between Night Vale and His Dark Materials.) I couldn't get the smile off my face.

Emma Watson did okay. Yeah, men in general need to step up and be better feminist allies, but it's not actually about them, and I don't think they've failed to realize that their moms are generally women. I think it's hard for men to see how fucked things still are because they don't experience it. That's what we need to fix, but it's a catch-22 in multiple ways.

1. Still highly amused by Wim's link to HIGH END CUSTOMIZABLE SAUNA EXPERIENCE.

2. Managed to mow some lawn before the rain got heavy.

3. Lovely quiet day of making stuff and thinky writing.

4. Looked at a whole lot of extremely fine pictures of Kat Dennings. Yum.


1. Caught up on Welcome to Night Vale. Blown away by the latest Weather: Eliza Rickman's "Pretty Little Head"

2. Haphazard hair-pinning for maximum cuteness was a runaway success.

3. Ukulele-playing girl in the back of the bus was a pleasant background, then she seemed really happy when some guy told her he was enjoying it, so I told her too before I got off and she was flaily-happy. Adorable!

4. Stayed up way too late watching The Dark Crystal in chat with racing friend. Oops. Such fun, though.
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1. NPR's How To Do Everything podcast continues to be delightful.

2. THIS POSTER, YOU GUYS. We have a paper copy in the lab and I had to call over another postdoc to marvel at it with him.

3. I made baked beans by accident?! Crock pot magic: cook them for-freakin'-ever and, even with no added sugar, starch breaks down into sweetness. I don't really like baked beans, but: science!
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I just got home from seeing the very first show of the Welcome to Night Vale West Coast tour, in which the cast puts on an episode of their wonderful eldritch podcast live on stage. I had very little idea what to expect. We all know that librarians are terrifying nonhumans who represent a clear danger to library patrons and Summer Reading Program students, of course, so the peril was represented in the title, but beyond that, no idea. The podcast is usually just over twenty minutes, and I honestly had no idea if I might have paid fairly steep ticket prices for my sweetie and myself to be in the theater for about half an hour.

If that had been true, it would have been worth it just to be there with that audience. It had not occurred to me to perform Night Vale cosplay, but the 8pm sold-out audience was composed of the people who'd been waiting with bated breath for ticket sales: the big fans. We stood in line behind a small female Carlos, who did indeed have beautiful hair to go with her goggles and hand-painted NV lab coat. The first Cecil appeared only moments later -- Tumblr-fanon to the life -- and that girl did not have a light-up leaf umbrella, she was the Glow Cloud. There was a hooded figure with glowing red eyes and a Night Vale Dog Park sign, who was hanging around with the Faceless Old Woman. Librarians in pencil skirts and torn, bloodied blouses were jossed only a few minutes into the show, but that's probably the way I'd have gone if I'd thought of it sooner, despite my own completely legitimate lab coat ownership. And afterward Wim helped me find [personal profile] were_duck's friend M, who had homebrewed LED Glow Cloud on their t-shirt; they nabbed the umbrella girl and her elaborate microcontroller for a photo; and I pulled in the third Glow Cloud, who had an old-school glamour about her puffy lighted wrap. Such the best audience. (The 10pm latecomers seemed much more ordinary as we walked past the two blocks of lineup on our way out.)

I had the wrong idea about the weather, as it turns out. I knew that in Seattle the weather would be performed by Jason Webley, a local accordionist and hipster hero, and assumed that it would be a local artist in each location. Not so: Webley is integrated into the show and will be touring with them. He also opened with a short set, which unfortunately began with the exact same three songs I had heard him play most recently, since they're the ones he did at the Neil Gaiman reading. Sheesh. The giraffe bit is hilarious, but could we mix things up a little more? We can't be the only people who went to both events. Anyway, he stomped and yelled in his usual fashion, then settled down into the parts of his performances that I actually like, here adding a violinist to fine effect. Overall enjoyable, just getting tired of having him pop up suddenly at things I'm going to for other reasons.

