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I just got home from seeing the very first show of the Welcome to Night Vale West Coast tour, in which the cast puts on an episode of their wonderful eldritch podcast live on stage. I had very little idea what to expect. We all know that librarians are terrifying nonhumans who represent a clear danger to library patrons and Summer Reading Program students, of course, so the peril was represented in the title, but beyond that, no idea. The podcast is usually just over twenty minutes, and I honestly had no idea if I might have paid fairly steep ticket prices for my sweetie and myself to be in the theater for about half an hour.

If that had been true, it would have been worth it just to be there with that audience. It had not occurred to me to perform Night Vale cosplay, but the 8pm sold-out audience was composed of the people who'd been waiting with bated breath for ticket sales: the big fans. We stood in line behind a small female Carlos, who did indeed have beautiful hair to go with her goggles and hand-painted NV lab coat. The first Cecil appeared only moments later -- Tumblr-fanon to the life -- and that girl did not have a light-up leaf umbrella, she was the Glow Cloud. There was a hooded figure with glowing red eyes and a Night Vale Dog Park sign, who was hanging around with the Faceless Old Woman. Librarians in pencil skirts and torn, bloodied blouses were jossed only a few minutes into the show, but that's probably the way I'd have gone if I'd thought of it sooner, despite my own completely legitimate lab coat ownership. And afterward Wim helped me find [personal profile] were_duck's friend M, who had homebrewed LED Glow Cloud on their t-shirt; they nabbed the umbrella girl and her elaborate microcontroller for a photo; and I pulled in the third Glow Cloud, who had an old-school glamour about her puffy lighted wrap. Such the best audience. (The 10pm latecomers seemed much more ordinary as we walked past the two blocks of lineup on our way out.)

I had the wrong idea about the weather, as it turns out. I knew that in Seattle the weather would be performed by Jason Webley, a local accordionist and hipster hero, and assumed that it would be a local artist in each location. Not so: Webley is integrated into the show and will be touring with them. He also opened with a short set, which unfortunately began with the exact same three songs I had heard him play most recently, since they're the ones he did at the Neil Gaiman reading. Sheesh. The giraffe bit is hilarious, but could we mix things up a little more? We can't be the only people who went to both events. Anyway, he stomped and yelled in his usual fashion, then settled down into the parts of his performances that I actually like, here adding a violinist to fine effect. Overall enjoyable, just getting tired of having him pop up suddenly at things I'm going to for other reasons.

The staging was minimal, no props or elaborate costumes, but Cecil Baldwin is a stage actor and does a marvelous job of reading with appropriate gestures as well as intonation. As in the podcast, you don't see much, but the show as written is longer than usual and does a frankly brilliant job at pulling the audience in for participation and effective creepiness. All the musical accompaniment was right on cue*, as in the final show. We got out right around 9:30, and I will tell you nothing else about the story, since they're going to edit it for broadcast later.

If you're lucky enough to have tickets, you are going to be extremely happy with this show! It exceeded my expectations completely, and they weren't low. I kept bumping up against Wim's shoulder on the way home and gleaming at him. He was properly appreciative of his present.

Upcoming shows for which there are still tickets:
- Vegas and Phoenix
- Another just-announced tour in March from Boston down the coast and around through Texas, then the Midwest
- Emerald City Comic-con back here in Seattle (a reason to go to a giant con?)

* There was one hilarious moment during the end of a dramatic Webley song when someone's Mac made a loud "my volume has been adjusted" blip, though. Webley carried on admirably, but I admit that my area of the audience was giggling a bit, and when someone stage-whispered disgustedly, "APPLE," it didn't help us control ourselves.

[ETA: Also, I sat next to an ax for the entire show. And there was a man in a tan jacket with the BEST felt deer-skull mask, we only saw him on the way out. AUDIENCE LOVE.]
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1. Bought tickets to see Vienna Teng.

2. New Feminist Frequency video.

3. Got to hang out with Mom and Dad for a couple hours midday. Shocking them with my pink hair was fun. People keep wanting me to inscribe my thesis copies (n=2 but that's all I had printed). Glad I'm not planning to publish a bunch of books, coming up with stuff to write is annoying.

4. I really wanted someone to bring me some very comforting food, but I went home and cooked beans with kale and scrambled eggs, and put them in tortillas, and they were hot and delicious and I did it myself.


1. Found a gel-plastic glittery tree in my coat pocket!

2. GoldieBlox commercials continue to kill me dead. And parodying that Beastie Boys song, YES! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UFpe3Up9T_g
(Though I always liked the part where the girl he wants was messing around with EVERYONE ELSE, with the implication that maybe she realized he was awful about women? Maybe I made that up.)

