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Bat has had some digestive problems going on for a little while now. When he started throwing up water I decided to take him to the vet ASAP, and ASAP was this morning. They were great, not a place I've been to before because I called seven places to find someone who could fit him in, but very competent and kind.

The vet thought he felt an abdominal mass, so Bat got x-rays, poor little guy. He was puffing out fur all over by the time he got back. They also did an ultrasound to confirm, but didn't charge me for that part. He definitely has a large and complex tumor associated with his liver -- possibly originating in his spleen, since they couldn't find that, but we didn't see any normal-looking liver tissue either. The doctor thinks lymphoma is the most likely thing.

The chances of being able to do anything useful with surgery are nearly zero, and I wasn't ready to let him go today, so we are home with meds to make him more comfortable. (Appetite stimulant, anti-diarrheal, anti-inflammatory.) The vet says he could last as long as two months, but a few days or a couple of weeks is much more likely.

Here is a picture of Bat today, when he suddenly needed to climb into my bag at the vet for the first time ever. He is still having new experiences at age 17 despite his ill health. My good little fussy jerk cat.

Spotted cat's cute face poking out of a briefcase-style bag

(Ultrasounds on furs: no gel, shaved area, lots of alcohol solution for transmission instead. Interesting.)

(Whoever has been writing my life lately is fired, have I mentioned?)
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