The staging was minimal, no props or elaborate costumes, but Cecil Baldwin is a stage actor and does a marvelous job of reading with appropriate gestures as well as intonation. As in the podcast, you don't see much, but the show as written is longer than usual and does a frankly brilliant job at pulling the audience in for participation and effective creepiness. All the musical accompaniment was right on cue*, as in the final show. We got out right around 9:30, and I will tell you nothing else about the story, since they're going to edit it for broadcast later.

If you're lucky enough to have tickets, you are going to be extremely happy with this show! It exceeded my expectations completely, and they weren't low. I kept bumping up against Wim's shoulder on the way home and gleaming at him. He was properly appreciative of his present.

Upcoming shows for which there are still tickets:
- Vegas and Phoenix
- Another just-announced tour in March from Boston down the coast and around through Texas, then the Midwest
- Emerald City Comic-con back here in Seattle (a reason to go to a giant con?)

* There was one hilarious moment during the end of a dramatic Webley song when someone's Mac made a loud "my volume has been adjusted" blip, though. Webley carried on admirably, but I admit that my area of the audience was giggling a bit, and when someone stage-whispered disgustedly, "APPLE," it didn't help us control ourselves.

[ETA: Also, I sat next to an ax for the entire show. And there was a man in a tan jacket with the BEST felt deer-skull mask, we only saw him on the way out. AUDIENCE LOVE.]
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1. Bought tickets to see Vienna Teng.

2. New Feminist Frequency video.

3. Got to hang out with Mom and Dad for a couple hours midday. Shocking them with my pink hair was fun. People keep wanting me to inscribe my thesis copies (n=2 but that's all I had printed). Glad I'm not planning to publish a bunch of books, coming up with stuff to write is annoying.

4. I really wanted someone to bring me some very comforting food, but I went home and cooked beans with kale and scrambled eggs, and put them in tortillas, and they were hot and delicious and I did it myself.


1. Found a gel-plastic glittery tree in my coat pocket!

2. GoldieBlox commercials continue to kill me dead. And parodying that Beastie Boys song, YES! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UFpe3Up9T_g
(Though I always liked the part where the girl he wants was messing around with EVERYONE ELSE, with the implication that maybe she realized he was awful about women? Maybe I made that up.)

3. Also, all the Tamika Flynn feels. And Megan Wallaby! Because hormones, but also because AWESOME. http://archiveofourown.org/works/1051176

4. I was awesome at chores and made delicious soup. (This time: black beans from last night, rice, sweet potato, squash, kale, cumin, black pepper, soy sauce, onion, garlic.)


1. It's hanten season. And mine is reversible, so one side actually matches my hair.

2-4. Vienna Teng concert included at least three moments of joy and wonder. I'll try to write it up tomorrow.

5. The stars are beautiful, and I can see them really well when it's all effing cold like this. And there's frost!
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1. Tweet from Joseph Fink ‏@PlanetofFinks:
fans of Tamika Flynn have a lot to look forward to in the next episode.


2. I feel it's a betrayal of the ways of my childhood that I keep and reuse the little bag-holding-shut deals for loaves of bread. Like, she who uses the clippy thing has forgotten the face of her father. And then I'm glad that I have a brain that makes me laugh. :)

3. Accomplished! I now have orange-and-very-plumeria (formerly unscented) lotion and lemon-rosemary (formerly didn't-really-smell-like-honey) conditioner. And I worked usefully on developing a method for another project.

4. I get to see Mom and Dad tomorrow! He was in the hospital briefly but was resting comfortably at home as of this afternoon.

5. Had a great time hanging out with Wim: found excellent jeans for me and a shirt for him (and dozens of eShakti dresses I didn't get, I wish I knew 5x dress-wearers), ran into someone we know and schooled them on aquarium cycling, ate delicious Mexican food, talked a whole bunch, and watched Elementary and ponies.
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1. Virtuously making my bed up with clean, lavender-smelling sheets. I enjoy my decadent bed. (It's amazing how much decadence is in the mind. And the number of pillows.)

