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1. Introvert comics! (Buzzfeed)

2. Cottonwood fluff all over in the air. I batted at them happily and caught a few. The greenhouse managers hate the cottonwoods, and rightly so -- the fluff clogs the fan intakes and the seedlings get everywhere. I assume the trail maintainers are just as unhappy about the fast-growing roots. But not me, I am all Mogami Kyoko over the fairylike floating puffs of magic.

3. So far, smartphones appear to be primarily useful for buses, mapping, and flirtation, with a side of cute dog pictures. I approve entirely.

4. textsfromlastnight.com is a reliable source of hilarity. "He started french braiding my hair while I was blowing him. The question is not why, but how."


1. Luxuria Superbia on my phone! The era of possible boredom in the universe is over. Provided I remember to plug the phone in all the damn time.

2. My candy-colored braids are now entire inches long.

3. The Hunger Games movie is really well done. Mirrormask is visually stunning, and I enjoyed watching it with my friend despite some major plot issues.

good things

May. 5th, 2014 11:39 pm
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1. Awesomely wrestled my latex mattress and futon in an effort to sell the latter. Collected actual dollars for the loft bed!

2. Ran into my least schedulable committee member, who was soooo excited to hear about my new position and gave me a bunch of Boston advice.

3. Such the cutest Oh Joy Sex Toy!

4. One of my rotation advisors was elected to the National Academy of Sciences, and I got to talk with him at the reception today. I haven't seen nearly enough of him lately because of his poor health, and it was so good to get to chat about his recent work. It's rather closely related to my soon-to-be work, though, so I hope we can talk more again soon!

5. Told PI and my landlord that I am outa here at the end of the month. Booked a storage pod thing (against terrible customer service doom). Go me!

6. Wim understood completely when I made a gesture representing axolotl gills flapping in the wind while riding in a motorcycle sidecar. Then we watched a stop-motion octopus do violence to the San Francisco waterfront.
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1. Slept until 11:30. Aw yiss.

2. Saw Short Peace, four short anime showing together at the Grand Illusion, and all were excellent. The first, "Possessions", is flawlessly wonderful. The one that was most like Akira was not the one by the director of Akira; that was the beautiful tragic one told on a scroll, in fact. And it's a little odd that the first three are all historical or historical-fantastic and the last is postapocalyptic. Highly recommended, though.

3. Wim and I ate Hawaiian food and fixed a lawnmower and got a bunch of moving boxes and played Rock Band.

4. Had a conversation with racing game people about Dicentra formosa (like a bell, like angel wings) and Rafflesia (Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles). Delightful!

5. My Question Block Lamp played the invulnerable-star music for the first time ever. I love Easter eggs.
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1. Smells in the world. Mexican orange, the odd remaining apple blossom, grilled meat from Agua Verde, lilacs, rosemary.

2. Lazy Saturday with sewing.

3. Mercedes Lackey has justified her existence: the Bards have version control.

4. Talking about Miyazaki movies!

1. Still highly amused by Wim's link to HIGH END CUSTOMIZABLE SAUNA EXPERIENCE.

2. Managed to mow some lawn before the rain got heavy.

3. Lovely quiet day of making stuff and thinky writing.

4. Looked at a whole lot of extremely fine pictures of Kat Dennings. Yum.


1. Caught up on Welcome to Night Vale. Blown away by the latest Weather: Eliza Rickman's "Pretty Little Head"

2. Haphazard hair-pinning for maximum cuteness was a runaway success.

3. Ukulele-playing girl in the back of the bus was a pleasant background, then she seemed really happy when some guy told her he was enjoying it, so I told her too before I got off and she was flaily-happy. Adorable!

4. Stayed up way too late watching The Dark Crystal in chat with racing friend. Oops. Such fun, though.
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1. Managed to sleep in until noon.

2. Absolutely beautiful day.

3. Well, I was listening to the Smiths far too unironically, but then I listened to "Bigmouth Strikes Again" a few times and attained the correct mode of Smiths-listening. There is no taking seriously "now I know how Joan of Arc felt" and the fact that she had a Walkman.

