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1. Introvert comics! (Buzzfeed)

2. Cottonwood fluff all over in the air. I batted at them happily and caught a few. The greenhouse managers hate the cottonwoods, and rightly so -- the fluff clogs the fan intakes and the seedlings get everywhere. I assume the trail maintainers are just as unhappy about the fast-growing roots. But not me, I am all Mogami Kyoko over the fairylike floating puffs of magic.

3. So far, smartphones appear to be primarily useful for buses, mapping, and flirtation, with a side of cute dog pictures. I approve entirely.

4. textsfromlastnight.com is a reliable source of hilarity. "He started french braiding my hair while I was blowing him. The question is not why, but how."


1. Luxuria Superbia on my phone! The era of possible boredom in the universe is over. Provided I remember to plug the phone in all the damn time.

2. My candy-colored braids are now entire inches long.

3. The Hunger Games movie is really well done. Mirrormask is visually stunning, and I enjoyed watching it with my friend despite some major plot issues.
Tuesday night:
I remain completely delighted to have found a profanity filter that does nothing at all except completely obscure the words "fuck" and "cocksuck", including their difference from one another. (Both are rendered as "****".)

1. Same shoes as my acupuncturist. And nice emotional insights thanks to headache needles on my hands.

2. Got a sublet! Very many thanks to my awesome [personal profile] rushthatspeaks going to look at it. :) Aaaaaand... booked a plane ticket one way. I had to breathe a whole lot.

3. Parking lots of the future, a post by [personal profile] genarti, made me smile until my face hurt.


1. Accidentally dressed up as gems from my racing game. Silliness.

2. Deleted all microscope bookings after the 25th of this month.

3. My sartorialist grad friend wore seersucker on a rainy day, and I teased him a little. Then someone else said he'd had an identical first communion jacket, and that was incredible.


1. Farewell dinner with Wim's dad and stepmom at Pam's Kitchen of ultimate deliciousness.

2. Swung on the swingset!

3. Much flirting and silliness.

good things

May. 2nd, 2014 12:39 am
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1. Child of Light came out! It took forever to download but is beautiful and calming and full of fairy tales.

2. Ate almost entirely normally and feeling almost healthy, just tired.

3. Sweetie came over and brought me soup and ate it with me in the backyard.

4. Going to curl up in bed and start rereading Nana now.
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1. Slept until 11:30. Aw yiss.

2. Saw Short Peace, four short anime showing together at the Grand Illusion, and all were excellent. The first, "Possessions", is flawlessly wonderful. The one that was most like Akira was not the one by the director of Akira; that was the beautiful tragic one told on a scroll, in fact. And it's a little odd that the first three are all historical or historical-fantastic and the last is postapocalyptic. Highly recommended, though.

3. Wim and I ate Hawaiian food and fixed a lawnmower and got a bunch of moving boxes and played Rock Band.

4. Had a conversation with racing game people about Dicentra formosa (like a bell, like angel wings) and Rafflesia (Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles). Delightful!

5. My Question Block Lamp played the invulnerable-star music for the first time ever. I love Easter eggs.

1. Still highly amused by Wim's link to HIGH END CUSTOMIZABLE SAUNA EXPERIENCE.

2. Managed to mow some lawn before the rain got heavy.

3. Lovely quiet day of making stuff and thinky writing.

4. Looked at a whole lot of extremely fine pictures of Kat Dennings. Yum.


1. Caught up on Welcome to Night Vale. Blown away by the latest Weather: Eliza Rickman's "Pretty Little Head"

2. Haphazard hair-pinning for maximum cuteness was a runaway success.

3. Ukulele-playing girl in the back of the bus was a pleasant background, then she seemed really happy when some guy told her he was enjoying it, so I told her too before I got off and she was flaily-happy. Adorable!

4. Stayed up way too late watching The Dark Crystal in chat with racing friend. Oops. Such fun, though.
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1. Lilacs and Mexican-orange and redbud all just started blooming.

2. I did thrilling things with necklines today.

3. Racing game people are fun.
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1. PI said I looked beautiful yesterday. (She's not wrong, I am also very happy with that dress.)

2. I loved this post on coming out, and its comments.

3. Also this one on bisexuality. (I don't care about Teen Wolf, but the fic therein threatened is here: http://archiveofourown.org/works/520864.)

