Jun. 7th, 2015

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The polite thing to do when you bleed is to clean up your own damn biohazards. I didn't agree to be exposed to that.

Also how did you live past 40 without knowing how to clean up a broken glass? You hurt yourself and there were still shards (on the floor and the counter!). Seriously: broom and wet paper towel, pieces into a paper bag. It's not that hard.
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Saturday: lazy mostly, some vacuuming; beat the first world on bit.trip Runner for the first time; finished [personal profile] rushthatspeaks' quilt, gave it to them, and went to a good 80s new wave dance night together.

quilt pic )

Sunday: took [personal profile] gaudior to birthday lunch, shopped for teapots, had a lovely walk, and bought a teapot on the internet; cleaned up my room and assessed finishing the ladybug quilt project from yonks ago; wrote to someone on OKCupid about board games; more chores; sleepiness.

(The Princess Tutu quilt project is more intriguing, but the ladybugs are so great and have been sitting around so long! The top just needs to be made queen-bed-shaped without ruining the existing design.)


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