Jun. 24th, 2015 11:03 pm
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Getting work done at work this week.

Good appointment with therapist Monday. After which I went somewhere I hadn't been before, got a Ms. Marvel trade and Squirrel Girl #4 and ate frozen yogurt, and eventually managed to find Good Vibrations. Treating myself and also being a quality person who does things in the world.

Hurt my neck as a direct result of GV visit and woke up with nasty headache. Unsure of cost-benefit here as both make strong cases.

Had an adventure with [personal profile] rushthatspeaks. After being confused by inferior maps and displeased with the hot soupy weather, we did find our rose-garden goal, and then there was a convenient and free train, and ice cream for dinner. Then showering. I remain very grateful for such an excellent partner and also for the central air at my apartment.

Getting real work done really, like, I did PCR today and ran it on a gel and all. Still working out some damnfool crap from my botched reappointment, but mostly doing well right now.

Spate of fun hectic planning on dragon game, unfortunately spurred by bad news of cool people leaving our subgroup. But I drew a trout with which I am pleased.

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October 28
Not entirely what I had in mind, though I've been thinking about drawing this since the beginning. Oh well! It is a finished piece, and that's the goal. Anyway, in Woodland Park Zoo they give the animals pumpkin treats for Halloween, but a lot of animals don't care for pumpkin. So the tigers get meat chunks inside a pumpkin, and the bears will eat pumpkin but get really into it if it's full of honey and bugs, and the otters? The otters get a pumpkin of a size they can roll around and play with, and it has small holes cut into it and fish bits stuffed inside. So they dive and bounce around with it, and every so often a piece of fish comes out!!1! and they go ahng nahng nanhg eating it with little pointy teeth and open-mouthed chewing. It's adorable.

 photo 2014-10-31-inktober28_zpsee44d386.jpg

October 29 and 30
Someone dressed up the very archetypal rhino statues that stand outside the bio building at school. The googly eyes made me laugh out loud the first itme I saw them -- there were extra limbs too, but those were not particularly inspired in my opinion. The other one I guess is a mummy? Pretty happy with these; I think the stuff I started trying on the otter worked a little better here.

 photo 2014-10-31-inktober29-30_zps607a0850.jpg

Partway done with today's, decided to finish tomorrow. It's not really the spirit of Inktober, I suppose, but the drawing is another one I've been thinking of for a while now, and I want it to be cooler but also to do the other thing I have planned tonight.


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