2. Transplanting little African violets into self-watering pots made by me!

3. My arm that was strained last fall started hurting when I carried too-heavy groceries, and it's been long enough since it hurt all the time that I was mystified by what its problem was. Yay healing, however slow.

4. Savage Love works really well as something to do while cleaning the kitchen. I think I'll try Radiolab for Friday chores.

5. Beef stew with potatoes and carrots and kale and kabocha.
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1. More catty moments from scientific papers: "Nectar and/or pollen are the only floral rewards traditionally investigated. Such myopia has impeded full understanding of flower-visiting organisms." (Also: oh for the days when you could get published by licking your study organism and describing the flavor.) (Also also: bees are not as efficient as bomb calorimetry.)

2. I remain disproportionately amused every time Dan Savage says "ball crushers" as part of the Extreme Restraints ads. There is such relish in his voice.

3. Sassed a dude about using "Hello Ladies" as his salutation to me and PI in professional email. I mean, really. I did appreciate the image of the Old Spice guy working on our microscope, and said so.

4. TINY CHAINSAW ON A STICK I want it so bad

5. Marzipan chocolate made Rainbowgrad friend H really happy. I have rarely seen anyone quite that happy.
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1. Three-headed cat beast on the couch when I got up this morning! They are so contentious all the time, but sometimes when I'm not around they forget to (pretend to) hate each other.

2. I like making 140-character tweets, especially when they're this one:
I am MIGHTY: sender of proposal draft, requester of recommendation letter, user of Google cache to dig up NSF web pages. Now it's lunchtime.

3. And then I took myself out for a delicious burger and milkshake, and I ate them while sitting on the grass in the sun and reading a novel.

4. Okay, Savage Lovecast, you win. Talking about clothes AND sex, with the clothes only available in the premium version, will in fact get me to spend a dollar on your podcast. Keep it up!

5. My submission to Mansplained is up! (One person already found it, I see.) This was by far the worst of our bad interviews. Very glad we have two good lab managers now.
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1. SRS BZNS fellowship writing today: tea, hanten, office. Writing experiments on slips of paper and shuffling them to get alternative structures was a smart idea too. Screw you, House Republicans, I am getting this thing done on time even if I can't submit it because the NSF had to take their web site and go home.

2. The Yay genderform! is always so cheering to look at. Today's favorite: chapstick lesbian.

3. Coming out of my underground office to find sunshine and intense autumnal blue skies, a bookstore full of Japanese schoolgirls, and Ancillary Justice.

4. I felt terrible and depressed, so I did useful self-care things (like eating vegetables) and virtuous housecleaning chores (like laundry and dishes and taking out trash). And those things made me feel better. And then I ate cookies.

5. Hyperventilated until I almost died over Night Vale 32. Twice. And then [personal profile] thingswithwings was excessively brilliant about its queerness and nearly killed me again.
1. Zettai unmei naptime.

2. Listening to people listening to Night Vale is even more fun than listening to Night Vale oneself.

3. Walked around all free-like after dark, in a big weird polygon, and found my way home again.

4. Lemon bars!

5. Relaxing and reading. (Heiresses of Russ 2013, Hersh's Rat Girl)
1. I try to walk a different route to school every day, but I thought I was out of completely unique ones. Nope! There was a charity walk this morning, so they had part of a street blocked off, and I got to walk in the road too.

2. I had a Sharpie with me this afternoon, so (rather than just giving them the beady eye like I've been doing) I was able to fix two telephone-pole posters to correctly read in support of Chelsea Manning.

3. It is a day for community-sourced Night Vale episodes! A written one, correctly canon-creepy and also hilarious, and an original podfic that is beautifully scripted, amazingly acted, and kinda hot. (Also, Tamika Flynn liking girls and books in the Summer Reading Program OMG.)

4. Cleaned the kitchen! Successful strategy seems to be (1) don't be dead tired and (2) trade off tasks with video game levels.

5. To wit: Knives Chau beating up the paparazzi and throwing them into the abyss!


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