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I took a long lunch on Friday and ate a giant plate of nachos -- if I get to go back to NYBG there will be return visits to OK Mr. Pancho. On the way back, I visited the exhibits on the Garden grounds.

The security guy who drove me over to the apartment on Wednesday evening had mentioned a train exhibit, but I thought I couldn't get in until Saturday, so I was planning to skip it. Then I happened to go to the conservatory, though.
G scale trains and a quarter mile of track are hidden in the conservatory! What?! And it looks like the whole thing is made of plants... November 20, 2015

I got in with my visiting researcher pass even though it was the members-only preview. I think the people in the fancy train conductor outfits were a little bored with the lack of crowds.
!!! November 20, 2015

The lighting was weird, so it was very hard to take photos. I wound up mostly using Dad's Coolpix instead of my phone, but the pictures didn't come out so well that way either.
So delightful! Really creative use of botanical materials, and the whole place smells of dried rose petals. November 20, 2015

The trains run under Penn Station because of course they do. November 20, 2015

The detail work was the amazing (and really hard to photograph) part. All kinds of seeds, sections of bark and stems, walnut shells, petals, lichen, mushrooms, cones, used appropriately and whimsically as architectural elements and decorations.
Other highlights: meticulous cleaning of tiny train tracks, gorgeous plants in the usual conservatory way. November 20, 2015

People on stilts with train epaulets. November 20, 2015

Kiku exhibit! They have two of these ozukuri displays. IT'S ONE PLANT. November 20, 2015

The ozukuri have massive wire armatures, of course. Interesting how there are several yellow flowers on the white plant -- it could be just one bud sport, and the flowers were trained into different locations.
I do so wish my good camera hadn't just died. Many phone pics instead! November 20, 2015

I love these twisting petals. I think the placard said they were Edo-style, but this is understandably hard to find in a web search.
Kengai style: a cascade as if they grew on a mountainside. November 20, 2015

Everyone in here is so happy with the flowers, me 100% included. November 20, 2015

Look at these, they have _ringlets_.
November 20, 2015

Why must I go finish my work and not live forever in the sweet-smelling land of the kiku? November 20, 2015

On my way back, I sat on a big rock (because that is necessary) and admired the very old tree peonies that are likely to be worth a trip down to the Garden all by themselves come spring.

I always want to announce to the other tram riders that I am one of the people doing the plant research that the recording talks about, but there's really not a good place to interrupt before it gets to climate change. Oh well.
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