Apr. 20th, 2016 11:31 pm
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I got shoes! Amazing shoes. They're not the "Elle Woods Astronaut shoes" (akycha got those) but they are sorcery. They also ate almost my entire state tax refund. Totally worth it. (Relatedly, I have a blister on my toe that might be infected. Ow.) It's vanishingly unlikely that I'll win Fluevogs for ten years, but what if I did. What if I did.

Squeak would like you all to know that she is a CAT who PURRS and she is RIGHT HERE.

Tomorrow is my pottery studio's show opening! I don't plan to buy anything, but I do want to go show my support. And Friday is chiptune Rocky Horror, about which I am still ridiculously excited.

Hilariously, I felt like I was about ready to stop seeing my therapist for the time being after our next appointment... until she emailed me a couple days ago saying she'd have to reschedule because her father had died. WELP. Maybe I am not feeling so hot after all. Still overall hopeful, productive, and enjoying the springtime, just a higher screaming-inside proportion than I really prefer.

In completely different news, I've been re-reading SailorPtah's lovely His Dark Materials/Welcome to Night Vale novels, and I spent some time thinking about Dust. There's a bit where Cecil is carving wooden replicas of people's daemons, and Carlos thinks, of course it makes Cecil happy to increase the number of Rusakov particles in the world. So I was contemplating intention and art. Dust accrues to artifacts, because consciousness went into making them as they are. But what I usually do with pottery is more of a dialogue or meditation with the material. My goal is usually not to have a piece of a particular size and shape, but rather developing my skill or moving in a direction and seeing what happens.

I undoubtedly come out with an artifact, but it's a different feeling. Then I wondered what Buddhist potters feel is the point of their craft. I feel like my experience is qualitatively different from making specific pottery to order, but maybe the idea of Dust is... less granular than that distinction. :D

Date: 2016-04-21 01:59 pm (UTC)
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They ARE amazing shoes. And I need to pull out [personal profile] akycha's shoes sometime and stare at them some more. The hologram effects are WACKY.

I'm sorry for the higher-than-optimal screaming-inside potential.

Not sure about making the chiptune Rocky, though I'd really like to. We're both completely wiped out this week and have essentially been getting home and going splat every night. We shall see how we feel after tomorrow's work-from-home day.

Date: 2016-04-22 02:11 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] umadoshi
Those are most excellent Fluevogs! Hooray!

(I must admit that the pair akycha got are the exact pair I'm going to be stalking in hopes of snagging them on sale when the color starts getting phased out--the Bellevue heel is high enough that I can't imagine I'll realistically wear them often, so I don't know if I can justify full price, but OH MY GOSH I love them.)

And eep, I hope your toe is okay/uninfected! That sounds awfully painful.


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