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Saturday: lazy mostly, some vacuuming; beat the first world on bit.trip Runner for the first time; finished [personal profile] rushthatspeaks' quilt, gave it to them, and went to a good 80s new wave dance night together.

quilt pic )

Sunday: took [personal profile] gaudior to birthday lunch, shopped for teapots, had a lovely walk, and bought a teapot on the internet; cleaned up my room and assessed finishing the ladybug quilt project from yonks ago; wrote to someone on OKCupid about board games; more chores; sleepiness.

(The Princess Tutu quilt project is more intriguing, but the ladybugs are so great and have been sitting around so long! The top just needs to be made queen-bed-shaped without ruining the existing design.)


Oct. 31st, 2010 10:47 pm
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Got up at 8 for work, and made it in when I wanted despite Sunday buses.

Biked home.

Finished my portion of the great Wallingford Tree Survey with Wim.

Bled excessively.

Saw adorable trick-or-treaters, one of whom was dressed as an iPhone. My Sour Patch Kids were appreciated, as usual.

Roasted a delicious pork loin while wearing my robe and wizard hat.

Discovered that garlic and Swedish fish go poorly together.

Confirmed several kills on cells using my lasers! (Wim suggested painting a tally onto the confocal.)

Read a whole lot of Skin Horse while the image alignments were running.
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Today's major drama: Wim waking up with rather large bleeding lacerations due to a vicious tiny shard of glass between sheet and mattress pad. (Bat broke a glass yesterday but I thought we'd cleaned up thoroughly.)

A moment of glee: Stop-motion animation of classic video games, from [livejournal.com profile] rysmiel.

Strange conjunction: Fullmetal Alchemist with Okami, resulting in "who are you calling a super tiny bug of a wandering artist who can barely be seen?!?!" Hee.

Reading, video games. Expanding diet with small amounts of chevre and peanut butter. Guts still sore but definitely functional and feeling better.


Apr. 20th, 2010 11:25 am
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Waiting for the confocal sales reps to finish installing our new motorized stage! Can't really start anything until they're done. Hence, links:

New stuff:
Nawal El Saadawi is made of awesome. http://www.guardian.co.uk/lifeandstyle/2010/apr/15/nawal-el-saadawi-egyptian-feminist

Best friendsfriends find ever: http://bk1e.livejournal.com/259483.html
In which Peter Gabriel covers "Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa," including the "Peter Gabriel too" lyric -- sort of. If you're not familiar with the song, you will not have the uncontrollable hideous laughter response that I did, but you can hear the original at the bottom of the post. The videos are fun but they do help me see why people don't like Vampire Weekend; it's a lot easier to despise their corn-fed privilege when you can see them. I just listen and am anthropologically interested. Also, bouncy melodies go a long way with me. (Who is the redheaded woman who's a tennis player and a goth enchantress, I wonder?)

Match thread to fabric really well. http://blog.craftzine.com/archive/2010/04/custom_cmyk_sewing_machine_mat.html

Stuff from last month:
New Karate Kid trailer: From coffeeandink. Okay, he is clearly (and textually) learning kung fu, not karate, and a lot of the trailer is "ooh, look, pretty China" -- but there are NO WHITE PEOPLE in this entire 2 minutes 30.

From firecat. The Little Vulcan.

Badass woman secretary is king of a village in Ghana.

Cephalopods deceive predators with their ink. (But they look plenty smart!)

Fantagraphics is bringing out wonderful manga!
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Other notes:

Shonen Jump came like a week and a half ago. I still haven't opened the package.

It's IBARW again! In addition to collecting links for Wednesday posts, I plan to post some reviews of books by POC as suggested by [livejournal.com profile] rachelmanija. (See also [livejournal.com profile] ibarw, [livejournal.com profile] 50books_poc.)

Trip to San Juan:

++ As You Like It in the rain
++++ As You Like It in the amazingly dramatic sunset thunderstorm with rainbow
++ As You Like It in the costume shed

- Dansko glorified-zori in unstable walking/scrambling contexts
+ walking up the fire trail
+++ startling many vultures in Hidden Cove! as they were eating a dead deer!

