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Have you had a truly terrible day? Do you kinda wish you were dead? Well, when you're done crying for the moment, how about taking a bath? It's cold in here, you do need to wash, and self-indulgence is good right now.

Unpack the plastic container of bubble baths and stuff that you haven't used since moving here.

Oh, dear. Some of these bottles have leaked. This butter rum one smells delicious... but clearly we need to clean this gooey mess up. Well, if we're going to have to wash it anyway, and it's made of bubble bath, let's do this like eleven-year-olds at a soda fountain.

Turn on the bath. When the water is medium-hot, stop the drain.

Rinse off the Peppermint Bark bubble bath bottle.

Rinse off the Eggnog bubble bath bottle.

Proceed with further bottles as seems wise. (Heel cream tube? Sure, that didn't seem to have leaked, also note to self you totally have heel cream, remember this. Nasty bug spray? Maybe we'll wash that one in the sink later.)

Bubbles are present, and you've reached the layer they all leaked onto: the sushi-print shower curtain. Keep it folded, but rinse it off as well as possible for more bubbles, then bundle it into the sink.

Add some more Butter Rum bubble bath, from inside the bottle this time.

Lounge and read in this bath, which smells like you know not what, until it gets kind of cold. Run some more hot water. Repeat.

Shower off and use the honey shampoo you got in Japan, how fun to still have this stuff. Then pull the shower curtain back in to finish rinsing it off.

All done suicide bath! You are warm and clean.

What do you smell like? ... Uh, like vinyl mostly. The shower curtain took some wrestling. But silliness was had, and that's always better than despair. Don't forget your friends love you. Good night.
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