4. Last night I found out that yet another person in my racing game is from Seattle! And I managed to drag the first person out for a drink, which was tons of fun. This also meant wearing a second cute outfit in a single day!

5. Spring smells ranging from piercingly sweet honeysuckle to fresh and mellow apple blossom are all over as I walk anywhere now. Our slow-motion spring continues, as most other places begin to overtake us. I'll miss this.


Mar. 22nd, 2014 12:04 pm
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I told the story of my Dick's/pen harassment the other day elsenet, and I had to actively resist the urge to say what I was wearing. I never said one word about it... and no one asked. It remains awful that I should have to be so happy about that, but I really am. Go me, and go community.
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1. My Pickwick crocuses wide open with honeybees all over them.

2. From racing game:

Pengy: so what is with this zen mode
me: zen passport
Pengy: what's it for?
me: enlightenment

At the end of the race, I got the Enlightenment achievement.

I did not plan that.

3. Light and sunny outside past 4pm!

4. Email from new boss about exciting short course this summer, covering exactly what I'll need to know for new project.
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1. Relaxing post-sleepover pancake breakfast with sweetie, at almost noon.

2. Got laundry done.

3. Controlled the fuck out of the DH2 wiki.

4. $2 green mum from the grocery store remains perfect.
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1. Sleep and more sleep. Sick days are not that great overall, but sleeping a whole lot today was very good and necessary.

2. Great and powerful thunderstorm all morning: rain squalls like a hose turned on the windows, dramatic gusts of wind, one loud and lingering roll of thunder. So wonderfully soothing.

3. In Lego Marvel Superheroes, there is a part where Coulson gets to snuggle sad Captain America and give him cookies to cheer him up (and it totally works).
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There was a faux chestnut in the pizza place harvest display, all silly green-plastic spines. Wim and I were both delighted.

1. Felt better about going to family Thanksgiving. (Failing actually interacting better, I have the new 3DS Zelda game.)

2. Painted fabric looking good for baby square of doom.

3. Thai noodles and Leverage with Wim making us both feel better.

4. Email with [personal profile] rushthatspeaks and very important Lucien cat.

1. Moderately intelligent cloning scheme generated by me!

2. Finished painting some very pretty coral, set the dye, and (this is critical) decided not to screw up my fingers and brain trying to finish the whole thing tonight.

3. Played Rock Band with my new drum pedal, which I had to buy on eBay since somehow the Goodwill only has the main drum-kit parts. Fun! Hilarious to observe myself failing to control my own foot!
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1. Bought tickets to see Vienna Teng.

2. New Feminist Frequency video.

3. Got to hang out with Mom and Dad for a couple hours midday. Shocking them with my pink hair was fun. People keep wanting me to inscribe my thesis copies (n=2 but that's all I had printed). Glad I'm not planning to publish a bunch of books, coming up with stuff to write is annoying.

4. I really wanted someone to bring me some very comforting food, but I went home and cooked beans with kale and scrambled eggs, and put them in tortillas, and they were hot and delicious and I did it myself.


1. Found a gel-plastic glittery tree in my coat pocket!

2. GoldieBlox commercials continue to kill me dead. And parodying that Beastie Boys song, YES! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UFpe3Up9T_g
(Though I always liked the part where the girl he wants was messing around with EVERYONE ELSE, with the implication that maybe she realized he was awful about women? Maybe I made that up.)

3. Also, all the Tamika Flynn feels. And Megan Wallaby! Because hormones, but also because AWESOME. http://archiveofourown.org/works/1051176

4. I was awesome at chores and made delicious soup. (This time: black beans from last night, rice, sweet potato, squash, kale, cumin, black pepper, soy sauce, onion, garlic.)


1. It's hanten season. And mine is reversible, so one side actually matches my hair.

2-4. Vienna Teng concert included at least three moments of joy and wonder. I'll try to write it up tomorrow.

5. The stars are beautiful, and I can see them really well when it's all effing cold like this. And there's frost!
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This post may be of limited interest to people who haven't played Analogue: A Hate Story, as Hate Plus is a generous bonus track rather than a fully realized game. On the other hand, what exactly is stopping you from playing Analogue? (My review is the second half of this post.)

