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Despite being pretty tired from getting up early, doing work all day, and talking about the worst thing that ever happened to me in therapy, I went down to Boston Common tonight with [profile] ryfkah and [personal profile] genarti and J and L to have dinner and skate upon the Frog Pond. The rental skates were tricky on my narrow feet, but once I got them warmed up and cinched down I managed some reasonably competent forward motion. No actual falling! It was lots of fun, the new people were lovely to meet, and I am expecting to be very sore tomorrow. Here's hoping I make it down my third-floor apartment's stairs in the morning without losing my feet entirely.

Date: 2016-01-15 03:39 pm (UTC)
genarti: Frost-limned grass and an icy river. ([misc] sun and snow)
From: [personal profile] genarti
It was tons of fun! I'm delighted that you came. I hope today holds less soreness than anticipated?


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