Apr. 5th, 2010 05:48 pm
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Easter morning, I woke up and... went to the lab! Surprise! It was supposed to continue to rain forever, but the morning was beautifully blue-skied and sunny, though still pretty windy too.

I took pictures all along my walk in:

In my own yard, we have many Apeldoorn tulips!

A wee allium. It's windy, so my fingers are holding things still in a couple of these shots. You can see that the poor little flowers are slightly banged up.

The lily-flowered tulips are new this year. I love them!

You know, what I haven't seen is my crown-imperial. Maybe not a cold enough winter to cause it to break dormancy? I've seen other people's in bloom at slightly higher elevations.

I showed this daffodil to Wim and he promptly declared it a violator of the All-One Floral ABC. Quite right, too. I'd thought it must have multiple flowers in such a fat bud, but apparently not -- just plentiful organs.

And in the department of Things That Should Bloom Later Than This, we have my favorite Spanish lavender, with white banners and blue flowers.

Look! A little rosebud! (The first ritual aphid-squishing of the year was pronounced to occur on Saturday.)

Walking out of my yard, I found a pretty blue anemone in full bloom. I've never grown this kind, but I should get some. They're my favorite, though they look nothing like the blood of Adonis. (Shakespeare, my first thought for a link, appears to've been talking about a fritillary. "A purple flower sprung up, chequer'd with white")

A bachelor's button in full bloom?! Way too early! At least there was only one. (Many buds like that in icon, though.)

Some airy forget-me-nots or similar.


Little twisty candy tulips are all over, even a couple in my yard. Maybe an earlier Apeldoorn variety -- the colors are right, and my mighty ones are actually Apeldoorn Elite. The best place I've seen these is in Fremont at the westbound library bus stop, where there's a verdant bank with bluebells and chartreuse spurge, pretty enough alone, but now with these guys as grace notes. ee!

Crummy picture, but I believe it adequately shows that lilacs, insanely, are already blooming.

On the Burke-Gilman we see that, borrowing a trick from the Boraginaceae, ceanothus starts out with reddish buds that open to blue flowers.

But ceanothus is not closely related to the Boraginaceae, so is the color due to a similar pigment change during floral maturation? No! I'd never looked this closely before, but check it out, the red color is due to wax-papery bracts between the floral buds, which presumably senesce and fall off as the inflorescences expand. So cool!

Just outside the lab building, the maple inflorescences are practically wisteria-like.

Wim picked up his iPad (verdict: excellent for watching videos, cool graph sketching app, not actually a computer or a phone) and me, and we went to his dad's for lunch: Indian takeout made Easterish by lamb, carrot cake, obligatory vegan brownies. Still lots of milk chocolate in the basket, which neither of us can eat; my fellow grads and labmates are benefiting. Also vegetable seeds, including some from the best lettuce someone they know has ever had. Okay, I'm clearing out the veggie patch, universe, I get it.

Later, we watched Ponyo en fran├žais with [livejournal.com profile] marzipan_pig. We didn't eat ham, but we could have if any of us had felt quite well or hungry.

We keep hearing frogs calling in the yard. It's very exciting. Hurray for spring!
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