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Flying on Tuesday: skies like opals; two Great Lakes!; a rosy-tan dam half in shadow (as we raced away from the sun), making a lake-thallus spread in thick forest; fields with sashing between and fields without, some like old-style sequencing gels.

(My best guess on that last is that it's some crop sown in separate rows and harvested a row at a time. Cabbages or something?)

[personal profile] rushthatspeaks came to get me at the airport and take me home. Met [livejournal.com profile] gaudior and presented the awesome books I'd brought (Amy Unbounded ashcan series, which I'd found just before leaving, yay!, Ancient, Ancient, and Disappearing Foods). Watched some Community and now understand why the entire internet loves it so.

Wednesday: good conversation, still successfully eating with slightly less mild foods, reading books (Flower of Life even v4!, Three Science Fiction Novellas, Linnets and Valerians; all excellent). Walked down to Harvard, where some historical scientific instruments lie hidden in a science building -- great stuff, including a very 50s-looking cyclotron control panel that the signage implied was used until 2001 and several really fine orreries.

I'd seen the glass flowers before, but we really got to look at them and marvel in detail this time. And I found the name of a mystery flower I saw in Hawaii in 2009: Petrea volubilis! They also had an amazing mineral collection, with a special exhibit on meteorites.

Dinner was replanned at the last minute due to the wonders of wild-caught food; still delicious. ("The nematodes pose no health risk but rather an esthetic problem for the diner.")

Today: quiet so far, as hosts are busy with necessary endeavors creative and otherwise. Read (Little Butterfly), messed about online, washed dishes, made a cunning plan, soon will go out and wander a bit. Minimal engagement with work as it seems PI may have decided my paper can fuck off for the present; it's like she just NOTICED all the problems I've been telling her about for a year, sigh.


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