4. Bought a little charm made of candy-colored rubber bands from three little girls who were going door-to-door with them. I asked if they'd made it themselves, and they said, "yes, well, kind of, our friend made it." Sounds legit. :)

5. Wow, The Winter Soldier was very different than I expected and totally amazing. Plus, when we went out to dinner at the Hi-Life, I ate actual nutritious food! (Primavera salad: baby greens with golden beets, farmer's cheese, pistachios, roasted chicken, honey-grapefruit vinaigrette.)
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1. Playing "what is on this CD?" as I clean and start to actually pack boxes a little bit. Today I found a Christmas music mix marked only "2004" -- okay!

2. Stressball girl collapsed on the bed with cats for a bit, with pants undone because I don't know, I was partway through taking them off, and Diz cat decided to not just snuggle but start licking my tummy. Laughed and laughed.

3. I put things into a box for moving today. And other things into bags for going away forever.

4. Watched Labyrinth with an online friend! I like this watching things in chat with people, I haven't done it until the last month or so and it's quite good as a way to hang out with someone who's not nearby.
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Fellowship application is still pending. Anything you're imagining right for for what my face looks like regarding this issue is probably accurate in some measure.

1. Girls are pretty.

2. I workworkworked this morning and felt crappy... so I came home and took a nap.

3. Watched Totoro and made weird boiled cookies of my childhood.

4. Hachiko axolotl is getting big! I showed pics of her off to some friends elsenet today. :)
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1. Found a quarter and a dollar on my way to school this morning, totally separate incidents!

2. The first story in Fight Like a Girl is about a Deaf lesbian magical-archivist finishing grad school. I read it last night and was totally delighted, then I read it again today. It was even more awesome the second time.

3. Scheduled myself a bunch of work today and got through all of it, most with good results.

4. Pizza and movie (Paranorman: charming) with sweetie.
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1. I got a jooooooob!

2. There was a cool post to Science Positive about the Seattle South Lake Union mammal tusk that I promoted to some effect on the Twitters.

3. Dragged sweetie out for celebratory pho and Lego Movie. He showed up with party hats and blow-to-unroll thingies. :)

4. New James song!
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1. One crow hopping high, down a steeply sloping, intensely green lawn. Another crow, who'd just found a fat worm, startled by the first one's clear intention to share.

2. Girls! Science! Old-timey style!

3. Snarky Twitter-interface meta with old friends/enemies.

4. Femslash Friday Kaylee/Inara is adorable. Not actually on board with the Artemis/Athena comparison (what?) but gay gay Simon! and the undeniable likelihood of awesome toy invention!

5. Today I learned that there are many differences of opinion regarding what's up in the skeleton of a mermaid's hip region. Pelvis or no is the most obvious, of course, and the consequences and interpretations thereof are intriguing. (Image searches inspired by this wonderful anglerfish and mermaid picture, which I also really want a print of now.)

6. The unholy alliance between panicked November yellowjackets and invasive poisonous English ivy has led to a low hedge that hums in an agitated fashion whenever I pass it in the morning. I should probably take another route if I don't want to get stung, but I'm fascinated. Pollen is pretty good food, and there's not much else out there right now. They'll be there until the bitter end.

7. Last night I got to tell Wim my vagina was poison. (No dairy allowed, yeast infection, yogurt, hilarity.)

8. I passed a short stone wall on my walk home tonight that was covered in Virginia creeper. For some reason, the plant always has a funny way of shedding its leaves, leaving the petioles sticking out for a while before dropping them separately later, so the wall had a combination of reddened leaves and pale, jaunty spines that made it look absurdly like a cheerful nudibranch.

9. Yesterday I got a burrito in the school cafeteria, because despite my nightshade problems I usually cannot resist Burrito Day. The cafeteria guy stared at my head transfixed for a moment. "It's like cotton candy," he breathed.

"That's what I was going for!" I said brightly.

He allowed as how it made him want to go to the fair, and I said that was all about elephant ears for me. He suggested funnel cake, I countered with deep-fried butter, which I noted was about as good as you'd think. He wants to try deep-fried Twinkies.

Then he was done making the first part of the burrito, and I said thanks, and he responded, "No, thank you."


