Sep. 30th, 2014

jinian: Hana, Chisa, and Fujiko from 7 Seeds (three is for victory)
Awesomeness by me:
- Took antihistamine nose spray
- Managed to get an herb refill, since my tummy is very sad and has been for a while (was on a half dose, running out when taking more)
- Taped most of the kitchen boxes and stowed them in the attic
- Marked the wall for the motion-detecting light
- Paid rent, including figuring out incidental cost splits
- Cleaned the kitchen very well
- Made us a chore chart with foil stars

All of the United States of Pop songs are amazing and go beyond mashup into cohesive audio collage with original song structure, but the only one that runs through my head regularly and still makes me smile is 2009.
jinian: (c'est la vie)
Less pain, better sleep, yaaaaay!

Our front desk person pointed out to me some bird's nest fungi right outside the building, and I got a decent picture with just my phone and a hand lens. Must charge my real camera with the good macro lens and take better ones!

Saw a seminar about the history of the glass flowers and invertebrates.

Helped out J with a very annoying administrative task.

Sent difficult email in a way that I think was both fair and loving.

More fun links:
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