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Feeling emotionally much better and less exhausted. Having some thoughts and realizations that I will post about; glad I have a therapist appointment the day after I get back.

I did have to contend with a really bad hypothesis this morning. I'd done laundry last night, and the count of my shirts was off this morning. I figured out which one I was looking for, but the machine was running again already, so I got showered and dressed first instead. When I went down, someone was already unloading, great, so I asked if she could look for my shirt in there. Oh, I said, that one! and took it. She looked very uncomfortable and said, "Did you put your clothes in with mine?"

...It's a side-loading machine. (Also, who would do that?) You're really going to have to come up with better modeling for your data, girlfriend. You have been listening to the lectures and know how important that is, right?

I said gaily, "no, silly, it was stuck in the machine!" and left before completely laughing in her face. Can't help but feel that this was karma for her sitting down without asking when I'd rather be reading -- I did tell her so when she got round to noticing, and she left -- though that's such common behavior here that not enough social discomfort can befall these people. Last night people sat down away from me at a large table without saying anything, which was fine, and then their friends started showing up, filled the table, and wanted to move it out from the wall to make more room. Rude as fuck!

Also we were locked out of our bathroom all last night AND THEN AGAIN THIS MORNING. -15/10.

My roommate is leaving due to a family emergency, so I guess my karma is doing okay? I feel bad for her but very much look forward to having privacy again!

Date: 2015-07-26 01:26 am (UTC)
umadoshi: (Arashi *facepalm* (satura_te))
From: [personal profile] umadoshi
She looked very uncomfortable and said, "Did you put your clothes in with mine?"

O_O Oh, humans.


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