3. Also, all the Tamika Flynn feels. And Megan Wallaby! Because hormones, but also because AWESOME. http://archiveofourown.org/works/1051176

4. I was awesome at chores and made delicious soup. (This time: black beans from last night, rice, sweet potato, squash, kale, cumin, black pepper, soy sauce, onion, garlic.)


1. It's hanten season. And mine is reversible, so one side actually matches my hair.

2-4. Vienna Teng concert included at least three moments of joy and wonder. I'll try to write it up tomorrow.

5. The stars are beautiful, and I can see them really well when it's all effing cold like this. And there's frost!
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(It's just that I am exhausted 100% of the time. Dear friends, next time I yell at you for doing too much while convalescing, you may give me the beady eye and a link to this.)


1. Crosshatched shadows on the trail.

2. Lab meeting went very well for feeling like I am getting fuck-all done lately. A little good discussion happened, and I seemed on top of the material.

3. Oh, right. Workplace bonding is also letting my coworkers comfort me. Really good conversation with new tech C.

4. Afternoon outing to find a great dress and hang briefly with a capygirl.

5. Bring It On has the typical problem of musicals, i.e., not enough music, but won my heart by closing on outtakes and Toni Basil. (Also Isis is HOT.)


1. People in costume! One person had very nice tall, wavy, rainbowed horns that I'm sure are associated with no particular fandom whatsoever.

2. My hair is PINK. REAL PINK. And the hairdresser was happy to get to do it.

3. Halloween decorations! Skeleton cutout in someone's window is holding forth on a topic of interest to it, possibly while stoned. (Also good: taking a photo made the bus move in traffic, hence the blur.) Also, a lighted inflatable trailer from which Death periodically peeks out.

Who comes up with these? )

3. Janelle Monáe is the best performer working today. She is my Michael Jackson and my Elvis Presley.

4. We wore outfits.

Black and white outfits. )


1. More outfits at the lab Halloween party.

I dressed as a cherry tree. )


3. People are being Janelle Monáe for Halloween and she's retweeting them all, it's so great.

4. When you believe in science and magic at the same time, the world is amazing.

5. Last day of antibiotics!
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1. I found the best paper~! (It is Open Access but may be hard to follow.) Not only is it precisely what I need for this fellowship application, it cites my most recent paper multiple times and calls my previous review paper inadequate in its new analyses, which is totally fair! Scientific dialogue over time! So exciting!
Though they should've written to me to ask if those genes were present in liverworts -- we totally looked and did not find them -- but maybe they are only satisfied with PROOF, which I would understand.

2. Edward Scissorhands soundtrack in Teahouse Kuan Yin. This was the first CD I ever bought; maybe I should watch the movie again at some point. My mom and I always loved the fairy-tale feeling of it, but I'm not sure what I'd think now.

3. Sea serpent and sailboat graffito along the mistaped blobby edge of the blue-white boundary in the teahouse bathroom.


1. I posted a correct comment about women changing their names to men's for marriage. (I mean, I left out the part where sexist traditions creep me out, but there is only so far that's polite to go with someone you've never met.)

2. PI really liked my turquoise tights, and I have pretty much learned how to accept compliments from her. (Assume it could actually be a criticism in disguise, so half-apologize and say something I like about it. If she responds with another more extreme compliment, it was a compliment. Oh, Japanese/American weird PI.)

3. There were many pleasing things about my outfit today, actually.
photos and going on about things )

4. Talked to PI about writing me a letter for the fellowship proposal. Went as submissive as I could, got a good result. Fascinatingly, she said of prospective-advisor, "but wasn't he very rude?" -- wow! She really wanted him to Treat Me Right when I pushed myself on him to visit. :)

5. Great clouds on the walk home.
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Wonderful things on the internet include:

A grizzled wizard embracing femininity for an important tea party (gifset)

Mae Martin on gay babies (gifset)

"Bohemian Gravity" (music video)

What your taste in music says about you on a date
The ones of these that work are really great. The Shins does not work, though I now wonder if maybe I should watch that movie.

Seen lots recently, as it deserves: Sailor Moon vs. Wonder Woman dance battle (music video)

The Bloggess meets a bear head (immoderately hilarious)

Older people on gay sex (gifset)

Nina Davuluri is an awesome geek
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1. Chill time with cats and music and puzzles.

2. Matte top coat for nails! Expect the renaissance of the highway manicure, now with fog lines that don't wash off with water.

3. FAIR. Five-day-old piglets! Pygmy goats! Collections! Quilts! (There was this one quilt based on Just the Ticket pattern that really looked like razor blades. I think I can resist my tasteless parodic impulse. Maybe.)

