Sep. 18th, 2014

jinian: (baby dalek)
I was foolish and mopey last night, but many things are nice.

- Almost done quilting the Wim quilt. (I should've thought of working on it last night, probably would've felt better.)

- Unpacked many clothes, though I need a good dresser to organize things before doing much more.

- The weather is a thing that is nice now! Walking is pleasant and it takes 5-10 minutes less time to get anywhere than my summertime estimates. Beautiful skies too.

- The fish Lord Nelson built a bubble nest just because. I guess he is feeling sassier!

- I've been sleeping pretty well even with importunate cats.
jinian: (c'est la vie)
Wim sent me a few things in a small package, which eventually reached me despite going to the sublet first. He generously included a packet of Swedish fish candy, but one of the other things in the package was a sweater of mine that had somehow gotten into Wim's deadly mothball-packed stuff. (There are at least two chemicals that count as mothballs, and one I am okay with while another is nauseating. These are the horrible ones.) I put the sweater through the wash. The candy, well.

So I sent him this haiku to inform him of the problem.

Days later, unwrapped
Swedish fish waft on fall winds
The smell of mothballs


hey love, I'm an inconstant satellite

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