Jan. 3rd, 2010 05:24 pm
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Today I finally did something I've been meaning to do for ages: repotted all the houseplants that needed it. Sadly, for the little Aeschynanthus, this included a major trim back and loss of all its flowers due to hateful scale insects. I think I managed to wash all the areas of the Hoya that might have gotten any on them at least; cutting that back would be much more difficult since it twines so much. The African violets seem too hairy to be bothered by them, and I am in denial about the possibility that the jade plant may have gotten them again.

I was doing my repotting OUTSIDE, so I naturally segued into putting my new bulbs into pots. The ground's a little wet to be digging much, so I didn't plant bulbs in the big dirt, but it was perfect for weeding. (I realize how lucky I am to be able to play in the garden in January, but note that the weeds are also growing just fine in January.) I cleared out the raised beds in front -- Crocosmia leaves rot nicely and I can just pull them off, but glads have to be cut off. My new prevalent weeds seem to be arugula, which I can certainly deal with, and last year's arugula stems are charmingly curly at the dirt end when I pull them out.

Overall I'm feeling much, much better. Maybe even recharged enough to grow bull's eye beets in the vegetable patch this year, though that'll take (1) planning and (2) clearing the area back out.

On Christmas, we went to my mom's, where we had the now-traditional appetizers and desserts with no main course. This was the first year that we failed to magically balance the two without effort; there was a sad excess of sugar and very little protein. Efforts will be made next year to prevent this, as we all felt somewhat ill. Wim subsisted on biscotti due to Mom's two failed dishes being those he could've eaten.

The day after, we went with Wim's sister and her partner to visit his mom. I stayed one night and then came home the next evening to mind the cats and have down time until he came home two days later, which worked very well. I got to give a mini-reprise of my recent symposium presentation to the family and some neighbors, which went all right despite my complete lack of preparation.

For new year's I stayed home. I'm definitely a lot less burned out than I have been, but staying in sounded really good so I did it. Wim went to a hackerbot event, where there was flaming tetherball and other entertainment. Staying home was good enough that on balance I am not quite envious.

Tomorrow, vacation is over! I went to the lab only ONCE during this whole interim, which I am proud of though my advisor sent a small barb about it in today's email. She will just have to cope -- I haven't taken this much time completely off since I started there as an undergrad, and I really needed it. I think doing a few hours' editing work from home is quite sufficient when one is on vacation. So there.

Date: 2010-01-04 07:38 pm (UTC)
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Bull's! Eye! Beets!

Congratulations on defending your vacation.


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