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Fannie Farmer's mac and cheese is fuckin' amazing. (I used 2% milk and light cream, so proooobably I won't get sick from too much fat. Also I figured it could use a couple cloves of microplaned garlic, as many things can.)

This week's Song Exploder is about the Korra finale. You can hear the notes the composer got about spoiler!

I got a bunch of stuff done at work this morning. After that I was tired and floppy all day, but it certainly felt good to be efficient for a while.

ETA: OH ALSO BTW JUPITER ASCENDING and this playlist about it. Like I said on Twitter, how are people surprised that a Wachowski movie is ridiculous? It's not like the Matrix makes any damn sense. (I can't be the only one whose instinct on watching it for the first time was to think we were meant to be making fun? Alas, that was not what the host of that party had in mind at all.) But Jupiter Ascending is hilariously, awesomely ridiculous and also beautiful to look at.


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