As expected, Hate Plus tells a sad and horrifying set of interwoven stories. Following your departure from the empty generation ship Mugunghwa, having learned what happened there, you're presented with new files that tell you why the society turned out the way it did -- who the bastards were who had and implemented the fantasy of Neoconfucianism in space, and how doomed they all fucking were to start with anyway. It's a tragedy leavened with only a few moments of humor, and it's beautifully done despite feeling constricted in a way the original game doesn't.

It's hard for me to specify what it's a tragedy of. Linear thinking and dueling conservatisms. AI psychology as a consequence of immortality. Because of Love's impressive scripting of the interacting factors and characters, I think the ending was inevitable from the point at which our view starts, but going farther back, of course it wasn't.

Spoilers, I think )

Interface-wise this is not as much fun as Analogue, and the reasoning for having a dialogue wheel again is a joke. However, as an add-on for people who have played the first game, it's fine. It's odd and annoying that the game requires real-time delays between stints of reading; it produces the opposite of immersion, not usually what you want, but there has to be a Day 2/Day 3 transition for the plot to work. (There's an in-game skip option, or a person can change their system clock to sneak around it.)

It's sad, I can't say it's not, but as a piece of storytelling craft this is a worthy addition to Analogue. I recommend Analogue highly, and you should definitely continue to this if you enjoy it.
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Sometimes, video games work as training for things we actually do in life. It's pretty well known by now that certain games can improve spatial reasoning ability, presumably by providing practice. (Some video games have been inimical to spatial reasoning, though I think not so much the newer ones -- I've always been good at spatial stuff, and early-90s FPS set me against the entire genre forever by regularly putting walls in front of my face for no apparent reason.) Unfortunately, relationships are one of the ways video games fail badly at training people. As much as I'm enjoying having visual novels and otome games in English these days, they support the Kindness Coin approach to humans. (Usually, these humans are women, though for instance Bioware is at least expanding that to include people of all genders and species. Hooray?)

Luxuria Superbia doesn't fail.

Luxuria Superbia is a game about having sex. (It's not at all about getting to the point of having sex, so it skips the reductive game-relationship dilemma.) Your willing partners are flowers: beautiful, soothing, endless corolla tubes that you're flying into forever. They gain in complexity and differ in response as you go, adding more ranks in which stimulatory buds can appear, so that it's harder to keep up -- plus, you have to pay attention to which flower you're with and which stage of the process you're in if you want to fondle them appropriately. The idea is to touch the buds to bring color to the flower, which starts out white. If you overstimulate it, though, the stage will finish with the flower unsatisfied, and instead of gratitude, praise, and a heart graphic you'll get a kind deflection and a little thundercloud. I got a heart with an arrow through it at one point, but I'm not sure how. Pretty sure it was a good thing!

When touched, the buds pop open to reveal different images for each flower, presumably things that the particular flower enjoys. I wasn't at all sure about the sexiness of weird eyes opening to stare at me, and the hats seemed a little random, but the popups give an idea of each flower's personality, as do the things they say. Yes, the flowers talk to you if you're doing well. Their suggestive phrases are great: sometimes surreal, sometimes a little off-putting, mostly funny. My favorite is probably "Defragment my memory," but there are so many options in so many metaphorical ranges that the innuendo is really worth the price of admission all by itself.

To me it's really interesting that you're having sex with multiple flowers. For the overly literal like myself, this seems like multiple partners -- though, of course, it's also hard to sell a game with just one level. But it's also true that every flower could be a different sexual experience with the same variably-responsive person (for instance if that person has a menstrual cycle!), and that is also very cool.

The game developers say they wanted to make a game that reflects the experience of joy, and they did a good job. Plus, in the way of games, it can build skills that you want to use later: the observation of response, the varieties of touch, the amusing innuendo, the politeness, are all very useful parts of a real-life sexual repertoire.

Obviously there aren't a bunch of little buds all over humans, and you don't fly infinitely into anyone's vagina. But you get what I'm saying.

People who want to play a dreamy game about patience, attention, and careful-to-intense touch depending on response (and their current goals) are probably going to be pretty good lovers anyway. But I am imagining not letting a teenager out of that barrel he's nailed into until the game's temple is beautifully illuminated, and, you know, I like the idea.

