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I'm taking a short five-week pottery course. YAY! I have missed doing pottery so much. It's about an hour away from home and work on transit, and unfortunately it's a morning class so I miss half a work day. However, it's reasonably priced, entirely unlike the pottery studios closer to home, and it turns out I like it a lot.

The teacher is not the one I expected based on the course listing, but I like him. So far he's very flexible and has completely different ideas about wedging the clay than anyone else I've encountered. (He thinks of it in terms of pre-organizing the particles into a swirl rather than trying to remove air bubbles.) He's kind of a smartass hippie, which I'm generally in favor of. There are only five people in the class, and he adjusted extremely well to our different skill levels. He has a very loose style of teaching, not at all the step-by-step best-practices sort of instruction I've had before, but his explanations are good even if he seems to be struggling to verbalize them occasionally.

As for me, I sat right down and threw like a boss. It's like my mind and body have made more connections rather than losing them over time -- I felt like I was getting things I had never gotten before. I also forgot a couple of details, but overall, wow. I was sure that when my first small bowl went well I'd completely screw up the next one, but I threw two larger bowls and a curvy little pitcher without any significant problems.

So, you know, probably next week I'll screw everything up completely. You have to maintain the appropriate mind set with pottery. :)

A student from another class told us about a pottery phone app. Technology! (I won't need to post pics here and have my pieces disappear, hurrah. Being cagy about the class location anyway, I hated losing those.)
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