4. Someone at the fair had a Super Calvinball shirt that made me really happy.

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1. Escaped being smacked with a Clow Card, because I am good.

2. Invented/kludged an imaging protocol while listening to The Electric Lady.

3. Got the best text from [personal profile] gaudior, and didn't tell the missionary who tried to talk to me just afterward why I was so happy, because I am nice a little misanthropic and intensely private. Being a worldview bomb is fun even when I remain unexploded.

4. I called the GI specialist and made an appointment! Praise me please. :)

5. Dinner with M-pig! Laid waste to her composure with what was basically a dick joke. Ate tasty food in a comforting location. Bought adorable cat-sugar-skull hoodie.

cut for background and dick joke )
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1. Unreasonably excited about scratching off the silver stuff on the back of a gift card.

2. Janelle Monáe tickeeeet!

3. Useful things to help myself feel less terrible: made definite plans with M-pig for tomorrow, and organized the seeds from my most recent publication to put away.

4. The arch of passionflowers at the greenhouse has really grown in over the past couple of weeks, smelling all fruity and wonderful, and the crape myrtle in the Medicinal Herb Garden is blooming now too.

5. I found a really big stick and gleefully hit some English ivy with it.
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0. This was yesterday, but I didn't tell you about it yet. There was a marching band playing "Sweet Dreams Are Made of These" when we went out to dinner, as a promo for Honkfest.

1. Yay for ovulation. (Even my cycle seems to be behaving itself.)

2. Good meetings despite disorganization on all fronts. All the logistical problems with doing what I want to are still problems, but if funding and failsafes can be established I think good things could happen. THINKY THOUGHTS about projects and fellowship proposals are NOW.

3. The cutest onigiri! Made by the best [personal profile] rushthatspeaks!

4. The airport gift shop had a bunch of My Little Pony stuff! Now they have less. Also, the nice cashier offered to mail my postcard for me, as he was going on break in the outside world in ten minutes. (For some reason airports never seem to help a person with this very common issue of needing to mail last-minute postcards from beyond security. Pneumatic tubes seem like the most obvious and delightful solution.)

5. Beautiful sunset over lit-up Boston as we flew out. Places that feel homelike: the woods and creek and gravel pits by my childhood home, Pacific Northwest forests in general, Friday Harbor Labs, Seattle, and signs point to yes for a new one. But now I am back in the one with my orange lotion, in which I don't have to wear any pants.
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1. Managed to go back to sleep this morning after the inevitable early wakeup and had a really great dream.

2. Gone Home is wonderful. Avoid all spoilers! Even the Riot Grrl trailer may be too much.

3. Little Hachiko axolotl got a salt bath today for her fungus problem and seems better already.

4. Lying around reading Alanna. Someday I may have less of a need for very comforting reading, but this and Aoi Hana are where I'm at right now, and I get to read them if I want.
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2. I haven't slept right for weeks and weeks, and today I look approximately as tired as I feel.

3. Super annoying clerk interaction at the U Bookstore thanks to misleading email about customer rebates being available. (Spoiler: they are not, and yes the email said that if I had read the fine print, thanks, be sure to lecture me instead of sympathizing in any way.)

4. When people ask me about preparing for grad school, I tend strongly to be No Help Whatsoever. "How do I study for the GRE?" Uh, I have no clue, it was easy? I feel like such a jerk.

5. Have to go to lab every day this weekend, boo.


1. Moveon.org actually asked me whether they should support our state's current anti-GMO initiative! I mean, probably they will, most people have a knee-jerk reaction, but I got to tell them this:

As a molecular biologist, I believe that this initiative misses the point completely. Genetic engineering is not all the same, and labeling a crop which is more drought-tolerant or contains additional nutrients with the same information as a food that promotes the overuse of pesticides or poisons the environment itself is inappropriate and counterproductive. We need a more nuanced approach to make people aware of environmental issues, not an overreaction to the use of an advanced breeding method.

2. Sent necessary email for two-weeks-out Harvard visit! Go me! SO NERVOUS. But I got a quick, casual, positive response from the person I hadn't talked to before, so that is excellent.

3. Finally talked to colleague about his wedding and apologized for acting weird about it.

4. Finished my to-do list again! Working like a boss competent administrator!

5. Good things came in the mail: Heiresses of Russ 2013 that I won, and Live at KEXP v9 that I deserve for my contributions to public radio. (KEXP's inexplicable fondness for Macklemore is in evidence, but I have a FF button.)
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1. Clean white anemones, skippers mating, two squirrels falling out of a tree together.

