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Dec. 13th, 2015 10:10 am
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I had a good time last night at Machine's monthly Dyke Night. There are two separate dancing rooms with entirely different music selections, and the cover (which they annoyingly do not post on their site) is $10. Definitely worth it! One of the pole dancers was beautifully muscular and the other had an adorable fat belly.

Neither of the DJs was hitting exactly the sort of thing I like to dance to, so I moved back and forth, spent a while lounging and watching people play air hockey, and admired the very acrobatic person in bodysuit and hot pink skirt who was doing high kicks and breakdancing off and on all evening. I danced enough to need lots of water, though, and while I was drinking it I talked with someone cute and fun whom I will be hanging out with again. (Loves Depeche Mode, cosplays Seras Victoria, adorable bobbed hair. Yes thank you.)

Speaking of music, I'm really enjoying Midday Veil thanks to a KEXP Song of the Day. Their recent stuff is very like School of Seven Bells, only with more synth.

Oh, and, perhaps most importantly, I wore my geometric lozenge dress (cute, swingy, short), black tights, and Docs. I did not need my bomber jacket at all thanks to the unseasonable warmth; must get a wristband or tiny purse or something to carry all my things when I don't have pockets.

Date: 2015-12-13 04:48 pm (UTC)
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Dyke Night at Machine seems like a fun thing; it was definitely a rush to do from the catwalk (I was a Saint Harridan model last year sometime when they had Dyke Night at Machine). Is it just me, or have nightclubs gotten louder in the last decade or so? Or, possibly, I'm just old. :)


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