++ trade-in book credit at Serendipity! (good idea, Wim!)
+ praise from proprietress for having all but one book usable
+++ The Root Cellar! I remember this book! and Blanche Passes Go

. confirmed that the only bookstore I hadn't been to doesn't exist, despite having a sign

-- when you reserve at the last minute, you get the stupidly expensive hotel room

--- bad sunburn that hurts scratchily all the time, especially when trying to sleep
(I'm applying scads of aloe, drinking fluids, and even taking aspirin)
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Dear Shojo Beat Subscriber,

We're sorry to inform you that VIZ Media has discontinued publication of Shojo Beat magazine. While we regret the news, we are happy to complete your subscription with Shonen Jump.

Or I can write to them for a refund.

How weird. I always thought magazines died more gradually, and the last issue seemed to be planning ahead as much as ever. Well, I'll let you all know how Jump is. I'm not expecting much from Yu-Gi-Oh, but Shojo Beat had some lame stuff too.

(Does this mean translated volumes will be coming out faster?)
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Note to Seattle folk: This is playing at the Grand Illusion until Thursday. If you're a fan, definitely go see it; if not, it's still pretty good.

Note to [livejournal.com profile] marzipan_pig, whom I dragged along: Series background at Wikipedia.

Specifics are not spoilers as such )

doin' okay

Sep. 18th, 2007 10:15 pm
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The TA conference is kinda kicking my ass, but it's great stuff. I did necessary grant proofreading tonight and will go to the Fair tomorrow. My knee quit feeling stabby, and I found a Stranger readily when I needed reading material. My bank account balance is no longer actually negative.

AND the U Bookstore has my Antique Bakery in! I love you, so-called rebate card! Also through this agency and the library: piles of Emshwiller goodness.

Also I remain pleased with my most recent music mix, which I just listened to again. It is maybe a little emotionally fraught? (I am not coming on to you, [livejournal.com profile] rushthatspeaks, honest, or trying to upset you either.) But I like it a lot.
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I may be the only one who reads Shojo Beat at the moment, since I know [livejournal.com profile] rushthatspeaks is a little busy. So you may not care. )


Mar. 5th, 2007 11:29 pm
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Manga + Labyrinth = almost too overcome to continue shopping for used books.

summing up

Dec. 13th, 2006 09:19 pm
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Bio project (knitted cell membranes) all done and presented. Kind of a success, kind of seemed to intimidate people. Other fun projects included a stop-motion animation on protein misfolding as expressed by Lego minifigs, G.I. Joe dolls, and Alien figurines.

Exams and finals over with. Went pretty okay. Cumulative GPA will probably go down a little, as it was a hard quarter, but I don't think I've disgraced myself or anything. (avert!)

Cramps still seem to be largely vanquished by Chinese 6-flavor rehmannia pills. Dude. Had a couple of pretty bad hours today, but not maximally bad, and compared to the usual it's still like sunbeams and bunnies and chirping birds.

Ongoing doom of trying to eat Ethiopian food: Planned to go last Weds but Wim was tired. Planned to go last Fri but something else was up, I don't remember what. Went Monday to the place of marvelous food and impossibly chaotic service; they had NO INJERA. Tried to go to Cuban-fusion place I'm interested in; they are closed Mondays. Eventually got Thai food, some very good salmon, but I still want Ethiopian.

The holiday doom in which I have something to do every day is approaching. SAD girl not so functional with extra doom. Needs to use light box more.

I'm writing a program to pick names for Xmas presents within my family and email them out without anyone having to know anyone else's selection, which I think I can finish tomorrow.

Eking out the last bits of Fruits Basket. (Conveniently, I haven't seen a summary up yet for the last chapter.)

Lab stuff should be easier next quarter, with fewer projects to juggle and more time to work in. Feeling ambivalent about grad school; my latest dippy problem is that I've now waited too long to ask people for recommendations, so clearly I can't do it at all. Point and laugh therapeutically, if you would.

Reading: lots.
Watching: Fullmetal Alchemist.
Knitting: Scarf, bee stitch, Moda Dea Cartwheel, raspberries colorway, size 13 needles; several secret socks.
Quilting: More productive if rotary cutter were found.
Playing: Okami again.
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And discovering the ROCK OPERA. Best. Urahara. Ever.
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Things that I wish would happen:
  1. Rock Lee: "Oh, Haruno Sakura? Yeah, she's really strong, isn't she? I had such a thing for her two years ago -- but I'm over it." (This never happens in manga at all that I have seen. I guess it's not common in any fiction. Examples?)

