Jul. 8th, 2009

toe salad

Jul. 8th, 2009 10:52 pm
jinian: (c'est la vie)
Broke a pinkie toe last night. (Just a bad angle on a random stub against the door frame, not even a good story.) Last time I broke a toe it was because the foot went on one side of the antique spinning wheel's leg and the toe leaped for the other; the two breaks turn out to behave very differently, though I recognized the ache when it persisted all night and into the morning. Also, I do not have ski lessons scheduled this time. Taping and occasional ice are helping.

Tomorrow night is Final Fantasy music at the Seattle Symphony! I'm planning to head down at 6 for student-and-senior rush tickets, as they are far cheaper and there's still a whole lot of space available. Anyone else want to come?

I hit my 50books_poc goal at just about halfway through the year. A list is in the works, but so are a lot of things.

The mysterious volunteer plant in the planting strip turns out to be a gigantic evening primrose with about a zillion buds despite a light case of powdery mildew. I love volunteers.

My ongoing exhaustion and light-headedness are better on a lower dose of my migraine preventive, though it's been interesting riding out the regularly scheduled anxiety and depression in afternoons. Seriously: 5pm? Time for formless dread! Whee! No full-blown migraines so far, though plenty of threat-feeling. I'm considering reducing the dose further, but I want to wait a while and even my keel further.

As demanded: hair pic. Also cute outfit with shirt altered by me (still needs work) and awesome Elise necklace (difficult to seat correctly but fabulous).


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