2. I love how you can see bands named after other bands' lyrics popping up a few years after the songs come out. (Like Stars of Track and Field, Head Like a Kite; apparently Arab Strap is more complex.) One place it is possible to see this is in voting for the top bands of the century-so-far at http://kexp.org/polls/fall2013countdown -- and they have left plenty of good albums off the list, they need more help.

3. Shopping and dinner with [livejournal.com profile] marzipan_pig!

4. Put a little dilute purple into my hair. To the lurking specter of professionalism, I say: whatever.
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1. http://mentalfloss.com/article/52332/12-animal-adjectives-bolster-your-vocabulary and it is possible that "anguish" could be related to snakes via narrowness, which would be AWESOME. I mean, I like snakes, but how cool is that.

2. Reading my diploma to my dad over the phone, with all its blackest letter and silly formality. And explaining again that Doctor of Philosophy means natural sciences too.

3. Well, I guess it is good to have the sort of job where I can generally spend extra morning time in bed with a heating pad when that's needed.

4. My Rock Band library now reflects my dorky 80s heart even more than it did before.
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1. Slept almost all night, woke to DJ silliness and "Nightswimming". Mouthed off to the radio.

2. Saw The Fork Lift of Boats. Actually, that article is incorrect, because part of the greatness is that it's merely *A* Fork Lift of Boats, other shipyards have them too.

3. Today's bad interview was HILARIOUSLY bad, like, you will be reading about my part of it on Mansplained.

4. And we hired the good one! She starts very soon... after she gets back from Burning Man. :) So you see the good one is also hilarious! (She clearly felt awkward that I figured it out, which, M-pig is the one who figured it out really, so I made sure to come out as queer to make her feel more comfortable.)

5. Emoting got me onto a bus! The bus was early, I was frustrated, I stopped and pulled out my cell phone and made annoyed wtf shrugging motions... and she stopped at the crosswalk, motioned me to come get in, and said, "quick, before anyone sees me!" I thanked her and she said, "I saw that expression, I thought, I bet she wanted this bus!" So, you know, I didn't hassle her for being three crucial minutes early.
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1. I've never met any dress quite like you before. (I am counting on you to cap that misused quotation, flist.)

It shrank slightly in the wash and now fits better in the bodice, though it's really too cleavage-baring for the lab. I wore closed shoes instead of sandals in some misguided effort to compensate.

2. I'm still able to find a great deal of humor in our job interview situation, and I think we found one good person.

3. The board in the study area that lists the names of the day's tutors now reads, "YOU'RE ON YOUR OWN, NERDS!"

4. Hanging out with M-pig: great as ever, even if my rants had lost some impact overnight.

5. My comic is DONE and POSTED and people liked it.
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Because I am contrary and can overanalyze ANYTHING, I am doing anti-happiness posting today!

1. My lunch was not good so I wanted to eat everything in sight all afternoon. Because clearly I hadn't had any actual lunch, only that soggy wrap that said it was tofu teriyaki and was really sweet and sour rice or something. I am a big fan of vinegar, but acid and gloopy should never be the only traits of food.

2. PI doesn't understand that I'm hot, and this bothered me today. She was all skeptically asking for clarification that large breasts are considered decorative in American culture. Seriously? Have you been to America ever? Also I can personally attest that they are much appreciated by many!

3. I was WRONG about a THING in semi-public.

4. E-reader battery is dead and must be replaced.

5. Gotta get up at five for early-morning experiment and probably won't have time for a nap before family brunch.

Eh, who am I kidding, I am still like 90% happy.

1. [personal profile] staranise said what is so great about Silver Spoon and incidentally some things I hadn't detected were so great about Fullmetal Alchemist. Also extremely valuable career counseling stuff, mainly in comments. (Wim, I thought of you.)

2. Fixed an erroneous lack of serial comma in a previous entry! Consistency is restored to my writing universe!

3. I love how nonce-hashtags can be used on Twitter as equivalent to the little muttering text from outside the word balloons in manga.

4. PI's younger kid drew a picture of me on the dry-erase board, but erased it when she caught me looking. She's pretty good, as far as I could tell.

5. So I got a bra caught on my toe last night, and Wim decided to tell me that if I had one for each toe and both thumbs I could be in Shakespeare.

... what?

"Fourteen bras!"

"You are the worst AND you miscounted."

6. This tweet from Seattle Center ‏made me laugh and laugh:
They're still sick and they still want you to touch them! MT @kexp @_Mudhoney TONIGHT @SeattleCenter! FREE! #CATM! http://ow.ly/nZTlH

(because of this song, which possibly non-Seattle people don't know as well?)


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