10. All recent movies have been good! Searching for Sugar Man, Wreck-It Ralph, and Captain America this week. (I am making an effort to consistently rent things from Scarecrow, because they're amazing and not doing that great financially.) In particular, Wreck-It Ralph was a lot funnier and more interesting than I expected, and I loved that the only romance was secondary and that the little girl character determines her own gender expression.
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(It's just that I am exhausted 100% of the time. Dear friends, next time I yell at you for doing too much while convalescing, you may give me the beady eye and a link to this.)


1. Crosshatched shadows on the trail.

2. Lab meeting went very well for feeling like I am getting fuck-all done lately. A little good discussion happened, and I seemed on top of the material.

3. Oh, right. Workplace bonding is also letting my coworkers comfort me. Really good conversation with new tech C.

4. Afternoon outing to find a great dress and hang briefly with a capygirl.

5. Bring It On has the typical problem of musicals, i.e., not enough music, but won my heart by closing on outtakes and Toni Basil. (Also Isis is HOT.)


1. People in costume! One person had very nice tall, wavy, rainbowed horns that I'm sure are associated with no particular fandom whatsoever.

2. My hair is PINK. REAL PINK. And the hairdresser was happy to get to do it.

3. Halloween decorations! Skeleton cutout in someone's window is holding forth on a topic of interest to it, possibly while stoned. (Also good: taking a photo made the bus move in traffic, hence the blur.) Also, a lighted inflatable trailer from which Death periodically peeks out.

Who comes up with these? )

3. Janelle Monáe is the best performer working today. She is my Michael Jackson and my Elvis Presley.

4. We wore outfits.

Black and white outfits. )


1. More outfits at the lab Halloween party.

I dressed as a cherry tree. )


3. People are being Janelle Monáe for Halloween and she's retweeting them all, it's so great.

4. When you believe in science and magic at the same time, the world is amazing.

5. Last day of antibiotics!
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1. A perfect yellow ginkgo leaf for my coat lapel.

2. The glowing colors of everything at twilight: especially notable, a deep-pink dahlia shining with blue-tinged light.

3. Excellent date with Wim: cupcake acquisition, Gravity, eating red meat (a major craving this month) while talking over the movie and Vorkosigan novels/fic, reading the crowdsourced Jenga commandments, getting tipsy and playing Connect 4.

4. Someone was setting out creepy illuminated heads in their yard as I rode the bus past going home.
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1. Animal guessing game: super lucky cat. Among the first few questions: DOES IT RAISE A PAW. I don't know how I kept a straight face. This was the best thing that happened all week.

2. Awesome skeptical feedback on my proposal! I almost wish I hadn't made it all pretty first, but this way I got to have a "feeling really good about it" stage AND a "yay someone ripped into it where it needed ripping" stage, so it was actually good. (The NSF is back at work but is kinda telling us to fuck off while they regroup, which is fair.)

3. Watched BIG ASS SPIDER! with Wim. Exactly a ridiculous monster B-movie. Very pleased. Also, that was definitely 100% ironic racism, and it was still not okay, so, nice to have that experience for sure I guess.

4. Fun outing with some parents-out-law, to lunch and the lab and the university's phenomenal greenhouse. These things by themselves would've been enough, but our luck was in and the greenhouse manager was there. He opened the terrarium and fed the poison-dart frogs so they'd come up and be photographed, and we got to hang out with the praying mantis too.

5. As I told the cats earlier tonight, I do like doing things that are right, and taking the laundry down from the ceiling fan is pretty indisputably right.

6. I have passed a strange sort of milestone in axolotl ownership: Hachiko is currently in the fridge to recover from her chronic fungus problem. I'm VERY NERVOUS about this because it doesn't seem like the kind of thing one should do to a pet ever, but it's the standard of axolotl care if they're not getting better readily.
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1. I found the best paper~! (It is Open Access but may be hard to follow.) Not only is it precisely what I need for this fellowship application, it cites my most recent paper multiple times and calls my previous review paper inadequate in its new analyses, which is totally fair! Scientific dialogue over time! So exciting!
Though they should've written to me to ask if those genes were present in liverworts -- we totally looked and did not find them -- but maybe they are only satisfied with PROOF, which I would understand.