  2. Anyone: "Oh, shit, this opponent is really strong. I will use my really strong jutsu immediately and kick his ass." *uses strongest attack*
    Enemy: *falls down*
    Audience: OMG that only took one chapter! WOOOOHOOOOO!

Relatedly, the good point about reading entire volumes of scans in one sitting is that the plot actually moves.

Naruto-Fair transition:
One of the pictures from the always-entertaining high school art show was Maito Gai, complete with thumbs-up and sparkle.

Puyallup Fair:
  • Piglets large enough to look like real, hairy little pigs instead of cartoon pigs.

  • Cows being washed with hose and brush, as if they were cars.

  • Headache all day; no rides for me.

  • Cheeseburger, elephant ear, strawberry shortcake, $3 bottle of Aquafina.

  • Mutton Bustin': A child up to 6 years old and 60 pounds in weight attempts to cling to a sheep that desperately wants to be on the other side of the enclosure. This works possibly even less well than you think.

  • Rabbits of adorability; yawning, with dark stripes down speckled white backs, superfloofed, big and small

  • The expected amazing quilts, which are always even better than I remember

  • The expected only-okay knits, which I always decide I should outdo next year

  • The expected peculiar collections, ranging from totally commercial to animal-themed to really unusual (yellow-handled kitchen implements! of which someone took a photo to show her sister, who collects green-handled kitchen implements)

  • Draft horse teams, including six very frisky black Shetland ponies, demonstrating their cart-pulling skills

  • Attempted generosity:
    • Ten Freecyclers wanted my oregano and lemon balm divisions

    • Three Freecyclers showed up

    • Zero Freecyclers said anything at all about not coming

    • One Freecycler sent a thank-you note

  • Oregano:
    • Seven pots need homes

    • Two varieties still in herb patch: purple flowers, white flowers with pretty green bracts

  • Primroses:
    • Divided, some into as many as five pieces

    • Surprisingly okay after the dry dry summer

    • Named "prim-" for "first" (not, as I guessed, "primavera", but meaning the same thing)

  • Planted in the big dirt:
    • Japanese holly-fern (Cryptomium, currently sadder than when I bought it at half price)

    • Seedlings of the yellow corydalis of mystery

    • Anemonella thalictroides

  • Confirmed lost to squirrels that dig in pots:
    • Dicentra cucullaria, two

  • Discovered and stolen from digging squirrels:
    • A hazelnut. It was good.
Spoilers through volume 19; do not read if you haven't read this and might possibly ever want to )

For underread or uncaring people, we also have why Rilina is participating in International Blog Against Racism Week. (Yes, I am being a little lame about contributing; I wish I could come up with anything good to say.)
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To Deception Pass with [livejournal.com profile] rubricity and [livejournal.com profile] hattifattener.

Project Blue Rose!
"Is this the gay kissing ninjas book?"
"No, they are gay kissing secret agents."
Discussion of ninja/spook equivalency, or lack thereof.
PBR is distinct from Shinobu Kokoro because "they're not naked -- okay, they're naked, but..." Laughter drowns out my perfectly reasonable explanation.

Walking on a very high bridge over beautiful water. Plants unknown to me! (Trifolium arvense or T. microcephalum? Hitchcock & Cronquist is wonderful but I haven't been observing the plant for years on end so keying is a little hard. Unknown Vaccinium may be deliciosum.)

Cold nachos. Stunningly wonderful strawberries. Views of Strawberry Island and plans for piracy. Tiny triangular tidepool on huge basalt rocks, still warm from the sun, especially the embedded survey markers. Wild roses and sea smell combined into spice and smoke somehow. One pine with vast amounts of pendant lichen, others entirely clear of it.

Very oblivious male bird pursued by female bird. He's got the singing-for-territory thing down, but his reproductive success will remain low unless he actually mates.

Beautiful sunset, accentuated by contrails from the nearby air base. Clouds forming out of clear air as it moved from the ocean to the land. (So cool!)

Today: Home-grown strawberries, splendid in a different way. First Bing cherries of the season, $3 a pound, lovely though not yet at the height of excellence. Lazy day at the lab. Napping immediately following immersion in the deeply strange Unquenchable Fire, with irreproducible results.


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