Luxuria Superbia is available for a variety of platforms, with improved graphics for the computer versions, but I honestly can't imagine the sensuality coming across without the tablet interface. The ability to touch more than one place at the same time in an intuitive way is necessary. Unfortunately I wasn't able to turn off all the interface gestures on the newest iPad OS, so once in a while I'd get an intrusive arrow at the side and have to try to make that go away, even after turning off all multifinger gestures. I've also had a few slowing and jittering issues with the game, occasionally to the point of needing to kill the process, but it's definitely worth it.

Conclusion: If you have an iPad, buy it now. [ETA: It is only $3!]

(And if you get it for another platform, tell me how it is!)

Other reviews:

Interview with the devs:

Game site:

[ETA: Awesome recommender: My sweetie Wim, who knows me well enough to be aware that I required this game immediately.]
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1. Resting when sick is a good idea and feels relatively good. Also, it allows a person to play Long Live the Queen several times.

2. Going to the doctor is virtuous, and I got to see the RN I like. Not excited about taking a bunch of doxycycline, but looking forward to not having a horror show in my head and throat.

3. And I still got some work done, though I was too stupid to write. (I claim this word: I am in a literal semi-stupor.)

4. Hachiko-axolotl is totally fine at 4 degrees C, and shedding fungus like a tiny sluggish boss.

5. Set myself up a chore rota. Decided to my satisfaction (1) that it's still a rota even if it's one-dimensional and (2) that the trivial case of a rota would be one person doing the same thing every day. Mondays are now mending days, and I tightened buttonholes on the duvet cover with the red poppies.
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1. Animal guessing game: super lucky cat. Among the first few questions: DOES IT RAISE A PAW. I don't know how I kept a straight face. This was the best thing that happened all week.

2. Awesome skeptical feedback on my proposal! I almost wish I hadn't made it all pretty first, but this way I got to have a "feeling really good about it" stage AND a "yay someone ripped into it where it needed ripping" stage, so it was actually good. (The NSF is back at work but is kinda telling us to fuck off while they regroup, which is fair.)

3. Watched BIG ASS SPIDER! with Wim. Exactly a ridiculous monster B-movie. Very pleased. Also, that was definitely 100% ironic racism, and it was still not okay, so, nice to have that experience for sure I guess.

4. Fun outing with some parents-out-law, to lunch and the lab and the university's phenomenal greenhouse. These things by themselves would've been enough, but our luck was in and the greenhouse manager was there. He opened the terrarium and fed the poison-dart frogs so they'd come up and be photographed, and we got to hang out with the praying mantis too.

5. As I told the cats earlier tonight, I do like doing things that are right, and taking the laundry down from the ceiling fan is pretty indisputably right.

6. I have passed a strange sort of milestone in axolotl ownership: Hachiko is currently in the fridge to recover from her chronic fungus problem. I'm VERY NERVOUS about this because it doesn't seem like the kind of thing one should do to a pet ever, but it's the standard of axolotl care if they're not getting better readily.
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(I keep going to sleep or getting laid and forgetting to post. Sorry!)


1. I got both new lab managers to agree to join me in wearing polka-dots this Friday. I missed this game a lot! Clothes and low-key bonding, hard to beat. [note: this is TODAY, expect outfit pic later]

2. Chilly low mist over the lake in the morning, just beautiful. Graceful, gauzy horizontal streaks of sunset in blue and cyan and peach.

3. Good couple of days for historical scholarship acknowledging women:
http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2013/10/131008-women-handprints-oldest-neolithic-cave-art/ (thanks to Lauren Faust on Twitter)
http://judithweingarten.blogspot.com/2013/10/how-prince-became-princess.html (in response to which sovay said what I was also thinking)

4. Also a good day for other people's strange clothing. I saw a hat that was also a scarf by way of an elongated crown (actually being worn) and a truly horrid bridesmaid dress made of sheer netting and fake autumn leaves (not being worn by a real person, thank goodness).

5. Pho and M-pig time.


1. Got enough sleep and feeling halfway decent.

2. Ovulation is distracting but fun. Did you know that a bottle of Mexican Coke feels entrancingly smooth on your lower lip? Try it!

3. Moved money back into savings for a change.

4. Successful managerial-type talk with underperforming person. I think we did great with this, pretty proud of myself.

5. Elementary season 2 episode 1 (in which pigeons do not work like that), pizza, Rock Band, sweetie.


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