2. Edward Scissorhands soundtrack in Teahouse Kuan Yin. This was the first CD I ever bought; maybe I should watch the movie again at some point. My mom and I always loved the fairy-tale feeling of it, but I'm not sure what I'd think now.

3. Sea serpent and sailboat graffito along the mistaped blobby edge of the blue-white boundary in the teahouse bathroom.


1. I posted a correct comment about women changing their names to men's for marriage. (I mean, I left out the part where sexist traditions creep me out, but there is only so far that's polite to go with someone you've never met.)

2. PI really liked my turquoise tights, and I have pretty much learned how to accept compliments from her. (Assume it could actually be a criticism in disguise, so half-apologize and say something I like about it. If she responds with another more extreme compliment, it was a compliment. Oh, Japanese/American weird PI.)

3. There were many pleasing things about my outfit today, actually.
photos and going on about things )

4. Talked to PI about writing me a letter for the fellowship proposal. Went as submissive as I could, got a good result. Fascinatingly, she said of prospective-advisor, "but wasn't he very rude?" -- wow! She really wanted him to Treat Me Right when I pushed myself on him to visit. :)

5. Great clouds on the walk home.
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1. I did get more sleep this morning! And I had such the best dream. A fun outing to a street market led to frustration and misfortune, but then to adventure and magic and sexy dress-up times and potential new lovers. What a great way to wake up. Who cares if the police are still after you when you have all that?

2. Rewatched Dororo before it was due back. Spammed Twitter about it, amusing mostly myself (but I was so amused).

3. Oh, sed, why did I ever doubt you? You are so hard for me to remember how to work, but you did exactly what I wanted in no time at all.

4. I got the result I was looking for out of my transcriptome data! What I thought was likely to be happening does seem to be happening! This makes it MUCH EASIER to write about intelligently for possible fellowship. Someday I will figure out how to do the overall analysis with the weird data I have been given, instead of a very targeted one on just the genes I wanted, but whatever.

5. I am really enjoying fall so far. It was gloriously blustery with pouring rain today, in the way that usually doesn't happen here -- no thunder, though we've been very lucky with that this year too -- and I was the annoying person who was out in it going WHEE instead of being crabby about getting wet. Plus, the grapes up the street that always smell good have grown a gigantic crop and smell proportionally.
1. Had one of the three best outfits (feminine division) at sibs-out-laws' wedding. (Including the bride; she was a clear winner when her train got tucked up so beautifully, but lost points on improperly matched shoes. The other contender had flippy black and silver, just lovely.) Many compliments even from people I didn't know.

2. Dancing managed and even kind of fun.

3. Not only did we watch Dororo tonight, but [personal profile] skygiants posted about it tonight?!
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Grad friend M's birthday was a cavalcade of wonders. Bizarre ice-cream taiyaki thing and other mystery snacks, bossing people around, finding someone with a Nintendo-controller messenger bag that matches my Nintendo-controller wallet, floating M. Bison-like above the bodies of my victims, making and distributing ume-shiso rolls, telling someone who really needed to know about the Studio Ghibli museum (and JR Pass, and Kyoto Museum of Traditional Crafts).

Then I went to work! Okay, work on Sunday night is not usually so great, but this iteration of the experiment was the right way to do it, I documented it appropriately, and I got the other things done that I needed to do.

Then I got the email response I'd been waiting for! THINGS ARE OKAY.

Then there was chicken soup with saltines, and cat time, and music.

Now there is feeding of axolotls, and night chores, and shower, and soon there will be sleep.
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1. Got a decent result in one experiment! Reassuring, since I've been putting in a ton of time helping out with this paper but hadn't gotten anything publishable until today...

2. The little Caryopteris that has been so reluctant to grow and bloom for the past two years is looking great this season, deep-blue puffs all over.

3. Good stories.

4. Falling asleep watching Kiki's Delivery Service on the couch with cats.
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1. Burrito day + yuri manga = the most relaxing lunchtime.

2. Such dramatic weather!

3. Lab chores with PI.

4. The AO3 has really quite wonderful terms of service. I guess I should look into making fanworks rather than just highly appreciating them?

5. Watched an old murder mystery, The White Cockatoo, with Wim. Ridiculous black and white movie, snuggles, lemon sorbet.


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