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Pretty establishing shots of Seattle, and, like Frasier, the impossibility of having a building where they seem to be trying to set the show.

The number of ways they come up with for attractive patients to die! Fucking hilarious. The best example of this is the ferry wreck in s3, which is so very LOLNO and beautiful, especially if like me you have seen that ferry dock many times and knew from the establishing shot what they were about to try to do. But anybody knows that ferries don't burn like that, they are made of metal on those parts, laughing forever. (Exploding carotid artery guy was pretty fantastic too.)

Honestly a lot of these women are awesome. There is stupid guy with his manpain, and other stupid guy, and other other stupid guy, etc. But then there's Meredith and Cristina being each other's person and having emergency dance parties. There's Addison who is great despite being shoehorned into the wronged woman + "oops I forgot to baby" narrative. There's Dr. Bailey, who is THE ACTUAL BEST, hypercompetent and strict as fuck and a great person behind it. There's Lexie making trouble and being angry. There is Hahn, who is a stone cold bitch to almost everybody, especially the jerk guys who really need it.

(It has made me think, several times, that it must really suck to be heterosexual, because nearly all the relationships in this show would be much better and easier if the women were dating each other. Ladies! Do not try to deal with gross, pressuring men who are usually in authority over you! When they leap wholesale over relationship steps that you would like to take slowly, and then blame you for being emotionally unavailable, the correct answer is, YES I AM UNAVAILABLE TO YOU BUH BYE. Are their penises magical? Because I'm pretty sure you can buy sparkly ones at the store!

Uh, that was a reason NOT to like the show, sorry.)

The music is... well, I think I know where a lot of the music on lunatunes used to come from. The stuff I liked. It is all over Tegan and Sara, Feist, The Bird and the Bee, all kinds of great songs.

Generally lulzy melodrama. Occasionally actual effective emotional or funny moments, but mostly it's ridiculous and over the top, which is a fine thing in television.

Incredibly irritating love interest guy is eventually going to DIE. It will take him a while, unfortunately. But still.
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